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Wakanda the Vote!

June 6, 2018 - 12:15pm
Forget Gwen and the men.
It’s Andrew and the Colonizers!
I’m sure everyone has seen “Black Panther,” the 10th highest-grossing movie of all time.
That’s right! With Andrew Gillum being the only African-American in the Democratic Primary, and black voters making up a quarter of the voters, the path to victory for Gillum has gotten wider with the entrance of Jeff Greene.
The more ConservaDems in the primary, fighting over who gets the Republican-lite and moderate Dem votes, the better.
Where is Patrick Murphy? We want him in this race, too!
You see, Graham, Levine, Greene, and Murphy -- if he gets in -- aren’t going to take votes away from Gillum.
They will fight each other over the same crop of voters. Ones who weren’t planning on voting for Gillum anyway. Gillum’s voters, and we know who they are, aren’t voting for the ConservaDem Crew anyway.
Three, maybe four ConservaDems. One African-American progressive?
Wakanda forever!
I don’t care that Levine said he’s leading the African-American voting bloc by 8 points (snicker!).
Everyone thought it was cute that Graham played the woman card.
Notwithstanding the fact that 53 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump even after Hillary Clinton played Spades, Bid Whist, Uno, and Go Fish, using her gender, black women will “Wakanda the Vote.”
How cute is it now that the Black Panther movie theme is going to be our rally cry to the polls?
I believe black women, and men for that matter, will be screaming “Wakanda Forever” for Andrew Gillum!
Come on T’Challa, show them who you are.
I love it!
Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


This is much ado about nothing... let the 5 people vote for Gillum, if he is not indicted by then. He will not get the nomination, ever. They will then either mobilize behind another Dem or they won't. The Repubs are banking that they won't... Good example, Scott doesn't even target the black vote. They are only less than 11% of the electorate in FL, and only less than 5% ever turn out, but look at how many times that cat has been to Puerto Rico pandering for votes, because Hispanics are 25% of the FL pop, so that is substantial considering every other Repub is going to vote for the crook just because he is the red candidate. It's all just simple mathematics...

If it was much ado about nothing, you wouldn’t have responded, but you did. Obama won Florida both times he was on the ballot. Why? Black turnout. When our community has someone to turn out for, we do. Keep pretending you aren’t worried. It’s fun to watch!

Actually you are off on too many fronts to count. First Obama is not black, he is bi-racial. Second, of course Obama won the black vote, but that had little to nothing to do with why he was elected. He was elected because he won nearly all the Democratic vote, most of the Independent voters (over 70%) and actually some of the Republican vote... There is no demographic that you will find anywhere or anyplace that says because most of the black vote, probably about 7% of the voters in FL turned out and voted for Obama, that is why he won. It is a good, laughable argument though...good luck with your last place

Your focus on race is what's wrong with this country. Much like the writer of this racist article your racism shines through. Stop your hatred of white peoples of color due to the color of their skin. The fact is that more white voters voted for the previous president than did blacks.

It's amazing how 'news articles' that chronicle black racism are published. Whenever a black is on any ticket, he or she is marketed solely as BLACK, nothing else, hence the 'Black Panther' analogy. Then the adoring plantation folk follow lock step to vote for their racial preference all the while bemoaning 'systemic racism'. Absolutely no ethnic group has more racial bias when it comes to voting than blacks. This is very well documented. One day they will realize (maybe many centuries from now) that this bad habit only got them bad governance and abysmal economic opportunity. Pity.

Tim Caldwell I see you’re still using the “Dave Manning” alias. Obviously you know your racist comments aren’t good for business hence the reason you hide under this fake name. You use Dave Manning like the KKK used their white hoods. Man up coward.

When black people vote for white candidates, you are perfectly fine with it, colonizer. Now that black voters have that option of voting for black candidates, your panties are wadded. We are going to vote for Gillum and guess what? You can not do a thing about it. I’ll bet the fact that Black Panther did so well at the box office pissed you off too, dint it? Black, Black, Black, Black,Blackety, Black!!!!

Black folks don't vote for white folks... If there are no black folks to vote for, they don't show up. Unless, of course, there is something free in it for them. if they are getting some entitlement or a beneficial law change, then they will come. It is why most white folks don't vote for black folks. Obama was bi-racial.

