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Bill Nelson Says He Doesn’t Need To Motivate Black Voters

April 20, 2018 - 10:30am

In a recent Miami Herald article, Bill Nelson said he doesn’t need to do anything to motivate African American voters.

His exact quote was this:

“I don’t think I have to get them motivated. Since so much of the prison population is African American, I think what they see is, this is a disenfranchisement of over a million people in the state of Florida, and I think that is going to be motivation not only for people who feel strongly on the issue, if you’ve been rehabbed and done your time you ought to get your rights back. I think it's going to be a motivator in the African American community."

While the prison system affects a disproportionate amount of African Americans, Bill Nelson thinks THIS is what is going to motivate black voters to vote for him?

I can very easily vote for the restoration of rights amendment, and leave the Senate race BLANK.

Remember, during the 2016 presidential election, folks voted for Mickey Mouse for president.

Roy Hardemon had it right when he said he has never seen Bill Nelson in his community.

In speaking to some black elected officials and community leaders, they were just as offended as I am.

One said “WTF”, when I gave him the statement from Nelson.

Another said this is why he isn’t doing anything to help Nelson. He said Nelson could have pointed out how unfair the criminal justice system has been towards the African American community. How unequal it has been.

Tamika Lyles, a black woman who is running against Nelson in the primary, had this to say:

Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson

“The statement is culturally insensitive to assume that since African American voters will come out to vote for restoration of voting rights, they will also vote for the incumbent. ALL African Americans have not been incarcerated and ALL African Americans don't have felonies. So, what will attract those voters? The question was, "[W]hat's HE going to do to turn them out?" He basically said he doesn't have to do anything. WRONG ANSWER!”

Bill Nelson can trot out Corey Booker, Val Demings, and any other black face he wants to.

The bottom line, just like it was with Hillary Clinton in 2016. If HE isn’t getting into our communities and explaining why HE deserves our vote, he isn’t going to get it.

Saying he isn’t Rick Scott, and that he has black electeds he can parade out in the media isn’t going to get it.

I’m not sure why Democrats running for office have this aversion to courting the black vote in the same manner that they court other demographics, but clearly they do.

I’m saying this now, but I’ve said it before:

EARN our votes, don’t expect our votes!


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Too bad Pam Keith didn’t primary Bill Nelson!!!

Leslie hits the nail on the head again! Wake up, Bill Nelson, or it will be too late!!!

Ok, Nelson doesn’t want to work for my vote? Fine, he won’t get it!!!

The "Spacey-man" needs another trip to "outer-space": ONE WAY ! "Veya con Dios Zippy !"

Bill Nelson has done as much for blacks as he has for all other Floridians,NOTHING!That dinosaur needs to go!

This is how WE got stuck with Trump! when will the Willie Lynch stigma die???!! A "Blank Vote" is a Scott vote and two old white men with money and name identity will ALWAYS dominate a newcomer! BTW, Rick Scott says "thank you", just as Trump did when sworn it!

If you're a black voter and you think Rick Scott is a better choice think again. Scott and the GOP effort at voter suppression is unsurpassed since Reconstruction. Who has the voter suppression been directed toward? Black voters. Why? Because black Floridians represent the largest part of the Democratic party. Nelson knows black Floridians understand this. Forget about blacks who lost their voting privileges and consider blacks who live in urban areas where limited polling stations and fewer machines caused long lines. Or efforts to end early voting on Sunday before the election, etc. to stifle the church vote. Or Scott's refusal to extend voting after the hurricane (overturned by the courts). If the elections are left to North Florida crackers you should already know what's next. They (the GOP) may not be racist but the laws they pass certainly are. Lesley wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee!

Another Lib who has drank the Kool-Aid. There has been no voter suppression just like there is no gun show loophole.

Ocean Joe, you're a pathetic racist. Whether you're black, white or other, you're not very intelligent. Voter suppression my azz. How in the hell is there voter suppression when blacks, and anyone else do not even need to stand in any long lines. That's shows a lack of intelligence right there. Mail your vote in!!! Your supposedly underprivileged and disenfranchised cannot even have a ballot sent to their addresses, and in the comfort of their home, VOTE!! Vote for more Democrats to actually suppress them ? That's a hoot!! Maybe someone who cannot do something something so very simple shouldn't vote. But I doubt they can breath, let alone vote. You've been duped by the likes of Nelson and Hillary, and for decades now. There's no Voter suppression. Just gullible voters looking for excuses to pathetic Deamocrat leaders and tesults. You've had your liberal Democrats for 50 years and they've got you nothing.


All of that and not once did you talk about Bill Nelson’s comment. Does that not matter? All you appear to want is the black vote!

I just saw this article on a DNC member’s page. When will establishment Democrats get it?? This is unacceptable for Nelson. He’s been around long enough to know better!!

