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Leftist Christians Target Florida's Governor Race

September 11, 2018 - 6:00am

The Far-Left Democratic Party -- you know, the party that removed any mention of God from its platform and booed and jeered when a pro-forma mention of the Creator was added -- has found a new cloak for its anti-religious liberty policies: newly re-energized Leftist Christians.

Vietnam-era Leftist Christian leaders, such as Yale University chaplain William Sloane Coffin Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Father Daniel Joseph Berrigan SJ, Philip Berrigan, a former Josephite priest, Br. David Darst, a De La Salle Christian Brother, Thomas Melville, a former Maryknoll priest, Tom Cornell, a leader among the Catholic Worker movement, Reverend Richard Neuhaus, John B. Sheerin, the editor of Catholic World and prominent Catholic layman Michael Novak -- all inspired a generation of Leftist Christian seminarians and activists.

This Soviet-funded Christian Left, that led the nuclear disarmament movement and the opposition to the Vietnam War and Ronald Reagan’s defense build-up, never really went away. They simply faded from the front page when their ties to Moscow were revealed and their ideology was discredited by Reagan’s victory over the Soviet Union.

Now they are back, leading the sanctuary city and open borders movements with funding from anti-Christian billionaire and Nazi collaborator George Soros, billionaire climate change fanatic and Impeach-Trump PAC founder Tom Steyer and their fellow travelers.

And they’ve found the perfect vehicles for their Far Left ideology in Florida’s socialist Democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, and his running mate, Far Left Orlando millionaire Christopher King.

King, an “entrepreneur” from Winter Park, studied religion at Harvard and law at the University of Florida. When he filed to run for governor in May, he called himself a “Christian progressive,” according to reporting by James Call for the Tallahassee Democrat.

"What we have seen across the country at Homestead and other places is an example of how the Religious Right and the conservative Christian community in this country have twisted the issues that are of most importance to people and to caring about people," King said in response to a question about migrant children being separated from their parents and housed in Florida, reported by Mr. Call.

"The number one job of the governor of Florida, or a state like this, is to stand up for communities that don’t have a voice," said King.

Like many other monied Leftwing activists, King made much of his money from government subsidies; an “affordable housing entrepreneur,” King reports a net worth of $17 million.

Liberal churches -- especially African-American churches -- formed a key constituency in Andrew Gillum’s come-from-behind victory over establishment candidate Gwen Graham in Florida’s Democratic Party primary election.

The Miami Herald's David Smiley, Alex Daugherty and Martin Vassolo reported that at one of Miami’s best-known black churches, Pastor Arthur Jackson III delivered a message before the Sunday sermon.

“This is a critical election,” he said, speaking from the pulpit as the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church flock fluttered fans bearing the likeness of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. “We have to make it happen.”

The Sunday before the Democratic primary Andrew Gillum visited seven different black churches.

Traveling Miami-Dade County alongside state Sen. Annette Taddeo, Gillum made stops at St. Peter’s Missionary Baptist Church, The Bethel Church in Miami, Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, Martin Memorial Church and Cathedral of Praise in Miami and at Second Baptist Church in Richmond Heights.

While on his tour of this key constituency, Gillum noted he was baptized at The Bethel Church, and his mother Frances Gillum sat in the pews that day at Sweet Home Missionary Baptist.

Along the way, of course, Gillum and Taddeo posted pictures of themselves with community leaders including Apostle Carlos Malone, Rev. Robert Brooks, Pastor Kay Dawson, Rev. Anthony Reed and Pastor Theo Johnson, reported Jacob Ogles for At one church the congregation prayed over him, right arms extended.

African–American voters make up about 29 percent of Florida’s registered Democrats, so Gillum’s focus on that constituency was a key element of his success in the Democratic Primary.

But if the votes of African–American Christians helped Gillum achieve his three-point win over Gwen Graham, it was the money of Soros, Steyer and other Far Left billionaires that powered the effort.

Gillum also has deep connections with Far-Left billionaires Tom Steyer and Nazi collaborator George Soros.

