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Bill Nelson, Rick Scott Deadlocked in New Senate Poll

September 5, 2018 - 12:15pm
Bill Nelson and Rick Scott
Bill Nelson and Rick Scott

A new poll shows the race between U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Gov. Rick Scott deadlocked with few undecided voters. 

Quinnipiac University released a poll of likely voters on Wednesday which shows both candidates taking 49 percent. While the election is still two months away, the overwhelming majority of voters behind Scott and Nelson--92 percent of them--say their minds are made up.

"The Florida Senate race, one of the most important this election year, is a dead heat," said Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. "Sen. Bill Nelson, the Democratic incumbent, faces the most difficult challenge of his long political career. He is locked in a 49 - 49 percent contest with Republican Rick Scott, Florida's governor." 

Both candidates have nailed down their base with 89 percent of Democrats for Nelson and 92 percent of Republicans for Scott. Nelson leads with independents, taking 56 percent of them while Scott takes 43 percent of them. 

Scott leads with men 53 percent to 45 percent while Nelson is ahead with women by the same margin. White voters support Scott 55 percent to 44 percent while Nelson takes 90 percent of blacks. Hispanics break Scott’s way 59 percent to 39 percent. 

"The campaign is a prototype of our nation's political environment: Democrat Nelson carries women and black voters, while Republican Scott wins among men and white voters. The key in close elections like this one often lies with independent voters. So far, Sen. Nelson has the edge with this swing group. The candidate who holds those voters in November is likely to win," Brown said. 

Both Nelson and Scott are above water in the poll. Nelson gets the approval of 49 percent of those surveyed while 43 percent disapprove of him while 48 percent see him as favorable and 42 percent see him as unfavorable. Scott gets the approval of 51 percent while 46 percent disapprove of him while 49 percent see him as favorable and 47 percent view him unfavorably. 

Almost half of those surveyed--46 percent--do not see President Donald Trump as an important factor when they vote in the Senate race while 26 percent say they will vote chiefly to support him and 25 percent will chiefly cast their vote to oppose him. 

The poll of 785 likely voters was taken from August 30 through September 3 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percent. 


Let the general election begin! Yep it looks like this race will go down to the wire! This is the third consecutive poll post primary poll that shows Nelson and Scott deadlocked in a tie for the for Florida's US Senate seat even after Scott has spent $30 million in attack ads against Nelson all summer long! Ouch it looks like he ain't getting much bang for his money this time! Remember Scott barely won election and re-election for governor by just 1% each time and by spending $75 million each time too! Looks like this time it ain't going to work and Nelson who didn't spend anything during the primaries is together with the DSCC getting ready to unleash $50 million against Scott in Sept and Oct until Election Day in Nov! So Scott get ready for a taste of your own medicine because it looks like you may be the one finding yourself losing on election night by just 1% ! I know Alex Sink and Charlie Crist will be celebrating at Bill Nelson's election night victory party in Orlando! This shows that Florida is still a purple state because as we all remember recently that both Trump and Obama also won Florida by just 1% ! The Sunshine State is still a true battleground!

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The influx of liberal money from those supporting socialism, may have temporally skew the polling results. Remember Hillary outspent Trump more than fivefold and at the end of the day still lost. Once the dust settles and fair minded people take a serious look at the platform of each, voters will reject the progressive planks that promote impediments to continued grow along with wealth redistribution tax and spend mindset in favor of a booming economy, more job creation and less unemployment and for those 50 and over or those already in retirement continued growth of their nest egg. Slam dunk for Scott in my book.

WHY even bother commenting here ? The "result" is a foregone conclusion: "Competence wins over bluster" (GO RICK SCOTT !)..... READERS: Take note of the moronic comments trailing this article posted by many of "the usual suspects",.. "yelling silently INTO the wind".....

Ricky, if you manage to worm your way into the senate you should be getting sworn in about the same time Donald gets sworn out. The last two polls trending up for Nelson, so don't start packing yet.

Scott a low level, manipulator. His "executive" history speaks for itself. Bill Nelson - a long term, dedicated, knowledgeable public servant. Go low, or go high. Florida's future (and our country's) is at stake.

All those millions Scott, etc have spent against Nelson and they are still even!! ………….Now Nelson, etc is going to start putting up Scott's record of shame and the debates...……………Next as the Governor's race showed, there are huge numbers of new dem voters, women, minorities, young are pissed, coming out not counted and unlikely counted in this poll either.……Neither is the disgusted decent repubs who to save the repub party from the Trump racist, far right, etc , might vote for dems.……..November is going to be hell for republicans.

Young, opposition minded students, freeloader welfare recipients, people with criminal records or such groups to line up with Nelson simply because they despise Trump and the Gop, none of them however vote for Nelson because he stands for something. Very telling....

Bill Nelson never had to pay a $1.7 billion fine to the federal government because his company fraudulently billed Medicare and Medicaid for services it never performed! Scott did. That's more than enough reason not to vote for him.

Then again, this Florida and the rest of the country seems ok with criminals in office so long as they agree with your politics.

Race for Senate and Governor will be determined by "Turn out"..Souls to the polls !!

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