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Don’t Believe What Pollsters Say about the Gun Control Views of NRA Members

July 3, 2018 - 2:00pm
Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer

Time and again national pollsters insist on reporting how NRA members and other gun owners feel about gun control.  Don’t believe a word of it.  

None of these pollsters has access to NRA’s membership list. NRA strictly protects its membership list and doesn’t give it to mainstream media types, pollsters, solicitors or anyone else.  It is a private list and always has been. Anyone who claims to have access to NRA’s membership list is not telling the truth.

Pollsters simply ask people they survey if they are NRA members or gun owners. However, they have absolutely no way to determine whether the information they get is accurate. So despite their claims, they can’t accurately say how NRA members or gun owners feel about gun control.

In gun control polls conducted by national pollsters, it is folly to believe that gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership, gun ownership, or their views on gun control.  NRA members and gun owners aren’t inclined to share their personal information with people they don’t know.  

No one wants to be put on any kind of list of gun owners and that absolutely applies to lists created by pollsters for anti-gun clients.

It is folly to believe gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership or gun ownership.  It is even folly to believe the majority of people, whose privacy is interrupted by a pollster, tell pollsters the truth about anything.  

The media love to cite national polls that claim NRA members and gun owners support gun control. That’s because they’re trying to push a gun control narrative, and the “poll results” fit their political narrative. But that doesn’t make it true. 

The only legitimate poll of NRA members ever done was a national scientific survey commissioned by NRA. It surveyed 1,000 randomly-selected NRA members across the country and found that NRA members are united on today’s issues. 

  • 92 percent oppose banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 92 percent oppose background checks on the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 89 percent oppose banning so-called “assault weapons.”
  • 93 percent oppose gun registration.
  • 91 percent SUPPORT laws to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illnesses.

That is the only legitimate survey of NRA members in existence. It was conducted to expose the bevy of pollsters reporting false survey results.

NRA members and other law-abiding gun owners know better than to believe anything they read, see or hear in the mainstream media about NRA membership views or gun owner views on gun control. You should too.

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida. She represents both organizations in Florida.


Thnaks for psoting Linda. So suicides and accidents are the reason america has the HIGEST per capita gun violence rate in the industrialized world then? Thats an interesting statistic. i'm going to check out your claim. thanks for sharing.

Robert Warner points to an article in "Rolling Stone" (have to DROP the last "/" to get it). What a piece of pure allegations and "beliefs" of Russian help to the NRA! The article has a FLAIR of "so-and-so BELIEVEs" all kinds of crap. I guess that the writer, Tim Dickenson, is a real piece of work. The point is, even if PARTS of this POS were true, they are genuine "so what" points. Little Timmy likely got paid a lot of money that likely came through George Soros...

Difficult to understand your point with regards to gun polls. However we do know that the NRA is coming under increasing scrutiny from the american population. I'm happy to discuss this if you can be polite. Thanks for sharing.

ochwill - the only ones "scrutinizing the NRA are the mental defects aka Liberals/SJW's/Democrats. They are not real Americans. Real Americans understand the stance the NRA takes and we back them. Case in point look how many non-gun owning citizens joined the NRA simply to protect or Constitution and our rights thanks to it. You see the ones you are talking about do not count as Americans so their opinion doesn't matter to real Americans. I will say it again I would rather have the NRA then turn my guns in and become another Jewish victim of the New and Improved American Nazi's.

“Real American?” Please.

"Tampaguy" - for further info on Russian money and the NRA, you might like these links. Dream on while the country goes down the tubes.,

Robert Warner - You are very fond of those articles so may I ask why you do not post this with it? I know its hard to digest but the real sellout isn't or wasn't President Trump but of Obama and Clinton.

Read it, and other articles associated with it. It's irrelevant - and an attempt to avoid/obscure the issue with NRA and Russian money leading to a Trump presidency and it's national security consequences. Have a human name, by the way?

More guns, please. Please make sure the crazy people get theirs too. And, Santa, could you bring me an assault rifle this year?

Ocean Joe - Too funny dude!

Assault rifles are select-fire and illegal in the USA unless you get a Federal permit.

Actually if you check the facts your so called crazy people that perpetuate mass shootings are mostly liberal Democrats research it for yourself ......

Bailen. I'm sorry. What are you suggesting exactly with your clam?

Hey OCHAWILT ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15?One more question, Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above platforms and can it be fired in a indoor range.No I do not respect your service until you answer a few questions OF MY OWN. I am a Gunnersmate Senior Chief GMCS USN last ship BB64 WISKY.

Except traditionally it's always been the liberals who didn't want psychiatric records shared because it would stigmatize those poor people........

Every astute Patriot knows better than to believe in fake news or fake polls, especially after Hillary's reliance on them thinking she was cruising to victory when she wasn't. She may be a dolt, but NRA members aren't.

