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Democrats and Mainstream Media in Cahoots on Kavanaugh

October 5, 2018 - 6:00am

The spectacle of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearing last week was riveting, as many of us across the country watched their testimony.

I won’t rehash the facts each person presented because ultimately neither side can prove or disprove their own allegations.  Except that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was truthful when he spoke of the convoluted process that has taken us to this point.

First and most important, the only reason why the Senate Democrats have any legs with Americans on this issue is because the mainstream media have gone all-in with their coverage and unflinching support for Ms. Ford the accuser, and the Senate Democrats.  

Otherwise, this would be just another pitched political battle within the Senate, albeit a critical one, because we’re talking about the confirmation of a justice who potentially could tip the balance and views of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even I, as a conservative Democrat, can’t fault the Dems entirely for playing their games with delaying the accusation letter, making this only about the victim, which is one-sided, and muddying the waters as best they can.

Look, if the shoe were on the other foot, the Republicans would be doing the same thing.

Thankfully, however, Americans have revealed in a brand-new poll that they think the confirmation process has indeed become a disgrace.

A national survey by Rasmussen of 1,000 likely voters, conducted October 1-2, asked:  “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:  'This confirmation process has become a national disgrace. The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process, but you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy.'”

Overall, 56 percent of those polled agreed with the statement, 30 percent disagreed; 77 percent of Republicans and even 51 percent of Independents agreed. And a strong plurality of 40 percent of Democrats agreed as well.

What this means is, despite the hype and propaganda-rich storyline from the mainstream media, Americans see this charade for what it is.

Here’s where the Democrats screwed up:

U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein says Dr. Ford’s life has been “upside down,” and that “she deserves better.” Yet, the only reason Christine Blasey Ford didn’t testify privately in California, which would have spared her this anguishing time, is because she says her attorneys never told her she had that option.

These are the same attorneys Sen. Feinstein suggested she retain.

Clearly, this entire theatrical production was choregraphed by the Democratic-activist, anti-Trump lawyers in cahoots with Senate Dems because they wanted it played out on national television to either defeat the nomination and/or to motivate their base in the upcoming midterm election.

Either way, Dr. Ford was either “played” or duped. Given her level of education, it appears she was “played,” perhaps even willingly.

She may be anguished, but I bet she soon gets a book deal or speaking fees for the 120 minutes of “fame” she sought because it was her “civic duty.”  

You can’t be a “victim” of this process, if you voluntarily put yourself in that chair in D.C.

It hasn’t been mentioned much, but the independent Arizona prosecutor the Republicans used in questioning Dr. Ford subtlely brought out the fact that Dr. Ford purposely misled the committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Americans when she said she was fearful of flying.

Because, then we learn under closer questioning that she flies every year to see her family in Delaware, that she flies regularly for her job and that she’s even flown to the far reaches of the Pacific on vacation.

That hardly constitutes a fear of flying; in fact, her own testimony is, she flies pretty regularly for work and play.

So, if Dr. Ford lies about her “fear of flying,” how can one believe anything else coming out of her mouth? It’s not like she’s been repressing her fear of flying because of the sexual assault.

Moreover, her inability -- or unwillingness -- to even recall if she had given her accusation letter to a Washington Post reporter a few weeks earlier, also calls into question her veracity, much less her ability to recall seemingly even very recent events.

Suffice it to say that sometime today -- Friday -- the Senate will initiate the procedural votes to begin the final phase of this confirmation.

As U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham so eloquently said, NBC News has become a “co-conspirator” with the Democrats as far as perpetuating the one-sided story that we hear throughout each day.

I would suggest that Sen. Graham is wrong only in one respect: ABC, CBS, CNN, ad nauseum are all co-conspirators and it’s why the credibility of network television and journalists is at the lowest point ever.

It’s hard for me to feel concern about President Trump’s attacks on the press when the press takes every opportunity every day to attack him, his family, his policies, his administration, and his ideas.

They don’t simply report anymore, they attack.

Of late, it appears that Meghan Kelly is the only NBC personality who’s willing to present both sides of the story, even if it means disagreeing -- on the air -- with one of her fellow NBC reporters.

This is not, and never has been, about sexual assault or drinking habits. This is a political hit job to derail a nomination, and the fact that Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer presaged this epic battle from the very beginning just shows the minority party will go to any length to keep Kavanaugh off the bench.

The sad truth is that the mainstream media have put on full display their willingness to exacerbate the divisiveness in this country to help Dems against Trump, for purely political reasons.

Oh, they try to characterize this about sexual assault, but where is their righteous indignation about Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison’s sexual assault of his girlfriend?

That story has been deep-sixed because he’s a liberal, Muslim-Democrat.  

If we’re going back 30-some years, how come no parallels are being drawn by the mainstream media to President Bill Clinton’s sexual picadilloes?

Finally, I hear all the time about how this event is going to motivate Democratic women to vote in November.

Don’t forget that Republican women can be just as motivated to eek out retribution on the Democrats in November.

Barney Bishop III is a conservative Democrat who served as executive director of the Florida Democratic Party in the early 1990s.


Excellent article Barney. These "HATE " clowns insulting you are long on Crap and short on substance. Last time I checked "Innocent until proven Guilty" was our standard.

