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Chris King IS an Anti-Semite: Let Me Tell You How I Know ... and What Does This Say about Andrew Gillum?

October 4, 2018 - 11:30am
Chris King
Chris King

In 1998, while a student at Harvard College, Chris King ran for president of the Harvard student government, the Undergraduate Council. He lost. In reflecting on his campaign the following year in a Newhouse News Service article, King blamed the Harvard student newspaper, the Crimson, for his loss. “I was nailed to the cross,” said King, in referring to the coverage of his race by the Crimson. “And most of the editorial staff that was so hard on me, the vast majority were Jewish.”

After the comment surfaced earlier this year during his ill-fated race for governor, King did not deny making the statement, apologized and claimed it was “at odds with [his] beliefs.”

Baloney. King is an anti-Semite, plain and simple. I’ll tell you how I know. I was a Harvard undergraduate around the same time as King. I graduated in 1996 -- two years before King’s ill-fated election. I was involved in the Undergraduate Council as well, and I even had my own run-ins with the Crimson. Oh, and I’m Jewish.

Let me be clear -- knowing what Harvard was like in the ’90s, and the student government in general, there is no question that King was claiming “the Jews were out to get me.” The Crimson was well known to have a lot of Jews in its editorial ranks; there were a lot of Jews at Harvard in general. But they certainly weren’t all Jewish; just as most of the undergraduates were not.

Randy Fine
Randy Fine

This trope that “Jews control the media” -- or banks, or Hollywood, etc. -- is as old as the Bible itself. It has been used as the justification for the expulsion, discrimination, and extermination of Jews for centuries. My own grandmother fled Russia as a little girl, walking across Europe, and entering America via Ellis Island after her mother, father, and eight of her siblings were killed during a pogrom by Russian Cossacks. Why? The Jews had allegedly successfully “gotten” a Russian Tsar.

The “nailed to the cross” statement might even be worse. Anti-Jewish hatred and violence has for centuries been rooted in blaming Jews -- not the Romans -- for crucifying Jesus. It wasn’t until 1965 that the Catholic Church declared that Jews were not responsible for the death of Jesus.

These comments were anti-Semitic slurs perpetuating centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment. Chris King lost an election -- he blamed the Jews. Period.

That was 20 years ago. It happened in college. Why should we hold this against him? Can’t we assume he has learned from his mistakes?

He hasn’t. Guess who Chris King blamed when his quote surfaced? Yes, you’ve got it -- the Jews. He blamed his Jewish primary opponent in the governor’s race. Apparently, the Jews are still “out to get” Chris King.

So why would Andrew Gillum select someone with King’s record, when there were so many other options? Because he either shares those views or is willing to tolerate people with those views. You don’t cavort with CAIR -- an unindicted co-conspirator in financing terrorism -- or work with the Dream Defenders, modern day anti-Semites who openly glorify terrorists, if you don’t subscribe to it.

If Andrew Gillum and Chris King are elected, how will they treat our large Jewish population here in Florida? No one can question Ron DeSantis’ record on supporting Israel and fighting anti-Semitism.

We have a stark choice. We can choose between candidates who have consistently fought anti-Semitism, or candidates who appeal to anti-Semites. In a Gillum-King administration these anti-Semites will have a voice. These same anti-Semites who believe Jews “control” things, that we “nailed Jesus to the cross,” and that we are “out to get them.” If you oppose anti-Semitism and support Israel, vote for Ron DeSantis.

Republican Randy Fine is the state representative for Florida’s 53rd District, which includes Southern Brevard County. This commentary was reprinted with the author's permission from the Oct. 3 Sun Sentinel.


I have a new term for Gillum now. He is an Anti Semetic Socialist Crook. He must be crushed next month! Soon thereafter, Andrew "Guilty" Gillum will join his brothers as convicted felon!

Gillum is supportive of all Semites - members of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs. This includes Muslims and Jews, you do realize that, right?

Fine should register as a foreign lobbyist. He sponsored HB545 Prohibiting contracting with companies that don't do business with Israel!!!! How about HB 2791 to provide security funding for Jewish day schools which, of course passed because anyone who doesn't protect Jews and/or Israel is accused of being an anti-Semite. How about Adelson and Soros who fund both of the political parties and control our country in addition to the media!!

Anyone who associates Adelson with Soros is a ignorant idiot. Adelson supports Israel, Jews, republicans and capitalism. soros collaborated with the Nazis turning Jews in and getting some of the wealth confiscated,It is unlikely that he has been in a synagogue since his Nazi days and would have no reason to go since he is a worshiper of himself as the world socialist leader, he hs no need of God and must surely hope one doesnt exist. Soros hates Israel, Jews, republicans, the constitution and capitalism. So he supports democrats. He ain't no Jew. Also there is no bill forcing companies to do business with Israel. There are bills preventing the boycotting of Israeli products.

Soros was 12 when he was encamped in Nazi Germany. Where do you get your ridiculous ideas? Fake news.

Barb you may have a point about lobbying, but keep in mind Israel tests the latest American military hardware against Russian hardware daily. They developed the chaff system to throw off heat seeking missiles which we adopted. They capture Russian equipment which we analyze. They invented a tank protection system. They are putting our new F35 through real action, and may develop tactics to defeat new Russian anti-aircraft systems. When they show the superiority of American equipment, we sell more of it. As long as it's ugly out there, keep in mind, despite Trump's love of Russia they are still our number 1 opponent with China coming up fast. Israel should not get a blank check nor be free from criticism, but appreciate there is quit a bit of give, not all take.

