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Who Will Drain the Swamp in Tallahasssee?

July 9, 2018 - 5:45pm

The technical meaning of draining a swamp is to keep mosquito populations low to combat malaria and removing dangerous reptiles. Draining the swamp is an appropriate metaphor for Washington D.C. and state capitols.

Washington D.C. and state capitols have become cesspools where some feed off others living outside of the swamp. The swamp creatures prosper inside the swamp but their harm is spread far and wide. If you get near the swamp, you will probably get bitten by a swamp creature.   

The increasing power of government has created the swamp. A government that can own property, take taxes out of our paychecks and regulate us has too much power. 

When government has that much power, it creates a perverse incentive for certain interests to take advantage of it for their own benefit. Large, well-financed special interests will seek to  benefit, including pushing for regulations that only serve to cut out competition from small businesses. Entrenched government bureaucrats seek job security and more money.  

You cannot drain the swamp when you have lived in the swamp too long and when you plant to stay or move on to bigger swamps. The prospects of power and influence create incumbent swamp dwellers that lose focus of who they are serving. They begin to serve themselves and their personal interests instead of those of the people who elected them.

Career politicians, no matter how conservative, will not be able to effectively drain the swamp. They soon realize that the swamp is what keeps them in office. You cannot drain the swamp when the special interest swamp creatures donate millions of dollars to your political committee.

On August 28, Republican voters will have a choice for who they want to be our next governor. There are two major candidates and both have some conservative street cred. However, neither will really be able to drain the swamp. Both Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis have shown a desire to make a career in politics, always seeking the next highest office.   

Then there is Bob White who is also running in the Republican gubernatorial primary.  White has never served in elected office and has been the chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida.

White has traveled to Tallahassee for years to advocate for conservative policy. During those trips,  White realized how deep the swamp is in Tallahassee. White is not running for governor as the first step to higher office. Instead, he wants to really drain the swamp, end the special interest control of public policy and to reign in the power of entrenched government bureaucracy. White does not have a political committee that takes in six figure donations like the other two candidates. He will not be beholden to anyone except the citizens of Florida. 

If we want to really drain the swamp and restore the voice of Floridians, Bob White is the only choice. 

John Hallman is an active, longtime voice in all levels of Florida politics and is a veteran of advocating issues of liberty in the Florida legislature. John also has served as the state director for FreedomWorks; the pro-free market organization as well as deputy director of Florida Stop Lawsuit Abuse. While in Tallahassee, John has represented such groups as Florida Taxpayers Union, Cut Property Taxes Now, the Second Amendment Coalition of Florida and the Florida Campaign for Liberty. Besides his work in Tallahassee, John teaches activists training schools, is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and has written numerous articles promoting the cause of individual liberty.


ALL politicians are swamp or democrat. Some of the swamp dwellers are able to walk upright and some change their appearance to survive. All seek money, security, and adoration. All stink! Non-swamp dwelling people that enter the swamp to try and drain it either become swamp dwellers themselves, run away from the swamp to survive, or die somewhere in the muck and mire of the swamp. It is a no win situation for those that don't live in or near the swamp.

The swamp is fueled by and operates on the money provided by the special interest fatcats and corporatists. The only way to control the swamp is to control the inflow of money ... and the only way to do that is by severe campaign finance reform. (The pathetic poster boy for all the swamp creatures to date has been the extra-slimey Scott Pruitt! Yuck!)

You're correct about the inflow of money. Fortunately, that can be mitigated by honest, ethical people. Wait! it won't happen because those honest and ethical people don't run for or remain as honest and ethical when elected. Never mind.

Bob White? So why has nobody ever heard of this "Bob White" before? Anyway lets move on to something more important than promoting some Bob White dude no one has ever heard of before. What no one really wants to talk about is there is a much dirtier and more dangerous swamp in Tallahassee than the Florida Legislature. It's the swamp maintained by that leftist looser Andrew Gillum. Everyone knows the FBI is going to hand cuff and take away some major local government swamp dwellers of Tallahassee. But no one wants to talk about that much more juicy subject than your Bob White promotion. Wonder if the FBI is gonna delay the cuffing and stuffing until after Gillum bows out of the Governors race?

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