Yes, Barney, you must be right . . . . . . after all, not like a conservative, Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice just stated concerns over Judge Kavanaugh’s statements at those hearings: "They suggest that he has demonstrated a potential bias involving enough potential litigants before the court that he would not be able to perform his full responsibilities . . . And I think there is merit in that criticism and that the senators should really pay attention to it. . . . For the good of the court, it’s not healthy to get a new justice that can only do a part-time job. . . . I’ve changed my views for reasons that have really no relationship to his intellectual ability or his record as a federal judge . . . . He’s a fine federal judge, and he should have been confirmed when he was nominated . . . . But I think that his performance during the hearings caused me to change my mind.” . . . . . . . . . so what is Kavanaugh going to do . . . . recuse himself for every case involving women's issues, sexual harassment/rape/assault, politics, the Democratic Party, the Clintons, judges, Congress, conspiracy theories, drinking, the use of alcohol, the definition of words and terms, perjury, and on and on . . . . . . . if confirmed tomorrow, remember Clinton got impeached for one lie (perjury) . . . . . . . . how many did Kavanaugh commit under oath just in the last couple of weeks . . . . . . . oh well, besides, we all know Barney's as much a Democrat as lying SSN commentator "C Breeze" . . . . . when was the last time you even voted for a Democratic presidential candidate, Barney . . . . . sometime last century, correct . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . . .

Excellent!,see this article: But this is based on Science and the above people opinions are based on emotions not science and facts. The truth will come out and Dr. Ford will be found out to be the Democrat tool that she really is.

Excellent analysis Mr. Bishop.

Blarney Bishop again!!!!!!! Kavanaugh doesn't need the Democrats and media to publicize his many, many faults ... he did an almost perfect job of it himself in his two hearing appearances! #ScrewTrump

Barney Bishop is a conservative idiot... The Dems did nothing different than what the Repubs did to Garland who was 10 times more qualified to be a Supreme Court judge than Kavanaugh will ever be. Truth is, the women making the allegations do seem a little sketchy to me, but based on everything I have heard, not near as sketchy as Kavanaugh. The dude had the nerve to say he only drank beer sparingly as his religion did not allow him to drink to become drunk, Meanwhile, at least 10 people he went to college with has said he used to get passed out drunk and stupid, including his ex-roommate, who is a Republican. Not to mention, this guy has had a significant history of saying and doing dumb stuff that objectifies women. Now, does that make him a criminal or a terrible guy? Not necessarily, but to me, if you are going to be considered a Supreme Court Justice of the highest court in the land, everything in your background and life history is open for review. Now, it does not say much that people voted for Trump knowing he was a cheating, womanizing putz at best, and at worst, guilty of much, much worse. The fact that integrity and honor are no longer prerequisites for public service readily explains the decline of moral character in this country and its leaders, in general. We, as a country, and as a society, should demand more and better.

Namecalling fits the left.

An interesting fact: Garland and Kavanaugh voted the same on cases 93% of the time over the last 12 years on the US Court of Appeals.

I think Barney can rest his case based on the comments.

I agree, he can rest his case as an idiot...

Well said , Barney ! The outcome agenda has definitely replaced the Senate’s ‘advise and consent ‘ mission , and the so called ‘mob’s’ willingness to destroy this man’s character and good family name for a short term political gain is a good reminder of why the founding fathers brilliantly crafted our Constitution. Keep expressing your well written opinions , even if they do ruffle a few lib feathers !

And, "the tribe" (or the rightwingnut cult) has replaced the former Republican Party!

Kavanaugh is as messy as one of your oil spills. Drill baby drill! Pick another candidate, a clean one.

You know, Hillary Clinton went through 11 hours of Senate committee questioning in the Benghazi hearing ... and never lost her composure, her cooperative demeanor, nor her ability to respond intelligently and maturely. Kavanaugh lost it completely (and then some) in an hour of questioning!!! He's not personally fit nor suitable to be a Supreme Court justice!

Well congrats to All Folks. Brett made the cut!

You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. Everyone remembers the famous screeching "what difference does it make" moment.

Mr. Bishop, the above narrative is one of your most disappointing. You and I will never know what really happened, especially since the FBI was not permitted to speak with a host of witnesses (most notably the accuser herself, for heavens sake) who might (or might not) have brought greater elucidation had the FBI been charged to really do a proper investigation. The failure to do that proper investigation will hang over this man's reputation forever. However, more importantly, his demeanor during the recent hearing revealed him to be an unhinged blatant partisan in a manner I have never heard before. From the very first, documents were suppressed; he was clearly hedging on truth in the first hearing; but then to rant and rave and behave in such an unseemly manner during his last testimony I watched convinced me that he is not the right person. While I care about his judicial philosophy, I care more about his temperament. You and I grew up in the same community during the same period. When I read your remarks I am taken back to those formative times. Many, many of the young ladies I knew were victims of young men who engaged in such boorish behavior. Actually, most of the women I have known in my life have experienced various levels of it and it is painful to have all of that dredged up again. That you have no true awareness or concern continues to add to the pain. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong and rises to meet his challenge.

Thanks for your comments,'re entitled to your opinion...having said that, if someone believes that they've been violated, they need to go to law enforcement immediately, and many one can do anything for women who don't go to law enforcement and we can only guess as to their reasons which are legitimate to them...I understand that and respect their right to do what they feel they must...but 36-year-old allegations that are uncorroborated is hogwash!

MORE Blarney !!!

Kavanagh is an elitist, corporate and law enforcement loving tool that is the far rights biggest fear, government takeover of your rights as he has proved time and time again in his rulings...…………. If there is someone that will support the black helicopters, he is it...………... Plus his job interview sucked yelling at the committee for daring to ask questions and his multiple lies, the Council of Churches, former SC justice, many other top legal people said isn't fit...…………..So when a plant moves next to you and fouls your land do you think Kavanagh is going to help you?...…….Already they are ruling if Con Agra contaminants your corn crop with their patent you have to destroy your crop?...……….Or a business wants your land it can be condemned, taking away and giving it to them?...…..Or that corporations are people and can give unlimited money without even being identified for elections to run over you, your town, etc?...……. That is the kind of rulings coming out Kavanagh will do from his record.

Please seek help.

YOU need it


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