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Ron DeSantis Urges Trump to Indict Raul Castro for Murder

July 12, 2018 - 9:45am
Ron DeSantis and Raul Castro
Ron DeSantis and Raul Castro

From his perch as chairman of the U.S. House National Security Subcommittee, U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., called on President Donald Trump to have the U.S. Department of Justice examine Cuban communist Raúl Castro for his role in shooting down an airplane in 1996 which had three U.S. citizens and a permanent resident. 

DeSantis, who is running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Florida with Trump’s support, sent the letter to the White House this week. In February 1996, Hermanos al Rescate (Brothers to the Rescue) had two airplanes searching for Cuban refugees which were attacked by two Cuban MiGs over international waters. “Fidel Castro publicly acknowledged this was a premeditated attack planned and executed by the Castro brothers,” DeSantis’ office insisted. 

In the letter, DeSantis was joined by several Republicans in the Florida congressional delegation including U.S. Reps. Carlos Curbelo, Mario Diaz-Balart, Matt Gaetz, Bill Posey, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Ted Yoho. 

Ros-Lehtinen, the first woman to lead the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, is currently the chairwoman of the U.S. House Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee. Yoho, the former vice chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, currently leads the U.S. House Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee. 

“Armando Alejandre Jr. Mario de la Peña. Carlos Costa. Pablo Morales. Twenty two years ago, these humanitarian workers were murdered by the Castro regime and for 22 years their families have sought justice,” DeSantis said on Wednesday. “Failing to hold Raúl Castro accountable for his role in the premeditated murder of these brave men only serves as a message to our enemies that their crimes will go unchallenged.”

“Thankfully, the Obama apology tour is over and President Donald Trump has demonstrated a resolve to restore justice to the Cuban people,” DeSantis added. “Today, we urge the Trump administration to indict Raúl Castro for his role in this heinous attack and to make clear that the Castro crime syndicate is not immune from consequence.”

DeSantis held a National Security Subcommittee on the incident last month. 


This guy is starting to sound as dumb as Trump more and more everyday...

Trump is awsome Desantis looking for whats right in many thing better wake up!!

Desantis sucks! he recently looked like an idiot on live TV during the voluntary questioning of an FBI agent. It was all for show, the agent rarely got a chance to answer a question. Beyond that, on the indictment of 12 Russians, they spoke of a congressman who did the same thing as Trump to beat his opponent. He is corrupt and I can't wait to see him lose! The

Desantis does suck!! Nothing more to say!

"Starting" ???

If the government which preceded Castro hadn't been so corrupt, and herded all wealth to the 1% and treated most of Cuba's poor like serfs, Castro and his little brother would never have come to power in the first place. We are repeating their example here. We even have their sugar plantations.


You need more than left wing talking points and Communust class warfare to address that situation it you get ... your silly interpretation. And in any case, that was 60 years ago. It does not dress today.

Well said, even thought the UN Statistical Yearbook for 1957 shows that Cuba had huge TV, radio, auto ownership and a GDP about as big as Japan and some European countries. It's unclear whether Fidel Castro's rise to power would have occurred if it were not for Batista's seizure of power, because Batista took power by force just because he trailed in polls of the scheduled Cuban presidential elections in 1952.

Oh darn just when I was mobilizing the Claude Kirk Army to support DeSantis he goes and pulls a bone headed pandering stunt like this. 1997? Are you serious? Do you really think Cuban Americans are so stupid they wont see that you sat on your hands for 20* years then pull this bone headed stunt out of your butt around "elect me for Governor" time? Did Little Marco tell you to do this? I'm putting my Army behind Opie Putnam now. I do not care if Trump does support DeSantis any longer!!! This is just way too much. Ron do not call me about this begging for my support. I'm going to the bar with my new pal Ocean Joe to get drunk and entertain the ladies.

You nailed it.

More Republican nonsense from DeSantis trying to appeal to the Trumpettes in Florida.

Many efforts have been made by the families of the BTTR shootdown victims and some Cuban exiles to have the Castros indicted for the shootdown, but such pleas have fallen on deaf ears, and this letter is likely to be the latest one because Raul is old and might die sooner or later.

So ... DeSantis is really as nutty as Gaetz and Steube? But, hey, this IS "Weird Florida"! Among other weirdnesses, the politicians here are nuttier than fruitcakes ... w-a-y nuttier (including the Trumpnut-In-Chief)!

This stunt just disgraced your Navy JAGC experience. Try supporting Mueller's investigation - the real issue confronting the future of this country.

publicity stunt and vote grab, there is no authority to indict outside of our national aerospace...

Though the action requested is not out of line with previous actions of this nation, BUT calling for this action at this time I would call it a political stunt and pandering.

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