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Rick Scott Leads Bill Nelson in New Poll

July 10, 2018 - 11:45am
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

A new poll shows Gov. Rick Scott with the lead over U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., in what is expected to be one of the most competitive Senate races in the nation. 

Axios and Survey Monkey released a host of state polls, including one looking at Florida, on Tuesday. The polls show Democrats will have a tough time taking control of the Senate come November. 

Scott takes 49 percent with Nelson behind him with 46 percent. 

“It's looking nearly impossible for Democrats to take back the Senate. So the stakes are even higher for them to win the House if they're going to have any kind of congressional check on President Trump,” noted Alexi McCammond from Axios. “ The polls shows three Democratic senators are poised to lose their seats to Republicans — Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Bill Nelson in Florida and Joe Donnelly in Indiana....Democrats would pick up seats in Arizona and Nevada, while Republicans keep their seat in Tennessee.”

Democrats do have a slight edge in enthusiasm in Florida with 53 percent of registered Democrats and those leaning to that party saying they are enthusiastic about voting in November. That compared to 46 percent of Republicans and GOP leaners. Voters outside the major parties with no preference are far less motivated to go to the polls with only 26 percent of them saying they are enthusiastic to vote in November. 

Most voters across the board say they will vote in November with 78 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners and 73 percent of Democrats and Democrat leaners planning to cast ballots. Barely half of voters outside the major parties with no preference--51 percent--say they plan to vote in November. 

Asked about how important immigration is, 18 percent of those surveyed in Florida say it is a top issue, an increase from an Axios/Survey Monkey poll taken in February and March when 13 percent of those surveyed in Florida said it was a top issue. 

A majority of those surveyed in Florida--60 percent--say they support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which is down from 68 percent back in the February/March poll. 

Almost half of Floridians--48 percent--say the economy is better than it was last year which is almost no change from the February/March poll when 49 percent said that. 

A slight majority of Floridians--53 percent--back the tax reform law supported by President Donald Trump, almost no change from the February/March poll which had 52 percent supporting the tax reform law. 

The poll of 1,080 registered voters in Florida was taken from June 11-July 2 and had a margin of error of +/- 5 percent. 


I wil vote for Bill Nelson. Rick Scott has ruined Florida and is the worst governor Florida has ever had. Twenty years ago our Indian River Lagoon was beautiful aqua blue and today it is muddy brown because of Scott's environmental policies. Please take a long look at his other policies and how they have negatively affected Floridians. Also look up the biggest health care fraud case by Columbia/HCA of which Scott was CEO. Bill Nelson's record is a good one so it is an easy decision for me. Vote Bill Nelson

Rick Scott is a criminal. His company oversaw the largest Medicare Fraud in US history. He has used his governors position to sign policies benefiting his personal wealth. His environmental policies of gutting Florida's DEP & cutting the budget for water management by $700 million have devastated Florida's environment.. He cut 1.3 billion from funding Florida's education. As a result Florida schools rank 28th nationally. Quite possibly the worst governor in Florida history.

I try to make or change my viewpoint on various issues by understanding facts more than listening to other viewpoints. Look at facts gathered by qualified people who know the difference between a fact and an opinion. Florida's growth and prosperity graph overall has been moving upward. We are on the right track in this state. There is just no denying that FACT. I'll be voting for Rick Scott for Senator. When you have a leader with a proven record, you never disrupt or change that momentum. That is stupid thinking. Ron Desantis is the best choice for Governor because we have his U.S. Representative record to view for our selves. Hopefully, Ron Desantis will continue what he is doing for the U.S. now when he gets to Florida by flushing out Florida swamp dwellers. We can't expect a different Florida when we continue to elect the same incompetent leaders...Sheriff Israel comes to mind....

I quote from an article in Politico: “Any politician who thinks they can alienate over two-thirds of the voting public and win, is kidding themselves,” Stephani Scruggs Bowen told me. She’s the wife of Michael Bowen, who uses medical marijuana to treat his epilepsy and was one of the plaintiffs who sued to overturn the legislature’s ban on smokable marijuana. Stephani Bowen served as Trump’s Florida director of field operations in 2016. “Rick Scott has been a great governor, but if he wants to beat Bill Nelson, he needs to obey the Constitution … and stop trying to get in between a doctor and his or her patients.” Mr. Scott is using taxpayer dollars to fight against the will of 71% of the voters. I will vote for Mr. Nelson.

i support Mr.Rick Scott for Senate.

