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David Jolly, Former GOP Congressman and New Radio Host, Backs Andrew Gillum

November 1, 2018 - 11:30am
David Jolly
David Jolly

Former U.S. Rep. David Jolly, R-Fla., who left the GOP last month to register with no party affiliation, announced on Wednesday that he was backing Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate, for governor. 

Jolly said he voted for Gillum over former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla. Back in 2016, Jolly and DeSantis both ran for the U.S. Senate but got out of the Republican primary when U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., decided at the last moment that he was running for a second term. 

"I've turned in my ballot. I voted for Andrew Gillum. The reason is simple: it's because I've served with Ron DeSantis,” Jolly said in a statement showcased by the Gillum team. 

Jolly emerged in Florida politics in 2014 when he edged former state CFO Alex Sink in a special election called after the death of longtime U.S. Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla. Later that year, Jolly won a full term in his own right and turned his eyes to the U.S. Senate, launching a bid after Rubio announced he would run for the Republican presidential nomination instead of a second term in the Senate. 

When Rubio announced at the last moment that he would seek a second term, Jolly decided to seek reelection. But he faced a major Democratic challenger in former Gov. Charlie Crist who won in 2016 taking 52 percent while the Republican incumbent pulled 48 percent. 

Since losing to Crist, Jolly has remained politically active, taking shots at President Donald Trump in the media and working with U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Fla., on a tour of Florida to “pull back the curtain on Washington and shine a light on the inside reasons why D.C. is in a state of chaos and dysfunction.” Jolly and Murphy made appearances across the Sunshine State on “Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve the Crisis.” 

While there had been buzz that Jolly would try to take Crist on in a rematch, pointing to the special congressional election in Pennsylvania, the former Republican congressman announced back in March that he would not seek office this year. There had also been buzz that Jolly would be Murphy’s running mate if that Democrat ran for governor. But Murphy stayed out of the race and threw his support to former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, D-Fla., for governor.

Earlier this year, Jolly joined Shumaker Advisors in the Tampa Bay region where he will work on ballot initiatives and community issues including building a new stadium to keep the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team in the Sunshine State. 

Jolly is hosting a new radio show through Genesis Communications as "David Jolly: Unbiased and Unplugged” launched on  WWBA in Tampa Bay and on WIXC in Melbourne-Titusville on Wednesday.

"I'm excited to join the Genesis lineup," said Jolly on Tuesday. "Florida, especially the I-4 corridor, is an increasingly important political landscape, and it'll be great to reach it through the Genesis network." 

"David Jolly is one of the most respected commentators out there, and we're honored to have him with Genesis," said Genesis Communications Owner and Managing Director Bruce Maduri. "His legislative experience gives him a unique perspective on current affairs, and his commitment to bipartisanship is a much-needed component of our political discourse."


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David Jolly claims to be unbiased. but all I hear from him is criticizing President Trump. I'm sure that David Jolly wouldn't be able to accomplish 1/10th of what Trump has already accomplished. If he is unbiased let's see what he can accomplish for the American people.

I haven’t followed his political career, but we really don’t need another professional politician.....they are all flip-flippers. Their allegiances are to themselves first and foremost and lineing their own pockets....Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. David, please get a “real” job and Make America Great Again!

Jolly, RINO POS.

I believe Jolly would have been an excellent governor. I also think he would be excellent as a 'talk politics' program host on either CNN or MSNBC. He and Rick Wilson are currently Florida's two best traditionalist "Republicans"! (Probably too fair, open-minded, and intelligent for the real regressives, though!)

There is getting to be little left in the repub party but deplorables as they run off decent people who actually has a clue. As the posters here clearly show.

Also shows what a vacuum the democrat party has in Florida, no agenda, no plan, no good candidates, just hold your nose and vote for Gollum and the party line.

They failed to mention, David Jolly has joined Charlie Crist as a Democrat... He joined the Democrat Party months ago, so stop calling him a Republican. That is like calling Charlie Crist a Republican. As a life long lobbyist, he is comfortable being whoever you want him to be to be elected but in other words, they are both merely Self Serving politicians who have never worked an honest day in their lives..

Jolly is FOLLY - he's gone COMMIE!

L.ol.."commie"..what an idiotic statement Foolish.You have no idea what a commie is. You just hear stuff on Fox Nazi propaganda and repeat it.

I am an old school moderate conservative Repub who is voting with Jolly for Gillum, just to have some checks and balances on the radical right agenda and Legislature...sad really.

Jolly was one of the last, few, old school, moderate conservative Repubs left. We have been a dying breed since Reagan...too bad really. No wonder NPA is the fastest growing party in the US. NPA's rock!

he is a sane traditional Republican who isn't an extreme right wing nut...

"Jolly",... Isn't he one of "The Seven Dwarfs"?!? (He SEEMED a little "short"[of a full deck"] when he was wandering the "Halls of Congress" aimlessly...skipping along holding hands with yet another "term wasted individual",.."Paddy-boy Murphy" (has "Paddy" moved out of Mommy & Daddy's basement YET ?!?!?)

He fell prey to Crist-opportunism. Couldn’t win as a GOP candidate so change affiliation to get on a ballot and secure that government succor. Ironic that he actually lost to Crist.

Judging by the hate and negativity on this sight towards Jolly for speaking his mind. It is no wonder that people are exiting the Republican party at record pace... Vote Blue!

OR,...wait for "election results",... and TURN BLUE ! ( Get those "Hillary Crying Towels" washed, dried, and ready ! ! !) ["Yesss"]

Jolly is apparently pi**ed. He fell behind Ron DeSantis and can't get over the loss. Too bad, Loser. It reminds me of all the Democrats losing an election to Trump and will not get over it and they refuse to accept it. Instead, they have intensified their anger and people hate them all the more for it.

I'm beginning to understand the whole uneducated, white thing... He did not run against DeSantis dumbass...

They certainly populate this site...…………..Soon because of BS like this, many repubs will be out of office shortly.

Poor Jolly... trying to be relevant...

I wonder what this guy has to hide. From what I get in this article, he is the definition of a swamp rat and RINO anyway. Good to get this guy out of the Republican Party.

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I'm sorry to hear this formet congressman has lost his mind to the point he thought voting Gillum was a good thing. Quite likely he's suffering from an early onset of dementia or perhaps has been using meth heavily. Lets pray for him and his family.

More thoughts and prayers? Maybe he will pray for you.

Just imagine how embarrassed Jolly's wife and family must be of him. Yes they are the ones we must pray for.

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