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Gillum Chooses King, and White Women Are Mad!

September 6, 2018 - 3:30pm

Andrew Gillum picked the lieutenant governor HE wanted and some people are mad.

Listen, while I like Chris King and I support this choice, King wasn’t my first choice, either.

I’m not mad, though.

My first choice was Dave Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach County. Dave is a great guy. He has state legislative experience, having been a state senator. He has done wonders with shutting down pill mills. He leads this state in trying to fix the opioid crisis.

Palm Beach is better because of his clean-up of the Sober Home industry.

Let’s not forget that a police officer is on trial for killing unarmed Corey Jones, a black man. The officer didn’t get the “Stand Your Ground” defense, typically handed out like candy to killers of black men.

Aronberg was also under consideration for U.S. attorney.
After all of that, he didn’t get the nod.

Why not? It’s Andrew Gillum’s choice. Not mine.

Andrew Gillum and Chris King with their wives
Andrew Gillum and Chris King with their wives

Meanwhile, people are upset that Gwen Graham didn’t get asked, let alone chosen.

How can that be a surprise to anyone?

Word on the street is that Graham was behind media hit pieces against Gillum, as well as telling donors not to give him money.

In selecting Graham as LG, Gillum would have had to sleep with one eye open.

What’s funny to me is that 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump, yet white women are mad that this man didn’t choose a white woman as his running mate.

Y’all didn’t choose a white woman as your president ... so stop!

Gillum and King had an obvious friendship on the campaign trail. Although I never met King, he seems a very likeable guy.

I’m hoping he can help Gillum bring it home, and those who are looking to bring it home too, let go of that Graham pipe dream.

Keystone XL pipe dream.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Keep speaking the truth Leslie!!!!

"Nepotistic Gwennie" would have been Gillum's anchor;....and she would have spent all of her days as the Lieut. Gov. surreptitiously trying to "sink him" in the eyes of the media. and Tallahassee's inbred political elitist class underground..! (Just like A. Sink, "Gwennie" will keep "popping up", just like "Whack-a-Moles", trying to find a vacant "government mammary" SOMEWHERE to "latch on to"...

You, of all people would know a great deal about the gov't mammary tiny, get off your huge duff and haul back to NY and get a job...

HEY "cow fart", I've probably lived in Florida longer than your ignorant, illiterate, ass has been alive... (I don need no steenkin yob, I be bring mi company wid mi & pay lotsa taxes so fools like U can get SNAP cards & be subsidized by taxpaying CITIZENS, like mi ,.. U welcome "homee" !)

What a bunch of poppycock C Breeze. Your are a Republican ne'er-do-well. You have no idea what you are talking about. Gwen could have brought a lot of voters to the ticket - including many NPA voters and many Republican women. She would have beaten any Democratic candidate in an open primary. Having said that, Gwen would do anything to keep De Santis from becoming governor and allowing a Republican administration and legislature from running roughshod over citizens rights. Chris King adds nothing to the ticket. He came in 5th out of five having won not even one constituency needled to win a state wide election. Is there ever a time when you can keep your big mouth shut?

VOTERS: Read "Fed Up"s response (above) again closely... looks like I drew one of the "Whack-a-Moles" up out of their holes, where He/She got "taken to the woodshed" and soundly "WHACKED-#*$#!!!"... {"Fed Up's" Quote: ... "Gwen would do anything to keep DeSantis from becoming Governor and..etc., etc.,"} [Even "Punch"Salzberger's disgraced NY Times might have "run with this diatribe", add to his "anonymous lists"! ]---['Tampa Times' might STILL consider using it..]....(Heh, Heh, Heh...)

I see your still making absolutely no sense fatso, typical NY idiot...

Not to YOU ignoramus...

Gwen didn’t win the nomination. She couldn’t bring anyone together unless she won the primary, which she didn’t. King adds the one thing to the ticket that Gwen can’t. HIS NAME! Ha! Don’t call us, Gwen, we’ll call you. NOT!!!

Leslie, I think you meant to distribute this, and 90% of your racist rants, to only your other racist cohorts. You know, your racist underground? Start trying to remember which articles go where. Thanks!!

Racist rant? Please let me know when any of these articles make Blacks pick up tiki torches, burn clothes, or invade countries for profit, unlike you good amerikkkans

While he was over the top, she regularly shills for repub racists/party in most of her articles.

Let me correct that for you Jerry. Leslie puts into print what the black community feels. What YOU don’t like is that she isn’t an Aunt Jemima who is going to bend over so you can ride her back.

"jerry" is the "resident moron" at sunshine state news.

"jerry" is the "resident moron" at sunshine state news.

The article is in the right place. Are you?

I’m waiting on the PUMAS to emerge! Remember, Party Unity My Ass people.

Wow, is it always about race and sex with newspapers? Maybe consider qualifications... It's not "Celebrate Diversity", it's "Celebrate Ability"...!

Unfortunately, in her tormented little mind, it's all about diversity and nothing else. Skin color desrves everything.

Says the guy whining about someone bringing up racism? The hypocrisy of you conservative snowflakes is hilarious

Keystone XL pipedream!!! Too funny!!

Good Luck to Gillum & King! This state NEEDS a change badly and Gillum & King can get that done! (And, polls show that college-educated white women who voted for Trump are now deserting him and the GOP in droves!)

Yes we need to get away from Scott with his Less Taxes, More jobs, Better schools and on to Recreational Marijuana, Government Health Care destroying the Medicare that Seniors paid for and Banning Guns, and idiots who do not know that there is already a Bullet tax that pays for Fish and Game that is much better

And there you go Leslie .... “it’s not about the color of your skin, it’s the content of your character”. Hmm seems MLK’s theory lives on.

MLK, the man killed by white folks? Oh, ok Lizzy!

They can always take to the streets in their p***y hats!!!

Tell those upset if they love Trump they can vote for DeSantis


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