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Don’t Believe What Pollsters Say about the Gun Control Views of NRA Members

July 3, 2018 - 2:00pm
Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer

Time and again national pollsters insist on reporting how NRA members and other gun owners feel about gun control.  Don’t believe a word of it.  

None of these pollsters has access to NRA’s membership list. NRA strictly protects its membership list and doesn’t give it to mainstream media types, pollsters, solicitors or anyone else.  It is a private list and always has been. Anyone who claims to have access to NRA’s membership list is not telling the truth.

Pollsters simply ask people they survey if they are NRA members or gun owners. However, they have absolutely no way to determine whether the information they get is accurate. So despite their claims, they can’t accurately say how NRA members or gun owners feel about gun control.

In gun control polls conducted by national pollsters, it is folly to believe that gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership, gun ownership, or their views on gun control.  NRA members and gun owners aren’t inclined to share their personal information with people they don’t know.  

No one wants to be put on any kind of list of gun owners and that absolutely applies to lists created by pollsters for anti-gun clients.

It is folly to believe gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership or gun ownership.  It is even folly to believe the majority of people, whose privacy is interrupted by a pollster, tell pollsters the truth about anything.  

The media love to cite national polls that claim NRA members and gun owners support gun control. That’s because they’re trying to push a gun control narrative, and the “poll results” fit their political narrative. But that doesn’t make it true. 

The only legitimate poll of NRA members ever done was a national scientific survey commissioned by NRA. It surveyed 1,000 randomly-selected NRA members across the country and found that NRA members are united on today’s issues. 

  • 92 percent oppose banning the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 92 percent oppose background checks on the sale of firearms between private citizens.
  • 89 percent oppose banning so-called “assault weapons.”
  • 93 percent oppose gun registration.
  • 91 percent SUPPORT laws to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illnesses.

That is the only legitimate survey of NRA members in existence. It was conducted to expose the bevy of pollsters reporting false survey results.

NRA members and other law-abiding gun owners know better than to believe anything they read, see or hear in the mainstream media about NRA membership views or gun owner views on gun control. You should too.

Marion P. Hammer is past president of the National Rifle Association and executive director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida. She represents both organizations in Florida.


You gun hating, flaming liberals just can't stand the truth. The only thing you believe in is attacking those who don't drink your Kool-aid

Marion sets up a beautiful straw man argument here to sucker in the rubes. Like you. Having an intelligent discussion about gun violence in america is actually nothing to fear, contrary to the emotions your comment reveals. America's gun violence per capita is 25 times higher than the average of ALL the world's industrialized nations. Even someone as ignorant as you should understand that and why you don't already know it tells me you're either mentally lazy or just a hater. Hammers letter is a great exercise in casting doubt on national polls HOWEVER most of the polls that indicate a majority of americans want common sense gun safety legislation (and there are a lot of them) don't ask or want to know if people responding are bra members or not. But Hammer'sletter does show the ignorance and hatred at the core of this vile organization focussed on upping the gun sales for its true backers, the gun and ammo industry. Hey Hammer. I'm glad business is bad for your backers. Cheers clown.

"America's gun violence per capita is 25 times higher than the average of ALL the world's industrialized nations." Citation please.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Get off your mommies tit and move out of her basement. Find out real facts. Stop watch CNN. You are a loser.

Sorry I couldn't fnd any"argument"in your post. You throw out some insults and then offer nothing to counter the arguments I made. Which in a debate, means you've already lost. IF, you have the intellect and knowledge to counter any of the arguments I made in the post I mentioned, I'll still be willing to interact. But I don't resort to name calling on these discussion boards.

Hey ochwill - The only people who can have an intelligent conversation about guns are legit gun owners and those who belong to the NRA and other gun groups. Its the putz's who have never shot or held a gun who whine/cry/get pissed about better gun laws when in fact we have some of the strongest gun laws in the world but the problem is the liberals and democrats tear them down making them useless to enforce so we end up looking like we have weak laws when in fact we have corrupt and weak putz's in our government. Clean the slime out of government aka Liberals and Democrats and guess what everyone will see our gun laws on the books truly do work when mental defects stop screwing them up. We don't need more gun laws we need to purge our government of the corruption that hinders not helps the citizens.

