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Florida Republicans Take Sides in the GOP Attorney General Primary

July 26, 2018 - 9:30am
Frank White and Ashley Moody
Frank White and Ashley Moody

Florida’s political leaders are taking sides in the increasingly contentions Republican primary in the state attorney general’s race. 

On Thursday morning, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera endorsed former Judge Ashley Moody to replace term limited Attorney General Pam Bondi. 

“Ashley Moody is the conservative choice for attorney general who is best qualified to continue with Pam Bondi’s legacy of keeping our streets safe, defending the Second Amendment, and ensuring those who break the law are held accountable,” Lopez-Cantera said. “I am proud to endorse Ashley and am confident she will work with the next administration as well as Pam Bondi has with Governor Scott and me.”

“I am honored to receive the support of Lt. Governor Lopez-Cantera who has a distinguished conservative record of service to the state of Florida,” said Moody. “Having worked alongside Governor Scott and Attorney General Bondi, he recognizes the importance of having an attorney general with the right background to effectively address the complex criminal justice issues facing our state.  As a former prosecutor and judge, I will press forward to build on the great legacy of Attorney General Bondi combating the opioid epidemic, human trafficking, and elder abuse. I am extremely grateful for his confidence in my candidacy and I will strive every day to deserve the honor and responsibility as Florida’s Top Cop.”

State Rep. Frank White, R-Pensacola, who is running against Moody in the primary, unveiled a host of House members backing his campaign earlier in the week. 

Republican state Reps. Travis Cummings of Orange Park, Manny Diaz of Hialeah Gardens, Dane Eagle of Cape Coral, Randy Fine of Palm Bay, Bill Hager of Boca Raton, Mike LaRosa of St. Cloud and Ray Rodrigues of Fort Myers. 

“Frank White will fight for our shared, conservative values,” said Rodrigues. “We need a warrior like Frank who isn’t afraid to take on liberal judges and elites who mock our values and threaten our Constitution. I’m proud to stand with Frank, because I have seen first hand his commitment to out traditional conservative values.” 

“We need strong leaders like Frank White who will make sure every branch of government follows our Constitution,” Eagle said on Tuesday. “No exceptions. No special privileges.”

The primary will be held at the end of next month. 


3,987 sexual assault kits collected since July 2016, 80 percent processed By Adrianna Iwasinski - Investigative Reporter, Donovan Myrie - Investigative/Special Projects Producer Posted: 11:00 PM, February 08, 2018 Updated: 11:27 PM, February 08, 2018

I know Frank White and his family personally. He is the "TRUE CONSERVATIVE"and will fight for family values. A vote for Frank White, is a vote for Integrity, honesty, and morality. I'm voting for Frank and I encourage all Floridians to do the same!!

The fact that Frank White is endorsed by so many Florida House Members is enough for me to NOT vote for him. Further, the fact that he brags about self-funding his campaign and criticizes Judge Moody for accepting State campaign monies, underscores the trend that only very, very wealthy candidates can afford to run for public office. My vote will go to Judge Ashley Moody, the only competent and qualified candidate running for Attorney General.

To me that’s hypocritical! He is the best candidate for the job! I know him personally, he and his family are the best! Very religious. They are all for helping others! You, don’t have to vote for him, I’ll always have his back!

Bologna, bologna, and more bologna.

Shut up you ASS!

Ashley Moody is the most qualified and experienced candidate to be Florida’s next great Attorney General in the State of Florida. Mrs. Moody is probably the most qualified candidate to be Attorney General since the longest-serving Attorney General in the history of the State of Florida: Robert A. “Bob” Butterworth. After all, it was General Butterworth who once said: “If you are going to commit murder, then you better not do it in the State of Florida because we might have something wrong with the electric chair.” Similarly, Ashley Moody will be tough on crime and protect all Citizens and Floridians no matter of race, creed, nationality, or party affiliation. Ashley Moody will be an excellent two-term Attorney General for Florida.

