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Andrew Gillum Builds Lead Over Ron DeSantis in New Poll Thanks to Independents

September 14, 2018 - 11:15am
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis
Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis

A new poll shows Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, holds the lead over former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., in Florida.

Rasmussen Reports released a poll of likely voters which shows Gillum taking 48 percent followed by DeSantis with 42 percent. While 8 percent are undecided, 2 percent back other candidates. Gillum is also ahead with voters who say they are certain to vote 49 percent to 44 percent. 

Both candidates have nailed down their party base with 82 percent of Democrats behind Gillum and 80 percent of Republicans supporting DeSantis. Voters outside the major parties break for Gillum as the Democrat takes 54 percent of them and DeSantis pulls 29 percent of these voters. 

White voters are generally divided with DeSantis holding a 46-45 edge but Gillum gets 75 percent of black voters. Hispanics are for DeSantis 48 percent to 37 percent. 

Gillum leads with women, voters under 40 and seniors. DeSantis is ahead with men and voters between 40 and 64.

Half of those surveyed--50 percent--see Gillum as favorable while 36 percent see him as unfavorable. DeSantis is seen as favorable by 45 percent while 42 percent see him unfavorably. 

The same poll showed U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., barely edging Gov. Rick Scott 45 percent to 44 percent. 

Asked about the most important issue of the election, 23 percent say the economy, 15 percent say government ethics and corruption, 13 percent say taxes, another 13 percent say illegal immigration, 8 percent say social issues, another 8 percent say the environment, 6 percent say education and another 6 percent say school safety. 

The poll of 800 likely voters in Florida--35 percent of them Republicans, 34 percent of them outside of the major parties and 31 percent of them Democrats--was taken from Sept. 10-Sept. 11 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent. 


We "NOT 'jerrys" have "Reservation entry passes" waiting for us at the "Pearly Gates".

I agree with ORC...every thinking voter in Fl should wake up and get their fellow church members, relatives and friends to work for DeSantis...this is no joke. I don't want to live in California. There is no utopia on this earth...somebody pays. I can't believe that guy was even mayor of Tallahassee. Independents do your homework before voting. We don't need a Bernie want-to-be as governor of Florida. Thanks for listening!

You Dems better go and wring out your "Hillary crying towels",... because you're going to need them again in November..!

Republican Legislature needs to prepare the 'stop him' plan just in case. Make sure he is ineffective, because socialism is just that.

It smells like Republican fatigue. The same thing happened to Al Gore. No war, booming economy, skyrocketing tech stock boom, but after 8 years of Clinton, folks were ready for change. Actually Gore got more votes as did Hillary, but it wasn't enough. Desantis has defined himself as a shadow of Scott and Trump. We know what Scott has done and no one can predict what Trump will do, say or tweet next. Desantis, I am the last person you want to take advice from, but you need to tell us what you stand for, not who you stand with.

And WHO are YOU a "shadow of" "OJoe"?...."jerry"?,.."Kruze"?,.. "Pathetic Frank"?,.. You're certainly not an "original"!

Asks our resident racist when he forgot this wasn't the racist blog he normally writes to and proved it. ……….. Yes you and DeSantis , Trump belong together as the example of pitiful excuses of human beings...…………..And god has a special place in Hell for those like you, them.

Okay, let's cut to the chase about a Gillum victory. Firstly, I would be proud to have an African-American, first governor of Florida. JUST NOT A CORRUPT MAN like Gillum. Secondly, and finally, a Gillum governor would be a severe lameduck for four solid years. Talk about gridlock. This would harm Florida, UNLESS, the Florida Legislature overrides every single veto that Gillum would sign. Fixed. Next!

You do understand repub don't have that ability now and a lot less so after November as dems take far more seats...…….. Gillum can veto as much as he likes to get decent legislation through...…………...And I've looked into Gillum's so called legal problems and they are nothing...………….FBI tried a sting on him and he wouldn't bite or he'd been arrested 2 yrs ago...………..See you racist in November. ;^)

Here's looking at you! X^D

Go DeSantis! He will be the next governor of Florida.

Don't sit on your hands and think DeSantis will win no matter what. There are thousands of folks from a certain island all Dems moving into this state.

Now that the FBI said to see if Gillum might miraculously win against Graham, any indictment will look like Trump put the FBI up to the indictment. Well, "look" like it to the uneducated. In any case, just how fast does anyone realize that the unfaithful FBI leadership would expose any such order from Trump? The quagmire nevertheless remains that Gillum is very corrupt. Not just taking city paperclips home either. What to do? What to do?

Where I posted, "Now that the FBI said to see if Gillum might miraculously win against Graham...," it was supposed to be "the FBI waited," but the SSN server makes word changes inadvertently and often, even if the poster checks and triple checks against that nuisance. It changes some words AFTER you proof it to death, and have hit SAVE. Not to make any poster say something they didn't, but just that cheap servers can do that.

"2% back other candidates"? The pollster should have hung up on any moron idiotic enough to not choose ONE OF THE TWO ACTUAL CANDIDATES.

"2% back other candidates"? The pollster should have hung up on any moron idiotic enough to not choose ONE OF THE TWO ACTUAL CANDIDATES.

If the corrupt gillium wins Florida is finished! He's a Socialist like Castro!

You had no problem with Rick Scott after he robbed Medicare and Medicaid you are a joke.

Fortunately, in the poll (which several liberals / socialists on here have validated), even 25% of African-Americans are aware of Gillum's terrible record and corruption. Word will spread in plenty of time.

And remember this is Rasmussen poll that favors repubs historically!!! …………...So Please DeSantis keep up your racist dog whistles just like your puppet master, Trump and see what happens in November...………….Nelsen is winning with only 20% of the spending of Scott...………...Not only are dems, independents going for Gillum, Dems, but even repubs will, trying to save the party...………...And they are not going to vote for Scott..............They know anyone in congress repub will vote for Trump's BS so the can't afford to have any republicans until they learn how to behave and be decent people again. ;^)

Go Gillum! (And ... Rasmussen is a Republican pollster!)

Gillum will win ! Sane independents will break for Gillum..turn out will also favor Gillum as those who did not come out to vote in the 2016 election WILL this time.. and they will break for Gillum..The only chance DeSantis has is either he disavows Trump ..or Trump has an epithany and stops his lying and insane tweets..little chance of either happening..

You should drink your first gallon of coffee before opening your mouth because the foot tends to insert w/o coffee to actually wake you from your deep, dreaming state.


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