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Bill Posey Joins Carlos Curbelo, Ted Deutch Climate Solutions Caucus

June 27, 2018 - 4:00pm
Carlos Curbelo, Bill Posey and Ted Deutch
Carlos Curbelo, Bill Posey and Ted Deutch

The Climate Solutions Caucus--which is led by two South Florida congressmen--continues to grow with six new members this week including a conservative Florida Republican jumping on board. 

Founded by U.S. Reps. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., and Ted Deutch, D-Fla., at the start of 2016, the Climate Solutions Caucus defines it mission as “to educate members on economically-viable options to reduce climate risk and to explore bipartisan policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate.

Curbelo and Deutch announced six new members joined this week bringing the caucus to 84 members. U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., joined the caucus this week. So did U.S. Reps. Brett Guthrie, R-Ky., Lynn Jenkins, R-Ks., Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., Robert Scott, D-Va., and John Yarmuth, D-Ky.

“Now 84 Members strong, the Climate Solutions Caucus is evidence there is a growing, diverse, and bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress willing to put partisan stereotypes aside to work toward meaningful solutions to the challenges posed by sea level rise and climate change,” Curbelo said on Wednesday. “We have a responsibility to our constituents and future generations to present a united front to combat anti-climate policies and to have a productive, fact-based dialogue about market-oriented solutions, investments, and innovations that could mitigate the effects of climate change and make our nation more resilient. By joining the Caucus, new Members are showing a willingness to answer the call of their constituents and be a part of the solution to this issue.”

“Climate change is an urgent global issue with severe local ramifications,” Deutch said. “As more and more Americans face the impacts of climate change, they are demanding action from Congress. I welcome these new members to our Caucus and look forward to finding bipartisan solutions to address the effects of climate change facing communities across our country.”

Besides the two founders and Posey, there are five other members of the Florida delegation in the caucus:  Republican U.S. Reps. Matt Gaetz, Brian Mast and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Democrats U.S. Reps. Charlie Crist and Stephanie Murphy.


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THIS is ALL about "gathering media ink" before election day in November: THAT political effort is relentless in order for the pettifoggers to "stay attached to the "Government Mammary" for another term of empty promises and even more disappointments by these fakers... WAKE UP VOTERS ! ! ! ***You should also know that Carlos Curbelo is a regular recipient of George Soros' "Regular ongoing Payroll" along with John "Songbird" McCain, Marco Rubio, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, and Ohio Governor John Kaysich. THIS is exactly what Soros does: If you've been paying any attention at all, you recently learned that Soros was also "generously" financing the campaigns of multiple Liberal Democrat candidates' for State's Attorneys General... Soros is a "spoiler" always intent upon bringing down governments (something he has been doing all around the globe since WWII ).

The naysayers can call it whatever they want ... but the world is clearly becoming more and more polluted ... and the likelihood that Florida coastal communities are going to be flooded out in the relatively near future is becoming greater and greater. The only two choices are ... be reactive ... or ... be proactive.

So you drank the Al Gore Kool Aid. You remember Al, Right? The climate change alarmist who predicted coastal flooding in the near future then went our and bought a home on the ocean. News Flash: Global Warming is a HOAX!

And, of course, these climate geniuses are going to stop volcanoes from spewing more toxins into the atmosphere than humans can produce in 10,000 years. (Hope they don't find out Antarctica is getting colder.) If we use their rationale, we can extrapolate that we are now in a period of global cooling.

Go view Youtube to see the fake and farce that climate change is. See Lord Monckton who has decimated idiot climate change spinners. Purely shameful that 84 US Representatives are so ignorant.

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