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Nancy Smith

Deceptive Democrats' 'Nonpartisan' 'Parties at the Polls'

October 15, 2018 - 6:00am

More Americans would go to the polls if somebody would just entertain them when they get there. Sad, but apparently true. There's research to prove it. Throw a parade, a picnic, a barbecue, a block party in enough cities and Florida polling places could lure 4 percent of the otherwise lazy and disengaged.

The Democrats are all over it.

In about two weeks, depending where you live, you'll see the launch of #VoteTogether “Party at the Polls.” Actually, it's a flock of stoutly financed organizations flinging a hail-Mary pass for the 2018 midterms. 

Nextdoor (, "the free and private social network for neighborhoods," has partnered with #VoteTogether, an initiative of Civic Nation, said Michael Paluszek of the New York City PR firm Dan Klores Associates, in a telephone interview. All aimed at increasing voter participation in this particular election by making voting "fun and inclusive," he stressed.

I Beg to Differ"These events will bring together families, friends and neighbors and students to create enthusiasm and get everyone excited about voting."

Hold on, though. Before you shout, "Bring on the food trucks!" you might want to hear the rest of the story.

At least three times in our conversation, Paluszek called #VoteTogether “Party at the Polls" a "nonpartisan" effort.


#VoteTogether, Nextdoor and Civic Nation are nonpartisan like the League of Women Voters is nonpartisan. 

The giveaway is Paluszek's rundown of the parties scheduled so far -- more than 700 nationwide. As of this morning, 40 of the events are ready to go in Miami, two in St. Petersburg and four in Tampa -- blue strongholds every one, where Democratic "boots on the ground" is still a march in progress. I asked him how many are set in cities like Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Pensacola? He could not or would not say but claims 250 such poll parties in all are set for Florida during early voting through election day. UPDATE: At 12:57 p.m. Monday Paluszek reported that as of today, 10 events have been scheduled in Pensacola, six in Jacksonville and nine in Daytona Beach. "The numbers change daily," he said.

"These are nonpartisan civic engagement events," the comms specialist repeated. "Everyone is invited." 

Oh, sure they are. If 80 percent of "everyone" in a poll-party community is a Democrat, "nonpartisan" means diddly ... Welcome, Republicans!

Who's paying for these events? Do you really believe it's "volunteers"? 

And who's paying the bill for slick PRsters Dan Klores Associates?  

I don't doubt the truth of the work Donald Green, a Berkeley-educated professor of political science at Columbia University conducted. He shows community festivities staged near the polls during voting days can increase voter turnout by 4 percent. Seems like a sound number to me.

Luring registered voters with entertainment? I have no problem with that. But the dishonesty of how this partisan news has been cast is breathtaking. These are very liberal groups financed primarily out-of-state, staging single-party vote-hustling almost exclusively in Florida's Democrat-rich communities -- pretending to be without partisan motive.

Poll parties are apparently scarce in Florida's red districts.

The Democrats would have you believe they're the Party of Integrity. What do you think? And here all they had to do was fess up. 

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


This is a subterfuge to get Democrats to vote in November...thanks, Nancy, as usual for pointing out the not-so-obvious...look, if you want to get Dem's to the polls fine...but don't say it's non-partisan when it's partisan to the core...right on Nancy...please keep writing about the hypocrisy of the Left, Antifa and the radical-socialist Democrats!

Next thing you know, Republicans will want the poll tax brought back!

Perhaps you should learn the definition of Socialism before you write about it dumbass...

Common sense now says how wrong you got this one, Nancy. It's time to recognize the danger to our country - and our way of life by demonizing the only opposition party to extremist, right wing GOP control. Germany went down this road, once upon a time.

This really looks more like Brad Slager wrote it.

What the Hell possible difference WHO wrote it? It's a Report of "What's Happening"! Believe it or Not!

It has the writing style of a distorted bias that goes well beyond what Miss Nancy writes. Other than that, you're right.

If Brad has a harder edge than I have, I'm definitely slipping.

sad political commentary to say the least... More partisan drivel from the rag blog... You never say a word about Trump's KKK, er, MAGA parties, events, white power rallies... Now you want to hit people for trying to influence people to vote. Desperation is setting in for you fools in more ways than one...

Yeah, lets hear more about the KKK, the democrat created terrorist organization that killed blacks and Republicans. To call the democrat's KKK "Trump's KKK" is just ignorant of history. The same goes for "white power rallies" and the constant shrieking of "racist" by the democrats. Democrats fought racial civil rights tooth and nail for generations. Once they lost that battle to Republicans they directed their anti civil rights efforts at the those enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Fourteen Republican states have enacted voter restriction measures over the last couple of years ... and voter suppression is a Republican Party platform plank ... usually accomplished with absurd and picayune restrictions and regulations ... and, especially, gerrymandering ... pointedly aimed at those the GOPs believe tend to vote Democratic ... so ... if the Democrats can find ways to overcome some of that anti-American bu**sh** ... more power to them! #GoGillum #VoteBlue

You just have to enjoy that anytime laws are enacted to prevent voter fraud Democrats have to paint it as "voter suppression". Yea, how DARE they take steps against cheating the process.

Ted-the-Commie: Where have you been for the last 120 years? America was GREAT then... after the Socialists kept "sliding in" freebies for "the people, America began its downhill slide! Conservatives want Smaller Government, Lower taxes, Working people, and hearts that bleed Red, White, and Blue. VOTER SUPPRESSION? How many brain cells have YOU killed?

As if the traveling show circus led by the Clown in Chief isn’t entertaining enough. Now, you’re whining about family fun.

"Make voting fun"?!?...Sounds like "game-room" time to keep mal-educated, retard morons occupied before their "attendance trophies" are handed out... (Will there be cake,... and "timeouts" to tell them which 'little circles' to color in ?!?)

Any jerk who would post something like this is OBVIOIUSLY very "mal-educated" himself/herself!

Actually, the "everybody gets a prize" sentiment buried in C Breeze's comment does have a ring of truth. But supporting the party who guts our public school system isn't going to help.

Well it sounds better than a night time parade with Proud Boys and their tiki torches.

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!……………..Thanks Nancy for that good laugh...…………. I always like to start the day with one...…………….. So now you are upset people whom want others to vote by making it more fun, a family event is bad?...………..Just how immoral haive you become as a paid right wing shill?...……………...So hurt that we are inviting decent repubs, NPAs, etc to our big tent vs your increasingly racist, bigoted fools being scammed by corporations ......

Well said Ocean Joe as Trump would say, some are very fine people shows how deplorable repubs have become............And I see I've been edited...………...I guess Nancy doesn't want people seeing her hypocrisy I point out.

When faced with little circles, make sure you stay inside the line with your crayon nitwit.

Jerry: I could have deleted the entire comment. Please in the future contain your comments, including criticism of me or any other of our authors, to the subject matter in the story or the commentary on the page. Thanks.

Jerry, you and Ted K and I will be put in the stocks in some public square after the elections, so let us have our fun now.

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