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DeSantis Soars to Victory in GOP Gubernatorial Primary

August 28, 2018 - 9:45pm
Ron DeSantis at his election party
Ron DeSantis at his election party

In a victory as much for President Donald Trump as for the congressman himself, U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis -- Trump's hand-picked man -- trounced state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, winning the GOP gubernatorial primary for governor by nearly a 20-point margin by the time the race was called.

TV networks called the race just before 9 p.m. ET, with 90 percent of Florida's 5,968 precincts reporting, when the contest stood at 56.4 percent to Putnam's 36.7 percent.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Blaise Ingoglia congratulated DeSantis in a written statement after the result was confirmed:

"Republican primary voters have once again chosen an outstanding candidate who will contrast well with what the opposition is offering in November,” Ingoglia said. “Ron DeSantis, and the Republican Party of Florida, are primed and ready to bring the message of smaller, accountable government, economic prosperity and problem solving to the voters of Florida.  The message will be clear: results matters and Republicans have been delivering results for decades, while Democrats have been delivering nothing but unkept promises.”

The chairman concluded, “The Republican Party of Florida congratulates DeSantis on running a positive campaign that resulted in a hard-fought victory.  We look forward to showcasing our Republican nominee for governor over the next couple of months, while delivering a stunning blow to the hopes of a ‘blue wave.’”

The Tampa Bay Times -- as most of the mainstream Florida press -- recommended against DeSantis.

"... DeSantis “has won Trump’s endorsement for his full-throated support of the president on Fox News," wrote the Times. "[But] DeSantis shows little understanding of state policy or of the challenges facing this state, and Florida Republicans should look beyond the president’s tweets as they choose between the familiar conservative and the newest flavor of firebrand.”

Republican voters apparently didn't agree.

"We want a real partner for our president," enthused Maryann Clark, a celebrant at DeSantis' Tuesday night victory party at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. "Everybody here is going crazy, I don't think we're going home tonight. We're on Cloud 9," she told Sunshine State News.

Putnam -- even with a strong "Florida First" campaign and showing strong support for the president himself -- never could overcome the surge Trump's endorsement gave his opponent. 

In an emotional address during an election night gathering in Lakeland, Putnam congratulated DeSantis and thanked his supporters and family.
"... I’m the luckiest guy in the state. I’ve been blessed to be able to serve my community. The community that I love, Imperial Polk County. I’ve been able to serve the state that we all call home. I’ve seen the vitality, the humility, the grandeur of our beloved Florida and her people. ...
"It’s been said that whenever one door closes, another door opens. But we often look so long at the closed door that we miss the one that’s been open for us. Let’s not dwell on the closed door this evening, but turn our sights on the call to put Florida First."

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Florida continues down the one-way road to Perdition!

You gotta think Desantis is licking his chops to run against this commie. A platform of higher taxes , sanctuary cities, banning ICE and punishing law abiding gun owners ? That might fly somewhere like New Jersey but not here,not yet.

The pre-election polls showed DeSantis and Putnam running neck and neck, while Graham was comfortably outpacing her rivals. To borrow a riff from Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and polls...

Ron DeSantis, Florida's re incarnation of Fulgencio Batista.

Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. The Commander-In-Chief of "The City of Brothels"!

I have bo Crystal Ball, but I believe that Florida will lean Red in November. The "blue wave" is becoming 'quiet waters' as America makes America Greater each day,

"America making America Great" This comment is so dumb it make my head hurt.

Congrats to Ron DeSantis! Demoncrat Andrew Gillum 2.0 Obama 2.0 Bernie Sanders! Yup his platform for Governor; Sanctuary cities. Impeach President Trump. Illegals over citizens. MS13. Higher taxes. Socialism-Communism. Take your 1st & 2nd Amendments away. Floridians will not back this evil for our State! Vote RED in November our lives literally depend on it!

Just a dose of reality to this chest "Trumping" party, the 1st amendment has freedom of the press in it. Your standard bearer, our President, does not support the 1st amendment as the founders intended it. I wish President Trump (and the U.S.) the best in his MAGA efforts. He is unconventional, and some of his efforts are bearing fruit. However, some of his rhetoric is excessive and dangerous - and sounds very reminiscent of a number of dictators. I, rightly, worry about that. And so should you. Yes, Trump is a bully and a blowhard at times - and that gives me some comfort that his hot air is not dictatorial, but other statements and the fact that Congress doesn't seem to have anyone willing to oppose him (before leaving office) give me cause for concern. Be alert - and stand and defend your country - if it becomes necessary and before it is too late.

Break out those "Hillary Crying Towels" AGAIN, that "left leaning Democrats" (and their "media co-co-conspiriters") can once again mop-up ALL those tears,.. for months & months & months... [I feel like "Nostradamus" must have felt in HIS day...Tsk..Tsk..! ]

Mine is still soaked from McGovern. Democrats have kamikazied yet again.

With DeSantis as the Republican nominee, the GOP got lucky with Gillum as the Democrat nominee. Republicans might be able to keep the Governorship.

Desantis may wish to review what happened to Gwen after she chose to go easy on Gillum's past dirty deeds while he was acting as mayor of Tallahassee by not mentioning Andy's dirty past at all. Come on Desantis get that dirt thrown out there. It's so bad that Andrew could be the first Governor serving our state from a Federal prison cell. And to sum it all up and just to be clear Gwen chose not to make it a campaign issue. And what happened to Gwen???

"Nepotistic Gwennie" was,.. is,.. and always will be,.. a political "lite-hit" (You need military or Law Enforcement "Sheepdog" experience in order to understand THAT perfectly descriptive "term"..) It's all about "undependability", or putting your faith in "shiney, BUT empty" objects & PEOPLE,... (it can ultimately only bring disappointment)..!

Great news, Fla. MAGA!

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