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Trump, Obama Head to Florida to Rally Voters

October 29, 2018 - 3:45pm
Donald Trump and Barack Obama
Donald Trump and Barack Obama

In the closing days of Florida’s high-stakes races for governor and U.S. senator, President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama will try to rally the Republican and Democratic faithful in the state.

Trump will hold rallies Wednesday in Lee County and Saturday in Pensacola, while Obama will appear Friday in Miami, according to announcements from Trump’s campaign organization and the Florida Democratic Party.

The locations of Trump’s rallies are a sign that Republicans are trying to motivate conservative voters to go to the polls to support GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis and U.S. Senate candidate Rick Scott in the Nov. 6 elections. Southwest Florida and the Panhandle are two party strongholds where Republicans look to run up large vote margins.

Meanwhile, Southeast Florida is where Democrats have long looked to run up big numbers, and Obama’s trip to Miami is aimed at turning out voters for gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

“President Obama knows what’s at stake in this election --- protections for people with pre-existing conditions, funding for public schools, and leadership to restore our environment,” Gillum said in a prepared statement released Monday morning by the Florida Democratic Party. “With President Obama’s help, we’re going to bring it home for Florida this November.”

Trump’s Florida appearances are part of a series of rallies across the country in important states. That includes rallies scheduled this week in Missouri and West Virginia, which also have closely watched U.S. Senate races.

“President Trump is expected to discuss the booming economy, his tough stance on immigration, free market solutions for health care, and more,” his campaign organization said Sunday in announcing the Pensacola rally. “He will also remind Floridians of the critical need to get out and vote for the GOP in the midterm elections.”

Trump will appear at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Hertz Arena in Estero, just outside Fort Myers, and at 6:30 p.m. Central time Saturday at Pensacola International Airport, according to his campaign organization. Obama will appear Friday at Ice Palace Films Studios in Miami, with the Florida Democratic Party saying full details will be released later in the week.

The visits by Trump and Obama will come shortly after their vice presidents also campaigned for top-of-the-ticket candidates in the state.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared Thursday at a rally for DeSantis in Jacksonville --- another region that has been a Republican stronghold. Earlier last week, former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned for Gillum, Nelson and other Democrats in key areas such as Tampa and Orlando.


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If the majority of Florida voters are smart, Gillum will win. If the majority of Florida voters are the uneducated white male dummies that are said to be Trump's "base", DeSantis will win.

I don't believe that EVER BEFORE any former "President" would stomp for his party! This casts a DEEP SHADOW on the Socialist, Communists, and DEMOCRATS of America!

You're nuts!

Obama,.. "The Bogeyman that just keeps on scaring the "ill-educated 'Ignorants' glued to their google-play screens"... (Our "1st" Black President is doing his very best to hang around and insure that he is our "last" in, at least, our next three generations..). it will take that long to cleanse our memories of his foisted "Alinsky-methods" on America...

You're nuts, too. And a racist on top of that.

"Racist": the "black word" that just "keeps on giving", when wielded by idiot savants.

Of course you're not a racist . . . . . . you're a bullying, BLATANT racist, just like your idol Trump . . . . or don't you remember (and I can provide all the quotes) your slurs about "that niggler, Barak Hussein Obama" (sic) or "obama looks like a dog turd" . . . . . . . OR claiming that the founder of Planned Parenthood embarked on an extermination of black people . . . . or proposing to wipe out entire cities containing innocent muslims with nuclear weapons . . . . . . . . . . or throwing at a Jewish Democratic congresswomen that "her Jewish heritage 'cringes' in memory of the NAZI "Crystal Nacht" demonstration when her forebearers were rounded up on freight the NAZI's also justified their actions as 'democracy' " . . . . . . besides threatening Soros, Clinton, etc., with physical violence ("you and your 'organizers' will come to regret it") . . . . . . . . while even denigrating U.S. Citizens from Puerto Rico fleeing a hurricane and its aftermath with "invading" our state . . . . . . . yes, racism is you . . . . . . . . . and you've left a long, long trail of depicting that bullying degrading racism, just on this SSN site alone . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . .

Lets see..... Obama won this State both times he ran. So if that's the kiss of death then ok. Turn Florida into California? Their economy is better than ours. Starting teacher's pay is better than ours. Their healthcare programs are better than ours. Soooooo ... Ok turn us into California. As for the size of the crowds at rallies. No Presidential inauguration crowds have ever come close to either of the Obama ones. He announces his location and our community comes out in unheard of numbers. But you know the size of the crowd want determine the outcome of the races in Florida. Nov 6 will. When both DeSantis and Scott are no more then what? Seven days and counting!!

Mr Repub conscience your comments show how stupid Trump supports are!

Naturally. Trump's base is uneducated white guys.

Democrats will be paying attendees and busing them to Obama's rally. 1,000± while Trump will have 20,000+ people traveling on their own, waiting 6+ hours to get in to get into the Trump Rally.

No question! There's way more dummies in the population here than smart people, so your assessment stands to reason. And, of course, lots of those dummies from all over the country retire to Florida, so there's that, too.

Good thing too, without the retirees' money, you would still be wiping your "anonymous", silly-self with "Sears" catalog (or phone book) pages,... "traditional TP for Natives"...

What a complete LIE Gilliams Island is pushing! Pre-existing conditions are NOT at stake! But the sheep will follow! Who in their right frame of mind wants a Socialist to destroy our state! Look what he's done to Tallahasse! Now imagine a state income tax!!! Crime everywhere, sanctuary cities our healhcare system destroyed! I'm voting RED! Save Florida from becoming California!

Most of the most successful countries in the industrialized Western world embody many elements of socialism. But, if you prefer fascism then, by all means, just vote Republican.

I thought the left's plan was to send Hillary into Florida to deliver Gillum the political kiss of death. Oh well she may have been busy with her vodka bottles and ordered her lackey Obama to deliver that political kiss of death in her place.

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