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Hillary Clinton Causes Cracks in the Gillum Coalition

September 28, 2018 - 12:15am

Everyone is aware by now how Andrew Gillum won Florida’s gubernatorial Democratic Primary.

Winning the bulk of the African American vote and progressive, Bernie Sanders-type voters pushed Gillum across the finish line ahead of his better funded opponents.


Remember 2016?

Remember the fact that some Sanders supporters felt so strongly that Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC tipped the primary scale in favor of Hillary Clinton?

Clearly, some Florida progressives remember, and they are still mad as hell.

Hillary is coming to campaign with Andrew Gillum.


There were already some rumblings in the progressive community that Andrew Gillum was moving to the center.

Those rumblings are now a roar. Social media is abuzz with progressives threatening to pull support from Gillum because of Hillary Clinton.

History has shown us the two groups that “brought it home” for Gillum in the primary, will “stay home” if things aren’t right in the General.

Andrew, are you sure about this?
Andrew, are you sure about this?

They are not exactly the “hold your nose” types.

Medicare-for-all is a big issue for progressives. There was a skirmish with Gillum over that.

Corey Booker isn’t a favorite of progressives. There was a skirmish with Gillum over that.

The debate over Israel and Palestine is a hot button item for progressives. There was some pushback with Gillum over that.

Hillary Clinton?

All hell is about to break loose with progressives. 

I think the only other person that would piss progressives off more WOULD be Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary got some cool points with me when I saw how supportive she was of The Collective PAC, an organization close to Gillum that helps African American candidates bridge the financial gap that exists in politics.

Andrew Gillum can’t win Florida with just the African American and progressive coalition, but he sure can lose it if a sizable chunk of either of these groups stays home.

“Dance With The One Who Brought You” isn’t just a Shania Twain song.

It may become the rallying cry of Florida progressives.

Gillum is going to have to figure out how to straddle that progressive/neo-liberal fence.

Polls are showing Gillum ahead, but remember: Polls don’t vote. People do.


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Schedule the Hillary rally at the same time as a Trump rally, bring the paddy wagon, and lock them both up...together!

Gillum. You have this republican on your side. Please do not let me switch sides. Stay away from that.

Object is to win .. can't govern unless you win .. that's how we got stuck with Trump Rather than a divide the support it should be a unifying effort to insure victory in November . Stop the circular firing squat rethoric Whether progressive or moderate Would you rather have the Trump Clone as Governor and lose a US Senator and potential control of the Senate because of a false choice litmus test ? Win first debate differences in policy when you actually can make policy Not cursing DeSantis right wing nut policy he will implement as Governor

Please don’t do this Gillum!!

Mayor Gillum why??? Why??? Why??? Why??? Was President Obama not available?

He'd do better if she stayed home...

Nice try, Leslie. This country's future is too important. People (voters and many others) think. And we disregard your "Hillary" time consuming attempts to deflect folks from the major issue in front of all of us - functioning government in Florida that marginally works for it's heritage, environment, educational systems, healthcare systems, and just us common people. "Pragmatism" - it means a lot.

There was no need to bring in polarizing Hillary Clinton. Leslie has been a major Gillum supporter, even before the establishment got their hooks into him. She is absolutely right.

Just sayin... It's much bigger than Hillary (or Leslie). Much bigger. We must get out of the weeds. Andrew Gillum for our next Governor of Florida.

I am disappointed that Clinton is campaigning with Gillum. I’ll still vote for him, but I feel like he played a game with progressives!

As long as you vote for him, the rest is just gravy.

Gillum & Hillary..... Now THERE'S a "Honeymoon in Hell" in the making..!

Gillum doesn't need Hillary Clinton's support and her endorsement is probably pretty meaningless, if not an outright negative, in Florida. He'll do fine against the GOP (Good Ol' Pussygrabbers!) on his own!

I'd cut my hand off before it reaches for Hillary !

Gillum won 34% of DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY voters. He'll likely need 48% to 49% of ALL votes to win the general election. He'll loose it if a sizable chunk of voters other than his primary base stays home. He will have to figure out how to straddle that progressive/everyone else that doesn't want a Republican governor fence. And his base better understand it. If it takes Hillary to bring them out - live with it. We got Trump because of the divide. Let's not cut of our nose to spite our face again.

One criminal with a failed record hanging over her head supporting another under criminal investigation. The GOP celebrates today.

What "failed record"? First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate, Secretary of State. What's your resume like?

"HONORABLE" (That's a MUCH BIGGER RESUME than Hillary will EVER possess; When you "sell your soul", it's FOREVER ! )

When you make life or death choices. Policies that affect millions of people and you deal with being humiliated in front of the whole world all so you can get a chance to run for President. Then your resume might mean something. Tough decisions aren't made by arm chair quarterbacks on Monday mornings they are made by the ones that are actually in the game.

My Father in Law peed in the Rhine with Patton's battalions during WWII. I would be real interested in hearing the rationale that she would give him for hiring actual Nazis to foment a coup on the Russian border. I'm sorry, aside from all of the other repellent things she has done, there just ain't any coming back from something that repellent.

Dems and progressives are charged up for the historic matchup of Gillum King and the racist desantis and there’s nothing yo can do!

Great article!!! Mayor Gillum should heed your advice. This woman is toxic.


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