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Gillum Chooses King, and White Women Are Mad!

September 6, 2018 - 3:30pm

Andrew Gillum picked the lieutenant governor HE wanted and some people are mad.

Listen, while I like Chris King and I support this choice, King wasn’t my first choice, either.

I’m not mad, though.

My first choice was Dave Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach County. Dave is a great guy. He has state legislative experience, having been a state senator. He has done wonders with shutting down pill mills. He leads this state in trying to fix the opioid crisis.

Palm Beach is better because of his clean-up of the Sober Home industry.

Let’s not forget that a police officer is on trial for killing unarmed Corey Jones, a black man. The officer didn’t get the “Stand Your Ground” defense, typically handed out like candy to killers of black men.

Aronberg was also under consideration for U.S. attorney.
After all of that, he didn’t get the nod.

Why not? It’s Andrew Gillum’s choice. Not mine.

Andrew Gillum and Chris King with their wives
Andrew Gillum and Chris King with their wives

Meanwhile, people are upset that Gwen Graham didn’t get asked, let alone chosen.

How can that be a surprise to anyone?

Word on the street is that Graham was behind media hit pieces against Gillum, as well as telling donors not to give him money.

In selecting Graham as LG, Gillum would have had to sleep with one eye open.

What’s funny to me is that 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump, yet white women are mad that this man didn’t choose a white woman as his running mate.

Y’all didn’t choose a white woman as your president ... so stop!

Gillum and King had an obvious friendship on the campaign trail. Although I never met King, he seems a very likeable guy.

I’m hoping he can help Gillum bring it home, and those who are looking to bring it home too, let go of that Graham pipe dream.

Keystone XL pipe dream.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Hi, i am back! Honestly, with some relevance to the article, i am saying that Andrew Gillum DID NOT DO A BETTER JOB TOWARDS CHOOSING LT. GOV. My preffered pick seriously was a Latina, somewhat young woman, and Gwen Graham supporter which was Amy Mercado. She could appeal to the Latina and more moderate masses just like Sarah Riggs Amico thus make Andrew Gillum stronger but he didn't. Chris King is not my choice and this choice is disappointing me. With this choice, any possibility of connection to Latinas which can counter Jeannette Nuñoz is lost thus putting any chance of getting the Florida's governorship, Senate and some congressional races in jeopardy. So much for that and he didn't get it. Now what? I don't know when the campaign would go.

Not going to matter much anyway because the Republican Team is going to win anyway. Just a gut feeling and it has served me very well.

The comments on here are amazing in their stupidity!! I guess you are all ok with being on the bottom for education, health care and environment. I guess you all love algae of all colors!! You think you deserve an A + for handling the hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico. You love making orphans of little brown children, and racking up the death toll for the NRA. All things you should be proud of!!!!

Typical democrat answer. Blame everybody but yourself and give no answers or no action for the issues. Yawn !!!!!!!!

Wimes continuing her Florida race saga. Wimes and Gillum's wife are due for a huge cat fight public brawl. This should occur right after Gillum loses to DeSantis and files for divorce.

Darlene Caldwell, wife of Tim Caldwell, aka Dave Manning. I’m sure you and old Tim get your rocks off thinking about Gillum. That is, if your parts still work, you old bat! Both of you are obsessed with Gillum!

Chris king had the largest offer to be Lt. Gov. He bought it fair and square. Gillum will be taking bids for each and every state agency director positions once in office. As far as Gillum is concerned, the taxpayers can afford it.

Hey Tim, oh wait, Dave, are you pretending to be the old bat, Darlene too? Do you dress up in her clothing as well? You are obsessed with Gillum!

Palm Beach...hilarious, S FL is the laughingstock of the country, let alone the state...too funny.

Let the slaughter begin... Dems in FL are the stupidest voters in the country and their disorganized amateur party leadership set up this fiasco. No wonder the last 30 years have stayed the same, will for another 30 at this rate of idiocy...

It is sad that Levine, Greene, King were in the race and took votes from Graham and opened the door for Gillum. He won the nod with the lowest total in far recent history because of the stragglers. Graham's centrist message and reasonable, responsible voting was our last best chance to take back the Gov.'s office. Word is Graham turned down the Lt. offer. Someone of her stature could never play second fiddle to a sloppy novice like Gillum, who with the lowest vote total in history, will now lose the Gov. election by the largest margin in recent history. Don't believe the Hillary polls. Of the nearly 5,000 in our NPA council, probably 75% are voting for DeSantis, much to my chagrin...sad day...

If that helps you sleep at night! People could have voted for Graham if they wanted to. They didn’t. They voted for the person they wanted, and it wasn’t Graham in the number she needed to win. Gillum prevailed, WITH all of the others in the race. If Graham can’t do that, and needs to have the field cleared for her, she is just where she belongs. On the sideline. Oh, and she was never asked to be LG. Why would Gillum want that Judas Escariot?

Not one of your better pieces.

I read this via Politico Playbook. It’s actually good. I never considered Aronberg for LG, but he would have been a great choice. Also, white women ARE mad that Graham didn’t win or get the LG position.

“Y’all didnt choose a white woman as your president” Well, that statement is true.

But some of us did.

Leslie are you capable of saying anything without bringing up race, it's always black this or white this with you. Disappointing you're so caught up with the color of people's skin vs the actual person and the abilities.

If you are so bothered by Leslie’s writing, stop reading! Are you capable of that? Apparently not.

Leslie Wimes writing and this headline are a disgrace. Ugly, openly racist, and divisive. SSN should sure remove the headline and story. "White women are mad" All white women do not vote the same, and obviously white females voted for all candidates not just Graham. But Weems is making a dig at Graham for being a white womaan, which apparently to her is a bad thing. It would be on national news if someone wrote like this about a woman of color.

Black women have been stereotyped as “angry” for quite some time. Now that white women are being shown as mad, you have a problem with it? STFU!

Dare I guess that you are a white woman? Ha!

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Yes, Dave and his fellow Democrats have done an exceptional job with Palm Beach County , as shown in this documentary:

Down here in Republican territory some of us kinda of liked Gillum's approach. DeSantis is an aloof, self serving candidate that seems to love himself first. I think King was not the best choice Gillum could have picked. King will no doubt hurt his chances in November. Gillum had some momentum but I think he lost it with a sophomoric pick like Chris King.

This article is not accurate. Did you not view his FB live. All women support Gillum & King.

nice try...this ain't Liberty City Sweetie...

All races support him

spoken by the token black lady...

Delaine: I am quite sure that ALL women in Florida do NOT support this inexperienced Democrat to fiddle learning the ropes.

Well now that’s some BS! I have friends who now say they aren’t voting for Gillum because 1. Graham didn’t win and 2. Gillum didn’t pick her as LG.


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