We’ll be the hood rats as long as Wakanda is the hood, colonizers!!!

Go Hood Rat Go...

Nobody cares who the Miami hood rats will vote for...nobody else will...

I’m part of the Gillum or Gone movement Leslie speaks of. I refuse to vote for anyone else.

African Americans are only 16% of the population in FL. Of that, only less than 11% are registered to vote. You would be lucky to get 5% out to vote. This election will be decided by Independents. If you want to have a chance in hell at winning in Nov., they had better choose someone who is moderate that will appeal to all people and makes decisions based on what is right and not along party lines. Gillum is not that guy...

let the hood rats vote for Gillum. They'll probably be cell mates...hahaha

Suddenly the race is about race? That's racist. It is supposed to be about the best person for the job. Totally disgusted with Ms Wimes. If your best argument for a politician is that he/she is black. Then you are weak.

her and the 3 friends will vote Gillum...

I was waiting on this. No one said a word all the whole Gwen Graham was spouting “Gwen and the men”. No one. The minute Leslie points out that Gillum is the only Black person in the race, there is an issue. No, Leslie isn’t the racist, all of you colonizers are. Now, I will only vote for Gillum. Leslie is right. You expect us to carry your water whenever, wherever. I’m not doing it. Wakanda Forever!!!

Pathetic! You don't even have the intestinal fortitude to use your name. Whines is a racist. She proved it when she said that if Gillum didn't win the nomination blacks shouldn't vote for the nominee. She continues to prove it. If Gillum is the best candidate he'll win the nomination. If not, and blacks undervote, they'll be responsible for continuing GOP rule. Yeah, stand proud, hiding who you are, supporting racism and division.

that is their only argument Dean...

Hello!? Wakanda is NOT real ! There is no part of Africa where 5 tribes have lived in harmony and the 99% share in the prosperity acquired from their nation's resources. You just sounded idiotic with your cry of Wakanda forever. I guess you like the fantasy!

If it were real, you would just try to colonize it, colonizer!!!

I was JUST telling my husband that I would vote for Gillum before I would vote for Graham, or really any of the other Dems!

funny yet ridiculous - FIrst Andrew is a progressive, so he can NEVER win in Florida, so to have him in the general is a waste for DEMs. Remember, Billy Nelson needs votes and that can bring Black voters to the polls, but non-black voters will sit out the election with the two biggest ticket players are Bill and Andrew, so no DEMs win. More importantly, what about the concept of the " Best Man ( person) for the Job)? Andrew is not, Green is horrible and harmed Kendrick years ago, Phillip was a failed Mayor and Gwen, well, she is Gwen. This state will be all Red on top because the DEMS are race oriented, and not issue oriented. Too bad.

Gillum gets my vote, but I can’t get into Wakanda! I wish I could, though!

I’ll be voting for Gillum and fighting back those colonizers on Aug. 28th! Love this article Leslie! Great job!!!

Go Murphy / Jolly!

Nobody is voting for Gillum except maybe idiots like you and your 3 friends. He will likely be in jail or indicted by then. The FBI issued a new subpoena in the drawn-out case investigating corruption in Tallahassee's city government. Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum went on a luxury Costa Rica vacation in May 2016 with a group of lobbyists, friends and investors. But that's not all: during the trip, Gillum received a calendar invite via email from his best friend Adam Corey, an investor in Tallahassee's Edison restaurant, to set up a meeting at The Edison with supposed "developer" Mike Miller, which is against the law. Miller was actually an undercover FBI agent. Can you say done like dinner... Baahaaahaaa...

these idiots, and their followers, never learn...

The problem with Democrats in Florida is ... they don't vote! Half-million more registered DEMS than registered GOPS in Florida ... and we got a damned-near single-party GOP state! Yuck!

I hope your not branding that creepy Phil Levine a ConservaDem. Sorry but someone who wants to ban sporting rifles in the state doesn't have a Consevative bone in their body. That's a huge stretch. Oh and how is that FBI probe of Andy G coming along? For a Liberal Democrat to be investigated by those East German Stasi like Jack boots, he must have really messed up.


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