If they keep shooting down Russian planes they won't last long. I would expect that Syria will eventually take care of Israel, then there is the Turks, suffice it to say that Israel has pissed off enough of its neighbors, and it's only a matter of time.

Israel didn't shoot down the Russian electronic warfare plane, the syrians did, using Russian supplied missiles. This was such a massive screw up and so embarrassing that the Russian were forced to blame it on Israel even if that was completely ridiculous. All American missiles have friend or foe identification hardware to prevent exactly these kinds o friendly fire accidents. Evidently the Syrians didnt maintain the missiles so such hardware worked or the Russian plane had turned off their transponder. Either way a complete failure of either hardware or people or both. Doesnt speak well of the Syrian or Russian military.

Syria??? Take care of Israel??! You do know they’ve been trying on and off since 1948, right? And you do know who Israel conquered the Golden Hrights from, right? Well at kkeast surely you know Syria has been waging a cruel, bloody, exhausting civil war for about the last 6 years or so? The only reason the rebels haven’t won us that the Russians are holding up Assad. No, Syria can’t take care of Syria, let alone Israel

One has to wonder what is wrong with the people of Florida’s 53rd District, which includes Southern Brevard County, why did they vote this man in?

King apologized. Kavanaugh has not.

What should Kavanaugh apologize for? Being falsely accused by a mentally troubled woman who waited 36 years to anonymously attempt to ruin his life without being able to provide even the most rudimentary facts such as when or where she was supposedly felt up ? Moreover her allegation was contradicted by every single witness she named . We are supposed to believe a woman who lied about her fear of flying to the senate committee, and lied further under oath about why she had two front doors to he house. Falsus in uno, Falsus in omnibus. Ford actually didn't have 2 front doors, one door was for a rental apartment and wouldn't have aided her escape should Bret Kavanaugh appear in her dreams yet again. One has to wonder, did the house have a back door. Code almost certainly required it. Why would this woman not consider escaping through it? As I said a mentally troubled individual. Diane Fienstien did her no favors by outing her against her wishes and should be censured, at the very least, for her despicable behavior.

Kavanaugh has nothing to apologize for.

Didn't I see King eating a bagel?

Really. More experienced people and those with a head on their shoulders would understand the difference between anti semitism and ignorance. His statement was ignorant but his past has not shown one iota of being anti Semitic. I know him and about him personally. I have been the target of genuine antisemitism and know the difference.

Randy Fine is Jewish too. If he says King is an anti Semite, he is an anti Semite.

Nice reach Randy Fine. I get that you are trying to help Ron DeRacist. The fact that numerous incidents of either his racism, or his association with racism has surfaced can’t be swept under the rug. They will keep being reported on.

So you would vote for Andrew Gillium because of his skin color, I thought you were above that. He is the black Fidel Castro!

You were all mouth calling out DeSantis, Ms. Wimes, but you say King's bigotry a reach? Your candidate is far from perfect. Both of these clowns are character challenged and one of them is going to be our governor. Jeeeez!

And I’ll keep being “all mouth” about DeRacist’s racism. Try to shut me up. Yes, trying to say this is anti-semitism is a reach.

You are black, DeSantis offends you. Fine is Jewish, King offends him. For a minute forget you want Gillum elected so bad you can taste it and err on the side of humanity. You will see I am right that neither of these clowns should be our next governor. We are stuck.

Would anybody mind if I sneak in an attack on Rick Scott here?? Either Gillum or Desantis will be a major improvement.

Gov Scott turned our economy around and FL is flourishing- seriously don’t know what your talking about

So what! Who cares! I am not a big fans of Jews, or their wannabe Christians and Muslims, I am not a fan of those people who call themselves "Friends of Israel", or those dual nationals who gather in DC, if you want to call me an anti-semite go ahead, there is no law that says you have to like Jews, or Muslims or those obnoxious Christians.

Not liking individuals is fine, you are free to be an unfriendly person and you are welcome to your bitter loneliness. maybe you like cats. But Gillum is a member of a group , Dream Defenders, which supports the Palestinian government of Gaza, namely Hamas, whose charter calls not only for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of every Jew in Israel but also the slaughter every Jew everywhere (as per the Koran). It is very hard not to see this as being anti-semitism. Supporting the slaughter of every single jew on the face of the earth ain't the same thing as not liking them. Dream defenders also calls for the abolition of the police, prisons, borders and capitalism. Look at their website ( and verify that these are their and Gillums positions (he has signed their pledge) for yourself. This communist lunatic group helps fund Gillum, and assisted his start in politics. He refuses to disavow them and signed a pledge to support their policies. So if you want a ruined state and a filthy rich Andrew Gillum (Fidel Castro died with almost a billion dollars in personal wealth in a country where it was illegal to earn more than 20 dollars a month, and Hugo Chavez's wife fled Venezuela with 4 billion dollars) be sure to vote for the lying corrupt huckster, Andrew (dont call me Andrew) Gillum


I was in pre-school with King, Kavanaugh,and DeSantis and I saw them taking toys away from little black and jewish girls.

You are far more credible than the mentally troubled Blaisey-Ford who lied under oath to the senate committee about her 2 front doors and her fear of flying, and was contradicted by every single witness she named. At least you remember when and where these alleged infractions occurred, no witnesses have contracted you, you have not lied twice under oath to the senate committee, nor have you made your accusation anonymously. We thanks you for your dubious attempt at humor.

They were all 3 members of the "sippy cup gang" in pre-school and have no right to be in public service! You must hate them!

Oh, another anti-Semite out of the woodwork.


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