DEMOCRAT is the more common way Blacks vote - Seems that the civil war was a GENUINE WASTE in that the North (Abe Lincoln) was the first, only, and successful way to "Slave Ownership in America ILLEGAL"! Seems today it was a bloody waste of time, with the facts known that a HUGE number of slaveowners WERE BLACK! Seems we keep this a secret from Blacks --- they think the 'crats have EVER done something GOOD for them...

All you guys who want to attack Leslie Wimes, try addressing Bill Nelson’s comment first! Nelson lost a vote today. MINE!

There goes Republican Leslie Whines. The best thing that ever happened for Florida's Republican party. Always a negative Nellie. Never with actual solutions. Willing to elect Republican Politicians if "her chosen" person doesn't win the nomination. You are part of what is wrong with politics today.

So Leslie Wimes made Bill Nelson make this stupid comment? Be careful Dean Franklin. Your sheet is showing!

Interesting. I didn't say anything about race. Don't care if Leslie is black. She's not a Democrat. Doesn't do anything to improve anything. Only accepts her way. That's more racist than anything I said. Your comment only exposed your own racism. But thanks for playing another episode of stupid comments

You mean she doesn’t just accept what you white so-called democrats say and be quiet about it? You are so used to telling black people what to do with their votes, that Leslie Wimes is shocking to you. I’m with Leslie on this one, and I’m WHITE and a democrat. Leslie isn’t the first person to say that democrats take the black vote for granted, and she won’t be the last. Like someone else said, your sheet is showing Dean Franklin. Here’s a tip for you: Stop taking the black vote for granted and she wouldn’t have anything to write about!!

1st. Leslie is not being constructive, she being destructive. She's not actually looking and working for solutions. She's busy tearing the Dems apart. Over and over she says her way or no way. A blank vote is a vote for the other candidates. 2nd. My sheet? I'm a child of segregation. As a teen and young adult I knew clanners. They got their courage hiding behind anonymity. Same way you got your keyboard courage because you don't have the intestinal fortitude to use your name. Your sheet is in plain view. I cannot and will not take anyone serious who doesn't have the guts to own their comments. Personally, I couldn't care less what color Leslie is. It's her politics that suck. I didn't she her support restoration of felons rights. I didn't see her support medical cannabis. The only thing she seems to support is black politicians. Not looking for the best qualified. Not interested in anything but burning the party down.

Destructive because she speaks up for the black community and doesn’t let you and other white democrats get away with taking the black vote for granted? Right. You would rather sweep the racism that exists in the Democratic Party under the rug, then yell racism at republicans. What Bill Nelson said was wrong. It is reflective of a major problem in the Democratic Party. Now, tell me what Bill Belson did for Rights Restoration. It seems to me like you want to hold Leslie Wimes accountable, but not Bill Nelson. You ARE racist. You just don’t want to admit it.

There goes Republican Leslie Whines. The best thing that ever happened for Florida's Republican party. Always a negative Nellie. Never with actual solutions. Willing to elect Republican Politicians if "her chosen" person doesn't win the nomination. You are part of what is wrong with politics today.

To: "Zippy, the Ride-Along-Rocketeer Nelson" : What exactly did you mean by ("I don't think I have to get "them" motivated")??? Was THAT a faux pas ? (Keep it up "Zippy",...and even your favorite Lobbyists won't want to hire you after the voters shun you at the polls...)

Representatives of the Citizens of this state must EARN our respect and vote. Bill Nelson has done neither. A multi term senator which no one knows what he's done. Claims to be an astronaut....Didn't NASA put him on the shuttle to garner more support in Congress and $$$$$? That would mean - In my opinion - Senator Nelson did nothing more than what got him attention and give him trip to space. Yea, he had to push a few buttons an do a song and dance upon his return - but that was about as much as HAM (the first US Chimp in space) that was on a Mercury flight. Seems that Mr. Nelson is doing the same with his re-election campaign. God Article

It thought Nelson was dead. Haven't heard a peep out of him for a long time.

He's easy to find. Just look for the latest atrocity and he'll be dancing on the graves of the victims in order to advance his leftist agenda. Not a big Scott fan since he got rolled by camera Hogg and that crew, but he can't be any worse than this senile old fool.

I think you missed his point. The relentless attacks on people of color is increasing faster and faster with Trump and the Republicans in charge. The motivation should be there to take over the Senate and House in 2018 way from the racists. He was just making a valid point in the most simple way. It doesn’t mean he has abandoned the black community.

There has been no increase in racism. Just because 1% of the population is racist does not make everyone who does not believe your way a racist. The 1% number of anything gets used by the libs and dems. to spread hate everyday. This is really what makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck and makes me a racist againts politicians and especially politicians who tell me what a polluter I am and I should live more megarly while they run amuck and preach do as I say not as I do.

Are you serious right now? I will be voting for Tamika Lyles in the primary, and doing what Leslie said if Lyles doesn’t make it. Leaving it blank!!

The lowest unemployment rate for, as you say "people of color" ever in the history of the United States because of Trump and you have the nerve to say he's racist? The only ones attacking "people of color" are the democrat politicians and they have been for years.

You/re nuts!


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