As Benjamin Wallace-Wells reported for the New Yorker:

"Gillum had also recognized that the big money in the Democratic Party -- Steyer’s money, George Soros’ money -- is now on the left, not the center. Last year, Gillum watched closely as Soros’ cash helped propel progressive candidates to victory in several local elections, including the Philadelphia district attorney’s race. 

"Gillum was familiar with Soros and his organization, the Open Society Foundation. A few years ago, he helped launch a national network for young progressive elected officials, and the Open Society Foundation was the group’s main donor. He had been in the financier’s New York apartment, addressed his board of directors, and, this spring, dined with him in San Francisco when the two men happened to be in town. Soros committed to back Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign. 'If I’m remembering it correctly, it was, ‘We don’t know if you can win, but we would like what it could represent,’ ' Gillum said. 'I interpreted it to mean that it would be significant to see a person of color taken seriously in a statewide race.'

"Gillum managed to get a meeting with Steyer, too. 'At the beginning, he told me he had a rule around trying to stay out of primaries,' Gillum told me. 'As I talked to him about what I believed, I told him, straight up, ‘In your brand of politics, you are never going to have anyone come out of these primaries who shares that belief system if you don’t get involved.’ He needed money to beat money. On June 28, 'Steyer’s organization, NextGen America, announced it would commit a million dollars to support Gillum’s campaign."

The Thursday before the election, Politico reported that Gillum had taken in a last-minute windfall of $650,000 -- $300,000 from Steyer, $250,000 from Soros and $150,000 from anonymous individuals “affiliated” with those two billionaires.

Gillum and King will cloak their campaign in the mantle of churches across Florida, but make no mistake about their ideology -- it is the same Far Left ideology of open borders, sanctuary cities, big government, socialism and abortion on demand that their backers billionaires George Soros, Tom Steyer and other “progressive” Democrats stand for. We urge our conservative friends in Florida, especially Florida’s conservative Christians and faith-based organizations, to get organized to support Republicans Ron DeSantis for governor and his lieutenant governor candidate, state Rep. Jeanette Nuñez.

ConservativeHQ Editor George Rasley is an ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church and a member of Faith Leaders for America. The views expressed in this column are his own and not necessarily the views of any denomination, congregation or organization.


Priests and ministers who support the socialist Gillum and the other Democrats have changed the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" with their version, "Thou Shalt Kill the Unborn Babies." If not a Commandment then Abortion has become their most cherished Sacrament. One needs only to observe the extremes the Democratic Party is going to prevent the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh.No honest Christian could vote for Gillum as governor of Florida or oppose Judge Cavanaugh.

I knew, lived, worked & nonviolently resisted with Phil Berrigan, he didn't vote, let alone lobby or canvass power. He is attributed the quote "If voting could chamge things, they would make it illegal!" Phil prophetically, nonviolently confronted power in the praxis of the Old Testament prophets & Jesus Christ who he tried hard to follow. Phil served 13 years in prison for his efforts. He was a U.S. army combat veteran of the Battle of the Bulge. A loving father, he livedin Chritian community at Jonah House Baltimore where made his living painting houses into old age.

You cannot be a Christian and support Trump. He is the antithesis to all things Christ-like...

So lets support abortion, gay marriage and be anti Israel. You are either biblical dumb or you are bound with religion. Democrats praise perversion and immoral acts. Democrats booed God on the platform in 2012. So the way is clear. Did I mention Obama said we don't need a savior. So yes Christians better vote for Trump or we are doomed for sure.

I am a Pro-Israel,Pro-Life ,EX-Lib,Jewish Woman & I completely agree with you.

woah, this is the voice speaking for the conservative right? Good luck with that...baahaahaa...

Another wackadoo rightwingnut columnist? "Soviet-Funded Christian Left" ??? What a nutcase!

Actually there are no leftist Christians in Florida. Because of that whole "Thou Shall Not Kill" comandment and leftist's beloved Row v Wade "Law of The Land" thing. Kinda blasphmous to feign Christianity with the Bible in one hand and a dead baby in the other. Ya know???

