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Rick Scott Holds Solid Lead Over Bill Nelson in New Poll

June 12, 2018 - 11:30am
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

A new poll shows Gov. Rick Scott with the lead over U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., in what is expected to be one of the most closely watched elections in the country come November

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute released a poll of Florida voters on Tuesday showing Scott with 40 percent while Nelson trials with 34 percent while 8 percent back other candidates and 18 percent remain undecided. Scott’s lead over Nelson in the poll stands outside the margin of error. 

Frank Orlando, the director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute and a political scientist at that university, said the Democrat could be in trouble especially as his organization’s polls have consistently shown Scott ahead. 

"Governor Scott has consistently held an advantage over Senator Nelson in our polling, so the concern from Democrats nationally about losing in Florida is justified,” Orlando said on Tuesday. “Governor Scott has maintained his popularity over the past year, which makes him a formidable opponent for Nelson.”

Orlando also noted that Democrats might not be able to score points by connecting Scott with President Donald Trump.  

“The hope among Democrats is that President Donald Trump's lack of popularity will drag Scott down,” Orlando said. “The issue is that Trump's approval has been in the mid- to upper-40s in Florida for a while. If that rating doesn't drop, it's probably not enough to drag Scott down. Nelson is definitely's still a long way to November."

The poll also shows a majority of those surveyed--59 percent--see Scott’s work in Tallahassee favorably while 33 percent view it unfavorably and 8 percent are not sure. 

The poll of 506 Florida voters was taken from May 25-May 31 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.5 percent. 


Only thing he has ever done is get a free ride: Senator Bill Nelson was known to his Shuttle crewmates as "Congressman Ballast." He got there by political strings, not merit.

I don't like either of them, are there any other choices?

Boy, it's a good thing Florida doesn't have any residents with pre-existing conditions that need to worry about healthcare. Because if it did, Rick Scott would be doomed.

The primaries haven't occurred yet. Why do the media ignore all of the contenders out there? This kind of story is a disservice to our republican process. This is the media picking winners and losers. How about you do your job and report on ALL of the candidates that are running?

"Black may be beautiful" 'IKIA',... BUT "stupid" is forever ! (But, then again: What's the point of being 'stupid' if you can't "display" it....) YOU keep hearing someone isaying "stand up", when they're ACTUALLY saying "SHUT UP"!

Do you EVER have any idea what the hell you're blowing wind about? In your case, the "C Breeze" just brings in more and more aerosolized red tide toxins!

Time to don your shiny spandex suit again "Senator Zippy",... It's "fly away" time for you again, and "space" awaits you...(But don't touch any switches or buttons,... just be quiet and look out the window..! )


New blood in DC as our senator.....I'll accept that. Not a fan of Scott, but Nelson is more show than go.

Think you had best try another pollster. Don't want to blindside your "readers".

"The old he-coon walks just before the light of day." If you're a carpetbagger, look that up so you can see what's going to happen to Durty Ricky. If you're a real Floridian, you already know.

Spend any time in the REAL Floriduh, Joey? Lean a bit further left - you might fall into the Gulf and swim for your life.

As a true-blooded Southerner, I know that with all things, time comes for passing on the sword, even if it’s not to the one preferred...

The old he coon gets mauled by the big dog because he is too old and too senile to defend himself.

The more the partisan Liberals seek to deny the accomplishments that Trump has made, despite their resistance and outright interference becomes apparent with every passing day. These obstructionists have been outted and will incur the wrath of the voters come November. John Q Public now sees through the fake haze at the solid economic GDP growth, vibrant economy, more take home pay, low unemployment, etc, etc and is now realizing we are much better off with a business man rather than a career politician calling the shots. Nelson is an old party hack throwback who has little relevancy let alone credibility in today's political landscape. The fate due a true 'tax and spender'.

You just listed Obama's accomplishments. Traitor Trump has just been made a fool of by a NK Dictator 1/2 his age. Alienated all of our allies for years to come. So much WINNING WE can't stand it! The decline of our Country all on his watch

Don't know how to respond... maybe too much CNN or MSNBC news. You can't see the forest for the tree. Take a look to the Right and check out the rule of law. You just love Professional Politicians...

Don't know how to respond... maybe too much CNN or MSNBC news. You can't see the forest for the tree. Take a look to the Right and check out the rule of law. You just love Professional Politicians...

Can "sum this up" in just ONE WORD: "Barak Hussein Obama" ! (THAT'S where the "decline of our country" ALMOST brought us to our knees ! Thank God for our "Populist" President President Donald J. Trump (no scurvy political Dem/Repub shenanigans "sneaking up" on Trump")..!

Amazing how one can convince and fool oneself as you obviously are doing, very scary. Great atrocities are committed by people who convince themselves they are right in spite of reality.

BocaBoomer you scare the crap out of me. Obviously you do not understand the requirements/qualifications to be a world leader. But then, while the Businessman enhances his OWN businesses, and caters to the dictators, the rest of the world looks in amazement at how for the love of god could US voters elected an idiot like Trump.

And you make me fear for the future of our country. You are blind to the corruption and mismanagement of the previous administration and his liberal cronies and ignore the economic growth and international acumen of the current administration. If you can't see the good things happening, how can you admonish anyone to support something different?

Election was the result of a reaction to the poor quality of leadership provided by the previous president and the potential of having it continue for another 4 years.

IKEA you appear to have a terminal case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Have you considered suicide? You may as well, the way it's going this man might end up on Mt. Rushmore in your lifetime.

Trump is a true whack-job ... as are the partisan uninformed who voted for him and continue to support him! Mueller will ultimately put Herr Drumpf into the history books in exactly the way he should be best remembered ... as a corrupt incompetent!


Scott is the same kind of low-life that Trump is. They can splash around in and share Trump's "New Swamp" in D.C.. At least Scott, Bondi, and crew will be the hell out of Tallahassee!

Scott only runs one of the nations best state economies. But don't let that stop your loonie liberal bias.

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