The only people Lets put this disagreement argument to rest right now so we can talk. I'm a former US Marine Corps infantry officer. IMHO this isn't about liberals or democrats. Its about common sense gun safety laws and the NRA. Are you aware that the NRA has blocked funding through its lobbying for the ATF to have a modern gun computer tracking system. The ATF can't even tell where trafficked guns are coming from. If we want to stop illegal gun trafficking, so criminals don't have guns, that would be a good place to start. I appreciate your claim that NRA members are especially prepared to discuss gun violence. However, its important as an nra member one understand our gun violence problem And we definitely have one. 95 people will get shot and die today (an average). 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides. There are a lot of children who pick up a gun and shoot themselves or someone else. We need common sense gun safety laws like trigger locks and separate ammo storage . These laws have worked in other nations that don't have anywhere near the per capita gun violence rate we do. The NRA opposes these types of laws and lobbies our politicians to ensure they don't support these laws. NRA members may be responsible gun owners but a lot of gun owners are lax in their observance of gun safety. if they weren't our death rate from guns wouldn't be so high relative to other modern western nations )or modern asian ones). Lastly, I'm glad you're a proud NRA member. But looking at the organization is important. Why do they mock and taunt gun violence survivors? Why do they have a convicted gun trafficker (oliver North) as their president. Yes I know the conviction was overturned but still. really? There are a lot of gun violence statistics avalable at #MArchForOurLives website and #NoRANOw. If you read that information its possible you'll understand what people see as the problem with our gun culture and the NRAs blocking of gun safety legislation. No offense. Finally, all citizens get to have input on guns and the law, not just gun owners . There are extremists on both sides. Thanks for reading my comment. Cheers.

ochwill - Well stated but full of flaws. I am afraid to tell you but even with a tracker program illegally obtained guns of any way will never be able to be tracked. You cant track a gun from Mexico or any other country if that country doesn't use the same tracking as you do. Look how we cant track the backgrounds of refugees or illegals because they are not on any data base and people will say registering people illegal. We do have guns tracked as it is have you forgotten the background and 3 day waiting it takes to get a gun legally. Every gun sold legally is traceable so if stolen or sold under the table once taken from a criminal it will be traced back to the one who bought.So no Tracking programs is not the way to go and is against the citizens. So you would like to be put into a database that our corrupt government will have and can use against you. I think not and Thank you NRA for shooting that retarded idea out of the ball park.

Yup. The Supreme Court has blocked universal gun registration and the NRA is opposed. I get that but disagree. But thanks for sharing. ALOT of the guns involved in Mexico violence come from the US. We don't know who is selling them in the US. People often cite chicago gun violence, which is associated with a certain sector of our society . But Illinois has strict gun laws and OVERALL, Illinois has pretty LOW gun violence statistics as a star. So gun safety laws DO work. We know that guns are moving from states with weak gun safety laws to states with strong gun safety laws and that criminals get their hands on them. The ATF cannot track this without adequate computer resources. Rght now they have analog records recorded in digital field which means its very hard to find the gun traffickers. There are 15,000 licensed gun dealers and yet a few years ago, 7 dealers were convicted of breaking the law. So, where do all these guns for criminals come from? They are either coming from licensed gun dealers engaged in trafficking or sales to criminals w/o a record, OR by private sellers who have NO requirement to report the sale. SO, as the law is currently interpreted, its just a gun battle. We need our guns to defend ourselves against criminals, and because we won't enact gun law enforcement measures like funding the ATF , the flow of guns to criminals remains unchecked. Seems problematic to me. And at the end of the day, we still have about 62 suicides or homicide/suicides daily. Abused women are frequently shot. The guns used in many of the mass murders were legally purchased by the individual or a ember of their family. We have a gun violence problem. we're not really fixing it and the NRA is helping to block gun safety legislation. There appears to be a conflict of interest as the NRA gets money from gun manufacturers. Its a problem.

Hey OCHAWILT ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15?One more question, Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above platforms and can it be fired in a indoor range.No I do not respect your service until you answer a few questions OF MY OWN. I am a Gunnersmate Senior Chief GMCS USN last ship BB64 WISKY.

Typical of an anti-gun argument. You throw out a BS stat that you make up, then base your whole argument on it.....and then throw in some name calling for good measure. Not too hard to figure out who is mentally lazy and a hater!! is great, thank you very much.

Unlike you dumbass, I actually study gun violence in america. Come back when you learn how to think rationally and post politely. Until then, you're blocked stupid.

