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AIF Backs Adam Putnam for Governor

July 23, 2018 - 2:45pm
Adam Putnam and Tom Feeney
Adam Putnam and Tom Feeney

The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF)--one of the leading business groups in the Sunshine State--threw its support behind state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam for governor on Monday. 

AIF’s Board of Directors endorsed Putnam who is running in next month’s Republican primary against U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla.

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., the president and CEO of AIF, weighed in on why his group was backing Putnam. 

“AIF Board of Directors is proud to endorse Adam Putnam for governor of the great state of Florida,” said  Tom Feeney.  “Adam knows Florida. He knows what it takes to raise a family, build a business and protect employees in our Sunshine State.  He knows what it means to grow our economy and bring new and innovative business opportunities to Florida. Our next governor must embody the entrepreneurial spirit, and Adam has the know-how to get things done, putting Florida families and businesses first. AIF Board of Directors stand with Adam Putnam for the next governor of Florida.”

For his part, Putnam said he was happy to have AIF’s support. 

“I am proud to have the support of the Associated Industries of Florida,” said Putnam. “AIF understands that our state’s prosperity is tied to the prosperity of our state’s job creators. I look forward to working with them as Florida’s next governor to build on our record-setting growth, continue to reduce taxes and unnecessary fees, and help Florida families find their piece of the American Dream right here in the Sunshine State.”

AIF is not the only business group backing Putnam in the gubernatorial contest. The Florida Chamber of Commerce is also behind Putnam. Some current polls show DeSantis, who has President Donald Trump’s endorsement, with a solid lead in the primary which is being held at the end of next month. 


From the comments it is clear that superficiality & sophistry predominant the core educations of more people than we thought.

Ask Governor McCollum how that worked out for him.

Ask Governor McCollum how that worked out for him.

The stakes couldn't be higher for the GOP - if DeSantis wins the primary over Putnam - the Dem's will take back the Governor's Race. Trump is doing no favors for the Florida GOP by pushing DeSantis over Putnam! Can't wait for the primary!

As I have said before, there is a small group of Trump diehards who solidly back Desantis, but you do not win general elections with less than 40 percentof the vote. When I was very young, I worked in the 1964 Goldwater campaign. He won only his home state of Arizona and a few states in the deep south, not including Florida. A Republican candidate in Virginia yesterday praised the Trump performance in Helsinki and the crowd laughed at him. I am sure Desantis would praise his Trump’s Helsinki performance. Lap dog praising another lapdog.

Yea you are the same guy that said Trump would not win anyway. You are makeing the same mistake twice. Trump won Florida.

AND DeSantis will will the primary. all you negative ads won't work..

Thanks for remembering me Jack. You are correct that I predicted Donald Trump would not win the 2016 election but I had plenty of company. But I did not say that Trump did not win Florida. I love the double negative. Like there is no reason to believe that Russia did not interfere in the election. I said Barry Goldwater did not win Florida.

Well, in the real world, 3,000,000 more people voted for Clinton than Trump ... so ... Trump didn't actually "win"! He backed into it on a technicality ... just as Bush II did! The actual majority of voters preferred Clinton.

No we are very happy the evil Hillary did not win. Thank God she is gone gone gone

Take the wool off your own eyes "Jeff";.... unless you ARE in fact a Sheep, in which case, your ""missteps" are entirely understandable, and to be expected of you in the future too...

I am not a sheep. I have been a reliable Republican voter in Florida for more than 35 years. My point is that Barry Goldwater who I campaigned for won only 38.5 percent of the vote nationally. Having a lot of diehard supporters does not translate into electoral victories. That said, I have learned my lesson and I no longer predict election outcomes. As a Republican, I am concerned that the bitter gubenatorial primary will result in neither Republican nominee winning the general election. Having a Florida Republican Party civil war, especially with “the big man” tipping the scales for Desantis does not bode well.> There is an old saying, birds of a feather gather together,----> Did a search and look at what came up to the light----->Business Lobbyists Associated Industries of Florida is a Business Heavyweight Associated Industries of Florida is one of the most influential business groups in the state. Amy Keller | 6/2/2011 Leadership Barney Tipton Bishop III » Name: Barney Tipton Bishop III » Title: President and CEO » Age: 59 » Total Compensation (2009): $403,137 » Family: Bishop's wife, Shelby Bishop, is a 23-year state employee who currently serves as an executive assistant to the Florida Secretary of State. Bishop credits some of his knowledge of the legislative and budget process to her. They have no children. » Roots: Born in Panama City, Bishop grew up poor in Miami. His father worked three jobs, he says, to support the family. » Education: Bishop attended Miami-Dade Junior College before transferring to Emerson College in Boston, earning debate scholarships at both schools. He earned a bachelor's degree in speech. » Career Track: Bishop returned to Florida after college and opened a detective agency in Orlando. In 1979, he began lobbying for the Florida Association of Private Investigators. He sold his detective agency in 1983 and moved to Tallahassee to work for then-state Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter. In 1984, he became state president of the Florida Young Democrats.

Associated Industries, Florida Chamber of Commerce, and other similar organizations or business-oriented PACs have no interest in issues that are of direct import to the average working-class guy on the street ... so ... who among the voters at large really cares who 'Big Business' endorses for their own benefit? Does Mosaic really care about the people who get their drinking water from the Peace River? Does Florida Crystals really care how people are affected by the toxic goop in the Caloosahatchie or St. Lucie rivers? Florida politics over the past 20+ years have been all about 'Big Business' and monied Republican special interests. Time for a change. Fugeddaboud 'the Republicans'!

Sad to say,...but Feeney will support ANY politician that he thinks will "return the favor 10-fold"; Just watch how fast he he "jumps on board" the campaign winner's grandstand (whomever THAT might be)....Finney's type are ALL accomplished panderers when it comes to undercutting Citizens' Tax base for pandering purposes...(and Feeney is only 'one' of "legions" of lobbiest & "special interest" groups "milking the Tax coffer Cow"..! )

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