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AFP Offers a Report Card for How Florida Legislators Voted on Free Market Issues

June 6, 2018 - 6:00am
Joe Negron and Richard Corcoran
Joe Negron and Richard Corcoran

On Wednesday, the Florida chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a group championing free market solutions and limited government, released its scorecard for state legislators.

AFP weighed almost 6,250 votes on 66 different issues in its “Economic Freedom Scorecard” an more than 60 members of the Florida Legislature earned “A+” grades. 

“This was one of the most successful sessions for free-market, liberty advancing policies that will have an immediate and lasting impact towards making Florida the best state to live, work, and raise a family. We applaud the efforts of the 66 Florida lawmakers that earned their ‘A+’ on the most comprehensive scorecard in the state,” said Chris Hudson, AFP’s Florida director before he signaled out a retiring legislative leader for praise. 

“We want to especially commend outgoing Speaker of the Florida House Richard Corcoran for his principled leadership which has helped revamp our Florida education system to ensure that more children can receive the education that best fits their needs, for his commitment to reducing job killing red tape, and his commitment to good stewardship through eliminating wasteful spending to ensure that taxpayer resources can be put to their highest and best use,” Hudson added. “We look forward to taking this scorecard across the state as our grassroots teams will be sharing these results with their local communities to show how their lawmakers voted on key issues throughout the year.”

AFP is also launching a mail and digital campaign thanking the legislators who earned A+ grades. Fifteen Senate Republicans--including retiring Senate President Joe Negron, incoming Senate President Bill Galvano and future Senate leader Wilton Simpson--earned A+ grades. So did more than 50 Republicans in the Florida House including Corcoran, incoming state House Speaker Jose Oliva and state Rep. Richard Corcoran who is scheduled to be speaker after the 2020 elections. 

Among Democrats in the state Senate, Bill Montford received the best marks with a high “C” grade but three more Democrats in that chamber--Randolph Bracy, Audrey Gibson and Victor Torres--also received “C” grades. Three Senate Democrats--Gary Farmer, Jose Javier Rodriguez and Perry Thurston--earned “F” grades from AFP. 

Two Democrats in the Florida House--Kimberly Daniels and Katie Edwards-Walpole--received “B” grades from AFP, placing them above a handful of House Republicans, but most of the Democratic caucus garnered “F” grades from AFP. 


Have moderates taken over the comment section? Nancy, you might have to change your blog name and take the right wingers with you. Many of these regulations folks squawk protect clean air, water to drink, green spaces, wildlife (Yes, Donald's Dept of Interior/FWS waited for the uproar about elephant parts to subside and snuck it in, so now his big game "hunting" brats can get their trophies), safety in the workplace, prevention of reckless banking practices, airline safety. Next thing you know, Durty Rick will become an "environmentalist" to scam a few more votes.

Hey "O-Joe" - this info came from a Survey - blame the respondents rather than taking a purely Socialist view of the results. Throwing stones at NOT "Durty" Rick, and 'elephant tusk' of the past does you no good. Go check for the recent picture of Bernie Commy driving a super-Audi sports car worth a ton of money - paid for by his Rich Supporters.

Ditto, Jerry, above. Most of us Floridians who don't live off the backs of working Floridians understand what "free markets" means. "Free" for those few that own and control them.

Cool, now we have a list of pols that vote against Floridians and in favor of corporations screwing us. Their idea of free markets is being able to rip people off, pollute, etc without being held accountable or paying the corporate welfare to fix their messes...…….. Like the scam fake Solar amendment, paying for Everglades water pollution instead of making big sugar, etc stop polluting on their dime, etc.

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