Hey OCHAWILT ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15?One more question, Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above platforms and can it be fired in a indoor range.No I do not respect your service until you answer a few questions OF MY OWN. I am a Gunnersmate Senior Chief GMCS USN last ship BB64 WISKY.

ochwill - While I truly thank you for your service and protecting this country I have to question your motives. Take Chicago and Detroit and CA as examples. All have very tight gun laws yet have the highest gun violence in the USA possibly the world why is that? Could it be because they are run by Liberals/Democrats? Can you see a pattern? I am not aware of but will research how many States/Cities that are run by Independents or Republicans or anyone not of the Liberal/Democrat mental defect state of mind. I am betting not one of them have as high a gun issue as those run by Democrats/Liberals. So take the focus off the gun and laws and put it where it should be...on the ones who run those States/Cities. Do you follow my line of thinking now ochwill?

Hey OCHAWILT ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15?One more question, Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above platforms and can it be fired in a indoor range.No I do not respect your service until you answer a few questions OF MY OWN. I am a Gunnersmate Senior Chief GMCS USN last ship BB64 WISKY.

ochwill is a troll who doesn't know an AR15 from an M16. True marines fight for our freedom not throw it away.

You're an idiot

Hey Anomie ? What is the difference between a M9 and a M11. A M4 is what? a M16 can do what compared to an AR 15.One more question Green tip AA40 can be fired by which of the above weapons.

Comments made by "Anonymous" come from a deeply psychotic person who presents as a Very Frightened and Uneducated Child. S/He need councilling badly, could do bodily harm to self or others...

ActuallyI'm a former US Marines infantry officer and I have a BS and an MS degree. I was the OIC of a Pacific Fleet championship marksmanship team one year and was a shooting member of that team. We beat a team captained by a Camp Perry national champion. And I have the gold medals to prove it. The fact that you don't want to even discuss america's gun violence problem is an indication you've not researched the facts or understand how bad the problem is and why. You have yet to post a single intelligent remark. Come back when you want to talk logically. Im happy to discuss things politely. Cheers

I spent 27 years in the Marines, Vietnam Vet, Helo Door Gunner, taught Aerial Gunnery, and US Army Airborne Infantry. I have 575 parachute jumps, and the titanium prosthetic knees to prove it. I retired as the Pathfinder/ Jump Master school Branch Chief. I am also a sworn LEO since 1975. I don't see it as a Gun Violence problem, per se. It is much more of a Behavioral Control problem, brought on by a total lack of parenting abilities, and letting TV, and video games, do the baby sitting, and teaching our children life skills. The millennials, in most cases have never been taught, Accountability, Consequences for actions (both good and bad), Self Control, work ethic, nor Responsibility. These kids have been spoiled by Political Correctness, Participation awards, extremely Violent video games (where they can reset lives, and nothing is permanent). These are the real problems, which due to the media's sensationalism, we have been fed a steady stream of so-called Gun Violence, because "If it bleeds, it leads" policy. Nowhere will you read about how many acts of violence, were thwarted by an armed citizen, because that is exactly what the Anti Gun media will allow to be printed, or disseminated to the average person on the street. I know this, because I teach Engagement Skills to the US Military, and Law Enforcement agencies, and have for the last 21 years, to include OIF, and OEF tours. I participated in the On The Spot Correction of Desert Storm, while still active. I know that we (USA) have more Gun Laws, than we know what to do with. If ANY of these laws had been enforced, most of these criminal actions could not have occurred, because the stains that committed these horrendous, cowardly atrocities, wouldn't have been able to acquire the weapons used. We can continue this at a later time, because it is 03:17hrs, and I have to work later in the morning. My email is: Have a good day, Sir!

This person wants to have an intelligent sit down conversation and starts by name calling those he would try to convince of any thing. this is why those who choose to protect themselves and family, as well this nation. won't ever get anywhere around the likes of you who have the idea that someone else can or will protect this country or it's citizens. and if the world wants to give in to the thought that their governments will/can protect them let him and those like him who like it MOVE, while you still can. cause if enough of your kind move there those governments will close the gates. hope you enjoy your holiday that in sure you had no part in.

So why do you limit your stats to industrial nations? Why are you focusing on gun violence? Your arguments and their supporting evidence are flawed from the start.

