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Florida Congressmen Push Carbon Fee and Refunds Legislation

November 28, 2018 - 8:45am

Three members of the Florida delegation--Republican U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney and Democrat U.S. Reps. Charlie Crist and Ted Deutch--are backing a proposal to reduce carbon usage with price controls and offering rebates back to American taxpayers. 

The three Florida congressmen teamed up with U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Penn., and retiring U.S. Rep. John Delaney, D-Mary., who is leaving Congress to run for president in 2020, to unveil the “Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act” (EICDA) this week. 

Deutch’s office insisted the bill “will help reduce U.S. carbon pollution by 40 percent in 10 years, with 91 percent reduction target by 2050 (vs. 2015 levels)” through “pricing carbon at $15 per metric ton of CO2e and increasing the price by $10 every year” while the “Treasury Department would return 100 percent of the net revenue back to the American people, a policy highlighted by a Treasury Department report as helping lower- and middle-income families.”

A host of groups including  Citizens Climate Lobby, Climate Leadership Council, the Nature Conservancy, Alliance for Market Solutions, Environmental Defense Fund, the National Wildlife Federation and the National Audobon Society are backing the proposal. 

"This aggressive carbon pricing scheme introduced by members from both parties marks an important opportunity to begin to seriously address the immediate threat of climate change," said Deutch. "The status quo is unsustainable; the time to act is right now."

"Since organizing Florida's first national climate change summit more than 10 years ago, it’s clear that reducing our carbon dependency is the key to winning this fight. The devastating findings released in last week's report show that the clock is ticking and continued inaction would be catastrophic – for our environment, our economy, and peoples’ health," said Crist. "We are taking an historic step with introduction of this bipartisan legislation; Congress must act with the urgency this crisis demands."


Balderdash! This is another climate change boondoggle. Trump just got us out of a bad deal connected to the Globalist scam to get the US tied into an agreement that would force the US to abide by global law rather than US law. No way. Obama thought he had this nailed. He didn't. Now we got some yahoos in D.C. wanting us to fall for their stupid idea. If you are open to a view of climate change that goes against the propaganda we've been fed by the globalist leftist media, look up Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute and watch a Mark Levin interview with Dr. Michaels at this link: . I don't think the YouTube version is the full interview. If you have cable, you can search for "Life, LIberty, and Levin" episodes and find the one with Dr. Michaels. He provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy. I've always known there was just too much hype and not enough facts regarding the whole climate change argument to be accepted at face value. Dr. Michaels can explain what is going on very clearly so we can all understand his facts and decide for ourselves how much we want to "invest" in doing things to our environment based on very little fact that the slight warming that the planet is experiencing is not all that bad for the planet. What a novel idea with facts to back it up. It doesn't hurt to lower our use of fossil fuels but I don't think we have to spend billions of dollars to do that. First, I'd study what Los Angeles did years ago to lower their emissions to the point where I can actually see the success in their plan. I lived in LA when you'd drive down the freeway and could hardly see the car in front of you for the thick smog. A number of years later, that smog was significantly gone. What they did worked and is still working today. Try something proven to work before throwing money at another scheme which ends up making a few globalist rich at our expense. I believe the companies in LA that were emitting too much carbon paid for their own adjustments to meet the then new EPA air standards. I don't remember the public being taxed or paying carbon taxes or anything of the sort. I hear "tax" and break out in hives. Let's find a better way but before even that, I'd investigate these politicians to see if there are kickbacks in the works to them from interested parties. I'm sick and tired of lobbyists running our government. Trump is trying to drain the swamp while these congressmen sound like they are trying to perpetuate the swamp way of doing government business. I know how important it is to Florida to once and for all clean up our waterways and make sure our everglades and swamp lands are well maintained to function optimally. If smog is starting to develop then we have to make sure that doesn't dirty our air. That is a fact. But, I'm just not buying their explanation of the plan. Somehow it smells like a tax that we the people will end up paying.

More fascism. Control of business is NOT supported by the Constitution. When are we going to deal with these oath breaking traitors?

I see idiots wanting us all to be fools.

It doesn't matter what we, in the USA do. China and India will still be making up for what we cut down on.

This is a great idea. BUT, there another issue. The way we power are transportation, weather it's cars, truck's, airplanes, anything that today uses hydrocarbons AKA "Gasoline". If we are going to power all automobiles with electricity, we have 2 choices. 1) High energy battery technology, which is what were doing now. The problem there is " Charging Stations, and the amount of time it takes to recharge safely". No Carbon, as long as the power comes from solar cell technology. 2) Fuel Cells. I personally see this as the best way to go. Except, how do we provide the Hydrogen " ONLY" to the cells. If we use liquid hydrogen, we have to convert the refueling stations. That's going to be expensive, and dangerous. The other option. The use of grain alcohol. Now we can use the existing refueling stations. We just have to clean the tanks now used for gasoline. Now the BIG issue. If we use that concept, we have to strip the " CARBON". This is already being done. The question now is " What do we do with the carbon"

Carbon tax ( and that is what it will be, call it whatever you like) will be used Iike every other carbon tax implemented on the planet, a wealth redistribution program. If you are truly sincere about climate manipulation, unleash the power of the free market by making it more economically feasible to bring new products to the market. look at Europes carbon tax programs, used primarily to fund the ever more bloated government.

Some encouraging news from Florida after we sent a climate denier to the Senate in Washington. This bipartisan cooperation on climate is what we need in Washington.

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