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Frank White Takes Aim at Ashley Moody in New TV Spot

July 12, 2018 - 3:15pm
Frank White and Ashley Moody
Frank White and Ashley Moody

Less than seven weeks until Republicans across Florida vote in the state attorney general primary, state Rep. Frank White, R-Pensacola, is taking aim at former Judge Ashley Moody in a new TV ad.

The White campaign unveiled the new TV spot on Thursday. 

“The choice is clear for attorney general,” the narrator of the ad says. “Conservative Frank White or liberal Judge Ashley Moody?  White has the highest A+ rating from the NRA and is 100 percent pro-life or liberal Moody who used to be a Democrat and donated money to pro-abortion liberals. White who stood with President Trump and voted to outlaw sanctuary cities or liberal Ashley Moody who personally sued President Trump for fraud - helping liberals. Judgment matters. Who do you trust?”

White looked to double down on that theme on Thursday. 

“Liberals are working overtime to chip away at the foundation of the conservative values held by the majority of Floridians,” said White. “Our next attorney general will be faced with challenges and opportunities from defending the Second Amendment to protecting the unborn and I have a proven record of fighting for both."

Tim Baker of Data Targeting, who is helping White, also took aim at Moody. 

“Since entering the race for attorney general more than a year ago, Ashley Moody has attempted to coast on little more than her establishment support and the hundreds of thousands of dollars she will take from taxpayers to fund her eventual television ads,” White said. “Floridians are tired of politicians masquerading as conservatives while trying desperately to hide their liberal records. This ad, built on documentation and facts, highlights the clear choice Republicans have in August: conservative Frank White or liberal Judge Ashley Moody, who first ran for office in 2006.” 

Earlier this week, more than a dozen legislators, including incoming House Speaker Jose Oliva, threw their support behind White. The Pensacola Republican got more good news on Thursday as a St. Pete Polls survey showed him ahead of Moody. The poll, which was commissioned by Florida Politics, had 55 percent of Florida Republicans still undecided while 26 percent backed White and 19 percent supported Moody. 


You better vote Frank White, if you want to help make America great again.

We need true Conservatives to lead Florida. As Dr. Savage said in the title of just one of his books "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder." Democrats have no game except ad hominem attacks, more government, more regulations, more taxes, & being soft on crime. They don't believe in the rule of law with respect to the "INVASION" of illegal aliens into our country. They don't support our fine men and women in the Border Patrol & ICE who are doing everything possible to secure our borders, arrest and deport illegal aliens. We're a nation of laws. We must enforce the immigration laws on the books. Liberals are encouraging law breakers.

We will vote for Frank White if our country want freedom better vote Republican.. The Democrats want all our freedoms abolished.

We will vote for Frank White if our country want freedom better vote Republican.. The Democrats want all our freedoms abolished.

We will vote for Frank White if our country want freedom better vote Republican.. The Democrats want all our freedoms abolished.

You are so right.

This article may have changed my mind. I was going to support Moody and am now reconsidering my decision.

Please vote Frank White.

Really? Another nutcase with an "A+ NRA rating"? That's what qualifies someone to be the third most populous state's attorney general? That's weirdly similar to a thirty-something history major and real estate appraiser being qualified to be Commissioner of Agriculture.

Not impressed with Frank White! No judicial experience other than as corporate counsel which is vastly different. No thank you!! My vote is for Ashley Moody!!

Shaw will clean you clock, that hilarious. Democrats have held ONE cabinet position in 20 years.

Right. And, you can see how screwed-up this one-party state has become in those twenty years

Frankie, you do know that your hero Donald Trump was once a Democrat. And Ronald Reagan, too. BTW, the Democrats actually have a fantastic candidate in this race, Mr. Shaw, who will clean your clock, if there's anything left to clean after Moody wallops you.

And, I heard the Democrats actually threw both of them out of the party for not being smart enough! Neither had the qualifications to rise to the top of the Democratic Party ... but both easily rose to the top of the Republican Party. That certainly tells you something. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!

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