Whats flawed about recognizing america has a gun violence problem and that modern nations like the UK, Germany, Japan the nations of scandinavia and other industrialized nations have very low gun violence statistics. I'm talking about gun violence because the NRA has figured strongly, since 1968 when LBJ proposed gun legislation that the NRA helped block, to reduce gun violence. we have a serious gun violence problem including mass murders we don't see going on to this degree in other industrialized nations. Those are the facts and theres nothing wrong with the logic of that argument. Feel free to rebut. I'm happy to discuss politely.

So NRA members are now rubes? Seems to me the rubes are the screaming snowflakes who are still upset their queen lost when all the polls, news media, so called experts, late night comedian's etc were gloating that Trump had zero chance of winning more than a handful of electoral votes. Get this through your head, there is no gun show loophole. There is almost zero support for a modern sporting rifle ban among gun owners. The AR15 was never designed solely for hunting humans. The AR15 can not fire 100 rounds in 3 seconds. The term ghost gun is another made up leftist word like assault weapons. Thirty round magazines are not high capacity. Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was an arrogant woman who thought she deserved it and failed to campaign in several states she thought were in tbr bag for her.

30 round magazines are not high capacity?? Wow. I'm sorry but your post is more of a rant than a comment IMHO. The magazine comment is pretty far out there big guy. I know there is a lot of emotion out there about guns in america but I think honesty is an important component of rational discussion. Modern infantry style rifles like the Ar are lightweight , shoulder fired semi automatic weapons designed for the modern battlefield and are capable of putting out a lot of rounds very quickly. They have featured in numerous mass murders in america. America has the worst gun violence problem of all the industrialized nations by a large degree. That is a foundation on how we can as americans find a way to reduce that. I'm happy to discuss that with you if you can be polite and not post stuff like 30 round magazines are not high capacity magazines. I hope you can. If not, we won't be able to discuss the problem, which is americas out of control gun violence problem. 95 americans will die today. A lot of them will be suicides and accidents. Want to talk?

"Modern infantry style rifles like the Ar are lightweight , shoulder fired semi automatic weapons designed for the modern battlefield and are capable of putting out a lot of rounds very quickly." There goes the claim that he was a USMC officer.

Not really 'high-capacity', not at all. "High-capacity" is in the 40+ range. Seriously, magazines with 20-30 rounds have been in "common use" (a long-standing legal precedence for not banning something) for automatic and semi-automatic firearms since the early 1900s. There was a time where freedom existed so greatly that any man with $90 in his pocket could stroll into a hardware store and walk out 30 seconds later with a full-auto Thompson SMG, boasting a 50-round magazine. Now we can't buy a pink bolt-action, single-shot .22LR rifle without background checks, waiting periods, "red flag" laws, and registration in some municipalities. Also, the AR-15 was a rifle first sold on the civilian market for a full year before the US military finally adopted it. It was called the "Sporter" and sold as a hunting rifle with a 20-round standard magazine. That was about 1965. That means that the AR-15 has been in civilian hands for over 50 years. I can't say why it's all of a sudden being used in so many mass-shootings more than it was before, but the gun hasn't become more deadly nor the magazine become more capacious since it was designed in the 50s. Therefore, something else must have changed. Those 95 Americans that die today by homicide with the use of a firearm, just remember that 80% of those will be gang/drug related, and that 0.9 of them will be killed with any kind of rifle (AR-15, AK-47, bolt-action hunting rifle, etc.). This AR-15 that you so obviously malign will be used to kill fewer people this year than hammers are. The handgun is by far the most-used murder weapon, and also the most frequently-chosen weapon of the mass-shooter. As far as your statement about the US having the worst 'gun violence' problem of any other industrialized nation, then perhaps you should stop comparing apples to oranges. America is a nation of over 300 million, but you're trying to compare it to another nation of barely 50 million. Comparing America to the whole of Europe, a much closer comparison, will show you that Europe is worse when it comes to gun violence and mass-shootings than the US is year-for-year. I found it by looking it up, and I'm certain you can too. Still want to talk?

I knew if you talked long enough you would expose yourself. The military uses select-fire M16s, not semi-automatic AR15s. Troll.

Statistics compiled by the World Bank for the most recent year available (2012) placed the United States well down the list, behind dozens of other countries, in the rate of intentional homicides. Likewise, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNDOC) study on intentional homicides places the United States as 110th on a list of countries ranked (from highest to lowest) by intentional homicide rate.


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