Didn't realize there were so many LEFTISTS in Florida. It's so sad --- all the 'crats have to offer is a faster movement to a Communist America!

Are county and economy is booming unemployment is at its lowest since 2000 factories are opening back up more people are making more money and less relient on SNAP and thats thanks to republicans and our awesome president alot better than that POS obama so its simple if your want our country to keep booming vote Republican because if it wasn't for them we would be in a recession when Obama was president or Vote with so far out in the left demacraps we will have no immagration enforcement ,ICE sanctuary tents and cites everywhere gay and transvestites as representatives and socialism witch is a walk to communism what do you think the Nazi SS party was a socialist movement witch took gun away from there citizen's just like what the demacraps want to do and repal the 2nd Amendment So if u want a strong economy and country and our constitutional rights like owing guns without unconstitutional gun control like we saw in the Obama era so unless u want our economy and unemployment to go ski high again and have our 2nd Amendment constently attacked vote for the wacked out socialist,transvestites running the country vote for demacraps Keep our country and economy moving the direction it is now along with gun rights without useless gun control vote Republican Because i am along with rick scott and desantis or putnam because i will never vote for a demacrap i think there should be a demacratic purge once a year Go rick scott beat that old useless demacrap Desanitis or putnam put a whopping on that graham we didn't like her dad or her other family that ran for office this is a republican state when it comes to being govenor and running Tallahassee we throw demacraps in the everglades

more dark money...

After Labor Day, the crypt will slowly open and the cadaverous senior senator will emerge, like old-timey politicians who have always spared us endless campaign seasons. He will do a set of chin ups, and then commence to beat Ricky like a drum. But he IS at a disadvantage: he doesn't have any worn out police cars to give away.

This is one time for common sense, credibility, and character - over time. Scott is essentially the flim/flam man he has always been, and Florida is worse off because of it. Bill Nelson... intelligent, steady, thoughtful, and working for years for Florida and all Floridians (mostly). Scott has tied himself to Trump. Florida and this country require a conscience and dedicated public servant, not a Texas transplant and hustler.

Good try but no dice. You are wrong on all counts regarding Scott in Florida. Dems, supported by their biased media are trying their best to drum up support for a flipping House and Senate. Won’t happen: wait, watch and see.

Not a single Democrat deserves to win any seat in any state in this election--OR EVER! I know that won't happen, but those stupid lemmings don't deserve anything except to be CRUSHED in a RED WAVE in November and never ever come back from it.

Scott has outspent Nelson 10-1 and that is all he has to show? Wait until the debates where Nelson will rip Scott apart...……….. And such a target rich environment on Scott as his anti people record comes in focus...……..Plus Trump's name, the economy will be mud by the election proving repubs are fiscally and morally bankrupt.

Jerry, you and your fellow democrats refuse to face the true facts. . .. which is why you were so shocked when Trump won. . . . . .and is also why you will probably be shocked when Scott wins. Go Scott!!!

The best thing about Scott winning his Senate race is that the damage he will be able to continue to do to Florida will be minimized. He's one worthless carpetbagger!

Rick Scott belongs in jail for Medicare fraud.

Yessiree! Two of his top executives went to prison ... but ChromeDome somehow escaped!

Innocence helps, but your bias will out

so does taking the 5th 75 times to avoid self-incrimination... I do it all the time, haha

Thats it? Are there any other choices?

Those people who are politically-savvy take MANY things into account. Those who do not just wander through life, wondering what happened. Bill Nelson has been a Democrat for so long, he doesn't even comprehend that this party has migrated to a fairly pure Socialist belief set. From a 50,000-foot level, most of this article is based on "Polls" alone... not how voters will REALLY vote come November. Rick Scott is a businessman with a well-rounded experience ( both business AND politics). Nelson has never really Had a real job, other than being a Professional Politician. He likely did a reasonable job in Washington in his "early years" in Washington... but he has grown politically LAZY for quite a few years. It is time for him to be replaced by a real American who has done a lot as Governor of Florida and is "Constitutionally aware" of the direction that America MUST go to stay the best country on Earth. Watch carefully how Nelson votes to support our Supreme Court candidate.

Did you forget that Nelson was a captain in the US Army, a NASA astronaut, brokered the first of its kind anti-computer fraud legislation in Florida, initiated growth management laws in Florida? I guess the old adage that those who don't read, don't learn applies to the unlearned opinion writer.

Astronaut? PUL-EASE... he boondoggled his way to a "free ride" from NASA. He's no "Astronaut".

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