Ok. You don't like Hillary Clinton. Got it. Thanks for sharing your opinion. IMHO, the problem with this NRA person's claims are that she fails to note that most pollsters citing gun opinion polls don't rely on NRA membership to post their results. Gun opinion polls are showing increasing concern about america's gun violence problem (and we have one). We still have the highest per capita gun violence rate of any industrialized nation. And the reason for that is that we have weak gun safety legislation. Trigger locks, locked storage, gun safety classes for buyers(mandatory), bans on infantry style high capacity magazine rifles, bump stocks and universal background checks reduce gun violence. The NRA opposes virtually all of those things and it uses PAC and campaign donations and lobbying to keep its senators and congressmen and state legislators in line with its priorities. Unfortaunately, its just impossible to disassociate the NRAs efforts to block this kind of safety legislation from a large source of the NRA's funding, gun and ammo manufacturers. American gun safety training for the average gun owners is virtually non existent. The NRAs safety and training courses help but a lot of that is for police and law enforcement. The NRA needs to disassociate itself from gun and ammo manufacturers if it wants to regain some of its lost credibility and it needs to cease the political rhetoric and honestly address america's gun violence problem. We have 300 million guns. And we have the worst gun violence rate per capita of any industrialized nation. And that not okay.

Hey OCHAWILT ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15?One more question, Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above platforms and can it be fired in a indoor range.No I do not respect your service until you answer a few questions OF MY OWN. I am a Gunnersmate Senior Chief GMCS USN last ship BB64 WISKY.

Really? A quiz??

ochwill - Do you even have a clue what you are saying when you say the NRA needs to "distance itself from ammo and other companies, etc"? The NRA is the only thing standing between the USA becoming another Germany. Why do you think Germany fell? Their people did as the government instructed and handed in their guns and the rest is history. I know history isn't everyones thing but it is for real Americans who don't want to see history repeat itself. Now if you spend your energy helping gun owners and the NRA instead of bashing them you would have backing because while your ideas are sound your method of getting them accomplished is poorly executed. The NRA doesn't force anyone to join them or buy a gun and cannot be held accountable for their fighting t protect those that respect the ownership of a gun and the laws surrounding that ownership.

Thanks for your comments. If, a gun non profit that used to be a hunting and safety club accepts money from gun and ammo manufacturers whose goal is increased gun sales (and it is like any for profit industry), then the NRA has a conflict of interest. Right? And if that non profit prevents legislation as often as it can requiring safety training, mandatory trigger lock, universal gun registration or the banning of high capacity magazines or infantry rifles how else can that be interpreted. Preventing gun safety laws makes it easier to sell guns and ammo. We have aout 340 million guns. And our gun violence rate exceeds that of all the industrialized nations. We need to lobby our politicians to give the ATF the funding to track gun sales and registration if we are going to address the gun violence problem caused by illegal guns, which is a common claim of the nRA. If illegal gun owners are the problem, why aren't we chasing down gun dealers and traffickers whose guns consistently show up at crime scenes. And if 62% of gun deaths are suicides why wouldn't we want mandatory trigger locks and separate storage of ammo to make it more difficult to use a gun on themself in a monet of emotional depression. Sometimes suicides become homicide/suicides. In fact many mass murderers do this.The NRA needs to help not hinder tracking of guns and enacting common sense gun safety .

You are very correct. Hillary started believing her own lies that she told her liberal mass media to perpetuate for her! What a fool she was & is. And prematurely celebrating her victory the night of her loss was hilarious. Talk about delusional.

You are very correct. Hillary started believing her own lies that she told her liberal mass media to perpetuate for her! What a fool she was & is. And prematurely celebrating her victory the night of her loss was hilarious. Talk about delusional.

Why won’t Ms Hammer stand up for all gun owners rights, including those with medical marijuana cards?!!? We have to give up one right to gain the other. The silence is deafening!

Constitutional - what are you smoking? Never mind I see what. Now explain what pot has to do with gun ownership please. Enlighten me as to how you could possible think the NRA would protect pot in any form? Is it a gun or gun related? Me thinks you are smoking up the wrong tree sweetie.

Obviously you haven't filled out a form 4473 lately or you wouldn't have made such an uniformed response. Federal law doesn't recognize state medical marijuana laws as being legal. ATF is federal and as such this preclusion is now clearly stated on the Form 4473 when you purchase a gun from a FFL dealer. The OP you responded to was correct in his statement. He has to give up one right for another.

Now about that Russian money donated to the NRA.....

Robert Warner - Your trolling is done here. Go look up the Clinton/Obama sale to Russia where they sold our nuclear weapons. Then look up how that money never reached the USA but went right into Clinton and Obama pockets. Then ask your Fake News Trumped up story questions so I can shoot you out of the water again dear one.

Have at it.

Rolling Stone? Give me a break. The National Inquirer has more journalistic integrity.


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