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Tom Rooney: HUD Offering 'Helping Hand' to Florida With Funds for Hurricane Recovery

“To call Hurricane Irma a ‘monster storm’ is an understatement,” Rooney, who sits on the U.S. House Appropriations Committee,  said. “Both Irma and Matthew wreaked havoc on Florida’s businesses and infrastructure and Floridians need our help if they ever want to recover.
“These disaster recovery grants are the helping hand Floridians need to lift themselves up and get back on their feet again, and I am proud to have supported them,” Rooney added.


Who are these monies going to? People who didn't bother to get insurance? This was always a racket with FEMA (and I got this information directly from FEMA inspector), where people don't nother to get insurance, then there is a hurricane, and then they get GRANTS (no repayment required) and/or loans from FEMA, on MY DIME, of up to $30,000. So can someone tell me why, as a taxpaying CHUMP, should pay for my insurance, and also for those lazy people who never bothered to get theirs? Why should the federal government be giving FL any funds for re-building? Did the recipients have insurance?

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