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Rick Scott Ahead of Bill Nelson in FAU Poll

July 25, 2018 - 5:00pm
Richard Corcoran and Bill Nelson
Richard Corcoran and Bill Nelson

A new poll shows Gov. Rick Scott with a slight lead over U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., in one of the most closely watched U.S. Senate races in the nation. 

Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI) released a poll on Wednesday which found Scott taking 44 percent and Nelson behind him with 40 percent and the rest undecided. 

Half of those surveyed--50 percent--approve of Scott while 32 percent disapprove of him. Nelson was approved by 37 percent of those surveyed and disapproved by 32 percent. 

President Donald Trump, who carried Florida in 2016 and is headed to Tampa on Tuesday, is upside down in the poll with 47 percent disapproving of him and 41 percent approving of him, down slightly from the highest rating he has scored as president from Florida voters according to FAU back in May when 43 percent approved of him and 45 percent disapproved of him. 

Asked what the top issue is, 29 percent of those surveyed say immigration and 26 percent think it’s health-care with a partisan divide on the matter as 43 percent of Republicans say immigration is the most important issues while 34 percent of Democrats say it is health-care. 

An overwhelming majority of Floridians--86 percent--say they are concerned about  toxic algae blooms impacting the state with 53 percent of those surveyed saying they are very concerned about them. 

The survey, which polled 800 Florida registered voters July 20-21, was conducted using an online sample supplied by Survey Sampling International using online questionnaires and via an automated telephone platform (IVR) using registered voter lists supplied by Aristotle, Inc. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points. 



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F Scott! He sucks and was a crooked ceo at HCA.

bull crap worked for both . Nelson didnt pay me yet for 4 yearsthat lazy lazy ass scumbag always napping..Scot got me paid. article in orl sentinel.Nelson the *** is going down on this election

the dems are so jealous of trump and scott, why don't you go to Cuba and live under the socialism that you love soooooo much

Scott has more money than anyone...squeaked by to win governors race both times ..adding millions in negative ads. He was actually named the Worst Governor in the Nation several times.

Scott has been obstructing Florida's Medical Marijuana Program that the people voted for overwhelmingly. He has stopped the actual marijuana bud itself from being sold in dispensaries and to be legally allowed to smoke. The Federal Court said what he was doing was Illegal and needed to be overturned immediately. He then filed an appeal to obstruct even further. Remember who to vote for in Novemeber.

Only a pothead would rather contaminate his/her lungs in favor of taking a pill.

Hah take opiate pills, druggie! It's better than pot!

The debates should prove more useful in comparing these guys. The commercials are propaganda. But Scott has strayed from the gop line on some minor gun measures and offshore drilling. That might prove decisive in getting the middles vote

It's funny how many liberal idiots have flocked to this poll. They're worried that Nelson might get his baby killing perversion loving asz kicked.

Scott is a crook and a thief, biggest medicare fraudster in the nation, and low IQ morons still voted for the Fraud!

Falick likes to molest his nephews, he sucks his little boys penis and makes his son suck the fun out of his penis

I think Felicia has been molesting his nephews and his son. Felicia likes to play with his sons gentials

Well I think you might have molested a few little boys

Nice to know there are smart citizens who know not to mess with success. Gov Scott will continue to put Florida first when he gets to DC.

Nice to know there are smart citizens who know not to mess with success. Gov Scott will continue to put Florida first when he gets to DC.

He's an Orange clown supporter, the worst president EVER, and a PIG.... skelator is a Bonehead with Money! He's been a rotten governor. He'll just be another suckup to the Traitor in chief.

The only thing he'll put first is his wallet!!!!!!!!!

Rick Scott is a thief. His company y was fined millions for stealing money. He won't do anything but line his pockets... Florida needs a change.

So, Scott will join the brigade of spineless, do-nothing, anti-everything, wingnut GOP senators in the Trumpnut swamp. Big deal. He'll be just another one of the irrelevancies there.

At least he won't be a vote against everything obstructionist like so many of the democrats.

NO SURPRISE THERE..! Right from the "get-go", Scott has always been destined to defeat "Zippy-the-Ride-along-FAUX-Rocketeer ("Don't touch any buttons or switches Senator; just sit back and look out the window"). This 'contest' is between a man who brought Florida to the forefront of our "Union of States",... and a "washed-up" politician who just "rode-along", as usual (and really is just looking to be hired by a "special interest Lobby" at multiples of his Senate salary...for HIM, and NOT for YOU "Taxpayer"...(as usual).

At the "forefront of the union of states"? I guess forefront means "a state none for a series of bizarre crimes and gun violence.". Not to mention the normalization of unnecessary lethal force use by citizens through SYG.

Thinking hurts halfwits like you doesn't it?

Uh oh! ….but if the concern about Big Algae is real, and it is, the folks largely responsible for the mess will be covered in ca-ca come November! PS Ricky, sorry we wont see you at the Trump rally, amidst all the confederate flags. Trump is coming to help, but he just might end up hurting DeSantis, especially if he goes racist or starts babbling about Putin, per usual.

A lot of Trump support in the 2016 election was not "pro"-Trump but, rather, "anti"-Clinton, so it remains to be seen how normal people really feel about Trump. The 'Big Algae' problem is real ... but the people it mostly affects on the East coast historically vote Democratic anyway ... and on the west coast, Republican-land, those whose livelihoods are not directly and negatively affected by the algae don't really give a damn. If DeSantis does win the primary and then the election ... Florida voters will be proven to be as bassackwards and as nutty as they've often been portrayed. Graham and Nelson are the only responsible choices available.

"Confederate flags", "racist"..?!?.. Uh-oh,... You're starting to sound "Black jive" "Ocean J".

Governor Scott fulfilled his campaign promise as Our governor. Gov Scott got Florida Back To Work. Thank you Governor Scott!

Amen! "Nuff said.

Nelson needs help walking and is past his productivity (what little there was) and the election will prove this out. Governor Scott has been a stalwart protector of Florida's environment and has already taken steps to eliminate the algae bloom problem. Gov. Scott has been active in the state while Nelson gets pushed around in his wheelchair making phony commercials. Time for Bill to take a nap.

If you listen to the interview he did on algae blooms, he is 100 million in and he allegedly does not even know what caused this issue. He asked for more money.. he is stellar at spending government money but the evidence is clear, he is not getting anywhere. Stars of emergency says it all. Failed..


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