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Richard Corcoran Backs Adam Putnam for Governor

May 9, 2018 - 12:30pm
Richard Corcoran and Adam Putnam
Richard Corcoran and Adam Putnam

On Wednesday, state House Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Lutz, ended speculation that he would run for governor and endorsed Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam to be the Sunshine State’s 46th governor. 

Corcoran endorsed Putnam at a media event in Tallahassee on Wednesday morning, insisting he could keep Florida’s economy strong and defeat any of the Democrats in the race. 

“Ive known Adam, I know his character. He is principled, authentic and passionate, and he loves this state," Corcoran said. "Adam will be a phenomenal leader.

"What is daunting and what is troubling is we have every Democratic candidate saying they will over regulate, raise taxes and put burdens back on the state. Because of what we have done, the private sector has created over 1.5 million jobs,” Corcoran continued. 

"Who can take those great gains and go much further down the road to a prosperous Florida? There is no question, there is no doubt that that person, that leader is Adam Putnam,” the House speaker concluded. 

“Richard Corcoran is not one to stand on the sidelines.  He is the kind of guy who will roll up his sleeves and work to make Florida a better place for everyone," Putnam said. "He is a principled conservative and has been an extraordinary Speaker of the House. I am honored to have his support.”

The endorsement drew fire from the camp of U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who is also running for the Republican nomination. DeSantis has the support of President Donald Trump. 

“Insiders only know how to play one game, and that’s making deals to save their own skin," said David Vasquez, a spokesman for DeSantis. "After a year of campaigning and millions of dollars of special interest money spent, career insider Adam Putnam’s campaign has flatlined. So, he’s turning to dealmaking in the Tallahassee swamp. Today he'll stand in the shadow of the state capital in the middle of the Tallahassee swamp and receive the endorsement of a fellow career insider, one that will only matter to his fellow swamp dwellers.

“Conservative principles don’t matter to career insiders, just deals and dealmaking,” Vasquez added. “That’s why we’re not surprised to see this corrupt bargain even after Richard Corcoran accurately called out Adam Putnam’s support for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Or after Adam Putnam said he wouldn’t have signed Richard Corcoran’s signature school choice legislation. But when you’re in the Tallahassee swamp, conservative principles are expendable for political expediency.

"Career politician, Adam Putnam, will now get the two-man race he's been fearing for a year,” Vasquez concluded. “A conservative Iraq veteran endorsed by Donald Trump versus. a Never Trump career politician who supported amnesty for illegal aliens. We like our odds.”



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Isn't the Putnam family farm in legal difficulties over wage and hour violations? How can we trust he'll do the best for Floridians when his family farm is willing to cheat people?

FL Governor is Not a "popularity contest". Adam Putnam is a genuine Florida conservative and is the best choice. All the rest of the mumbly-gook doesn't amount to a bump on a log...

Lt. Governor Corcoran!

Corcoran seems a bit angry and mean, plus no eyebrows. Who can trust a guy like that? But then who can trust the proud NRA sellout? Desantis does not take Big Sugar money, he wants to end the corporate welfare that helps US Sugar and Dixie Crystals pollute our drinking water and fill our waterways with Big Algae. Republicans you may actually have an environmentalist on your hands.....Brian Mast also opposes the Big Sugar giveaway....another "good" Republican in a sea of deplorables.

Do your worst. Distort as you wish. Florida will be best governed for all of us Floridians by Gwen Graham.

"Nepotistic Gwennie"....Yeah, that's "the ticket"; so "Gwennie" can once again crawl around the floor of the "Governor's Mansion" playing with her dolls...under "Daddy's" old desk... "a trip down memory lane". (It would be ALL memories, and NO necessary skills; just ask the voters in Panhandle District 2 !

Ron DeSantis is a righteous and holier-than-thou pompous a—!! Will vote for Adam Putnam over DeSantis any day!!!

Thank you "Chinese President Cheese" !

Pretty obvious why. Vote Ron DeSantis!

Corcoran would not have done this without a payback. Watch, if Putnam wins, watch for Corcoran to be appointed to the Florida Supreme Court. Why do you think he pushed through the increase for salaries for Supreme Court justices last session?

Corcoran would not have done this without a payback. Watch, if Putnam wins, watch for Corcoran to be appointed to the Florida Supreme Court. Why do you think he pushed through the increase for salaries for Supreme Court justices last session?

good thing, that little jackass would have came in dead last...

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