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Howard Dean Says Gwen Graham Fights for Progressive Values

March 13, 2018 - 11:00am

I don’t care how loudly Howard Dean screams a lie, it’s never going to make it true.

Today, he is screaming that Gwen Graham fought for “progressive” values.


Gwen Graham voted in support of the Keystone Pipeline. Those aren’t my progressive values, Howard Dean, must be yours.

Gwen Graham voted to keep Syrian kids from coming into this country. Those aren’t my progressive values, Howard Dean, must be yours.

Gwen Graham voted to keep the Affordable Care Act from covering workers who worked 30 hours a week. Those aren’t my progressive values, Howard Dean, must be yours.

Gwen Graham said any law abiding citizen should be able to have ANY gun they choose. Those aren’t my progressive values Howard Dean, must be yours.

Gwen Graham described herself as VERY conservative.

That isn’t my idea of a progressive.

I’m so glad that Democracy For America, the largest organization that works to get true PROGRESSIVE candidates elected, has endorsed Andrew Gillum.

Guess who started Democracy For America?

Howard Dean.

Where along the line did Howard Dean sell his soul to the establishment?

I’m quite sure Bob Graham called in a favor.

Everyone sees this endorsement for exactly what it is: A response to Bob Poe endorsing Andrew Gillum.

Gwen Graham threw a tantrum, and “daddy” decided to try to fix it using Howard Dean.


Just like in response to a recent report that Graham can’t draw big crowds, she now demands that organizations guarantee a crowd of at least 200 before she shows up.

Howard Dean, do better. 

Be better.

Be progressive.

Right now, neither you nor Gwen Graham are.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


You're a racist, Leslie, and the only reason you're backing Gillum is because he's black. So stop the lies and trying to divide the Democratic Party. Gwen Graham is a solid candidate, unlike your choice, Andrew Gillum who is under FBI investigation.

If Gwen Graham were only black, then she would be If being a progressive means voting for Gillum, give me someone with a conservative lean all day long. A true progressive liberal will never win FL.. You could only hope to win FL with someone who could appeal to both sides and the independent voters. There is only one candidate that fits that bill. It is idiots like you that keep the Democratic party a distant second and I'm independent. They should have kicked you out of it long ago. It's time you got off Gillum's jock already fool...

Purity/litmus tests. They are the ones that will cost voting and elections and division in the party. Also, Gillum's support is coming mostly from out of state and funding from CA celebrities like Jane Fonda and Alec Baldwin. The campaign is getting media attention and no matter how much money is raised, Jon Ossoff lost that way. Gillum is the Bernie candidate but $15 an hour and universal healthcare will not go over with some in FL. It is ironic he is touting the Bernie wing because he was on the potential list for Hillary's VP and also spoke at the DNC. Not establishment/mainstream they say.

I’m surprised Gwen Graham isn’t pretending to be black. She has pretended to be everything else. She’s even pretended to be the son her father really wanted!!!

I wish Graham would stop trying to reinvent herself. It comes across as so phony. Just be yourself Gwen, whoever that might be, and let the voters decide!


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