Folks, just take a cautious look at the"SSN" 'usual suspect', collection of "Nabobs of negativism" commenters (appearing below), and you'll have some idea of the "80-IQ level" of many of the 'lefts' most vocal miscreants who ALL seem to lack serious "reading comprehension" abilities....

this coming from an unemployed, obese neophyte from NY, living off of the FL gov't teat, who would benefit us all if he were to pack up, and head back up north and get a job...quickly.

"I rest my case..!"

George - You need some time off. I suggest reading about the life of Thomas Jefferson. You remember... The one who authored the Declaration of Independence, and wrote the "Letter to the Danbury Baptists", and Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (the foundation of the 1st Amendment's mandate that church and state are not to be combined).

tj did write the DOI, he really drafted the final document of ideas from the committee and was edited by Franklin and adams. i say that to make the point that it was not one man, but a group of men who created the document. always look at the group behind and with the front man. Andrews group is not what is presents

I thought all the really nutty folks were on the left, but this guy proves me wrong again! Mr. Rasley, the Martians want you back.

Christian Left? Are you serious? That's the biggest oxymoron since Army Intelligence. Oh, they are funded by that Godless George Soros. Now I understand. The progressives have just one Commandment, since they profess to know what is best for you even if your don't, "Do as I say, not as I do". God help us!1

Suggest the "Progressives" actually know what the rule of law, not men/women, is all about. It's otherwise known as functioning civil government.

Here is the reason Repubs will lose, people so far right they have no idea what the center looks like. Please keep this stuff up and you'll lose faster...………….Now it turns out you elected a openly racist governor candidate fool you are going to lose the governors race, others...…………..Just like you elected a racist president which by the time he resigns will have destroyed the repub party by 2020...…………..The question is why any real Christian would belong to the party anymore only shows they are not actually Christians...…….. WWJD?

Trump did not become racist until he ran and beat corrupt Hillary. The left always plays the race card when a black candidate runs against a white Republican. More blacks support Trump now then the election. The problems with polls is not everybody poll like me and my family and I don't support this guy. By the way I have group of about a thousands strong of black conservatives in Florida and I will never make that mistake of voting for the party of perversion like I did with Obama the first time.

Trump did not become racist until he ran and beat corrupt Hillary. The left always plays the race card when a black candidate runs against a white Republican. More blacks support Trump now then the election. The problems with polls is not everybody poll like me and my family and I don't support this guy. By the way I have group of about a thousands strong of black conservatives in Florida and I will never make that mistake of voting for the party of perversion like I did with Obama the first time.

Wouldn't "real Christians" object to a president who habitually "bears false witness"? Wouldn't "real Christians" object to a president who regularly "commits adultery"? Wouldn't "real Christians" object to a president who regularly "fails to keep the Sabbath"? Wouldn't "real Christians" object to a president who is apparently a committed "money changer" seeking to benefit financially from his place "in the temple"? "Real Christians" ... in this case, the so-called 'Evangelicals' and 'The Religious Right' ... are total hypocrites in their support of Trump and those like him!

King David and others in the bible did worst then Trump just to let you know God can and will us anybody he pleases. O, did I mention the scripture let him with out sin cast the first stone. See you and those who are non Christians don't know biblical prophecies and it can't be explained why Trump was chosen. Trump presidency was nt about America, however it was more about Israel.

So this psychotic-looking, and sounding, guy went from this: “George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of more than 300 political campaigns. He served as director of policy and communication for Florida Congressman Adam Putnam, then vice chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs.“ To this: “ConservativeHQ Editor George Rasley is an ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church and a member of Faith Leaders for America. The views expressed in this column are his own and not necessarily the views of any denomination, congregation or organization.” I guess after working for Adam Putnam, he found Jesus. Or maybe SATAN! This “ordained” person pushing people at the end of this long diatribe to vote DeSantis is complaining about what, exactly? That black pastors are doing the same thing he did? Encouraging people to vote. That Christians can be progressive? That Martin Luther King was a bad guy? That Gillum reached out to black voters? What exactly was the purpose for this big slab of words?

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