Pam Bondi did a wonderful job as Florida AG. Let's hear some SPECIFICS on where she failed? Moody is an old Suthun 'crat who likely judges based on what she hears rather than LAW. Frank White knows the rule of law. He's IN.

It really would be nice to have a campaign run on MERIT and INTEGRITY, not Slander, Nastiness, or Lies. I am sure both Canidiates have great qualifications. It has nothing to do on raising or not raising funds or using the State Allocated Funds for campaigns. For me, it is Character, Integrity, Personal Beliefs, and being an example. We have a GREAT COUNTRY that we have the FREEDOM TO VOTE OUR CONSCIOUS!! Which is why I will be voting for " Ashley Moody" God Bless our Country!!

I've worked for honest car dealers and even met a few honest lawyers- Closet feminism is what many who would vote against Frank seem to suffer from. I'm pro Life, tough on crime etc and dont see anything wrong with a conscientious man running the attorney general's office, especially if he is paying part of his campaign costs. Endorsed by Pam Bonding? So what-. We have the St John's cty Sheriff's office to thank for low crime rates in my neighborhood, not politicians like bondi. Duval and Clay cty have way more serious and petty crime problems, and Bondi hasn't fixed their situation. Integrity, the Bill of rights and unwaivering respect for our young 18 year old respectable/ righteous men is what I have. Taking away their gun self-defense rights is Ludicrous and that's why I d rather take a chance on an NRA approved outsider than weak leadership that has armed guards sitting around them at their job like Moody. When you need guts, give us a man with guts- Life long Conservative, not someone who is soft on crime.

If Bondi did such a good job why did she lose so many constitutional cases time and time again? ……………... Why hasn't she processed the huge backlog of rape kits letting many rapist go free or 6 yrs? ………………….. Has she even finished processing them after promising 2 yrs ago yet no news since? It shows Bondi is for rapists and against women by her actions, the only thing that counts.

If either of these yokels manages to win in November, let's rename the position Attorney (Gomer Pyle) Pfc! Enforce the law as the legislature enacts it and the court interprets it, don't show up and unload your prehistoric political dogma on the rest of us. This is the one race a Democrat (Shaw) will win. Keep up the bickering please.

I don't know either one of them so I did an internet search on both and my vote is going to Frank White. I'm not going to comment on my findings so you could do your own search and decide for yourself.

I also did a full and detailed search on each Canidiate and Ashley Moody gets my vote!! Personal Preference. GOOD LUCK TO EACH CANDIDATE!!!

I just did the same thing and came up with the same conclusion. Frank White !

Anybody but a Republican! Bondi was a bozo!

Why do you need to be nasty about it Ted Kruze??? You don't have to like someone and you don't have to vote for them as that is your right. To say or write degrading things about another not only shows you for what kind of person who behaves as such, but in today's world, right now, people are tired of all the nasty negative slander that they generally vote opposite of you AND sometimes the outcome is not what you expected it to be. So, just be nice and not just you but everyone!! Have a good day.

What a joke. “We need strong leaders like Frank White who will make sure every branch of government follows our Constitution,”. “No exceptions. No special privileges.” (Ray Rodriguez who was following the constitution when he fought for the no-smoke interpretation of the medical marijuana constitutional amendment). Where does Ashley Moody weigh down on medical marijuana?

I saw Moody's ad and thought a right wing nut job but then I saw White's add making her into a democrat he is so far right he can't even see the center, shows me, most other, women, etc to vote for neither...………………. Fact is Moody following Bondi's lead where Bondi lost almost every case because she, Scott, etc wanted to do things banned by law as unconstitutional, is not the way an AG should act against the people...…….. When you lose so many cases, can you say you back the constitution while fighting to destroy it, proven by Bondi's losses?...………...Did Bondi ever finish the backlog of Rape kits she left rotting, unchecked for 6 yrs, basically letting many rapist go free?

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