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Rick Scott Besting Bill Nelson in New Poll

March 7, 2018 - 3:00pm
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson
Rick Scott and Bill Nelson

A new poll shows Gov. Rick Scott ahead of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., in what is expected to be one of the nation’s most important U.S. Senate races this year. 

St. Leo University, which is located in Pasco County, released a poll showing Scott taking 42 percent while Nelson pulls 35 percent while 15 percent are not sure and 9 percent of voters back other candidates. Most recent polls have shown a closer race. 

Scott does well with Florida voters, according to the poll with 60 percent of those surveyed seeing him as favorable while 34 percent view him in an unfavorable light and 6 percent are not sure of him after his two terms as governor. 

Frank Orlando, director of the Saint Leo University Polling Institute, weighed in on the race on Wednesday. 

“It's no surprise that Rick Scott is doing so well in a head-to-head poll at this moment, given how popular he is in the state.” Orlando said. “As we get closer to the election however, Bill Nelson and the Democratic Party will attempt to tie Rick Scott with Donald Trump and nationalize the race. Scott is more popular than Trump in the state, so the question will be if he can run as his own man or be weighed down by the top of the Republican Party."

While Scott has yet to formally enter the race, the poll shows the governor with a commanding lead for the Republican nomination as 59 percent of Republicans surveyed back him in the Senate race while 6 percent prefer Augustus Invictus, a former attorney who ran for the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian in 2016. Invictus garnered national attention for speaking at the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia back in August. Marcia Thorne pulls 1 percent while 25 percent are undecided and 9 percent prefer other candidates. 

The poll sampled opinions of 500 Florida respondents. The survey was conducted February 18 through February 24, 2018. All surveys were conducted using an online survey instrument. The poll has a +/- 4.5 percent margin of error at a 95 percent confidence level on a composite basis. 


I always say voters not only vote at the ballot box but they vote with their dollars and their feet. Rick Scott has put Florida on n a great position for the future. Economy is strong FLoridians are spending money and business is investing and people are moving to FL.

Rick Scott has proven to be an ineffective Governor over the last 8 years . He was bad on the environment, health care and just about every other issue, including turning down the HIGH SPEED RAIL..!!!

Florida is a little right of center. Scott is a little right of that but Nelson is far to the left of center. Scott is a much stronger and more popular candidate that Harris in 06 or Mack in 12. Nelson won the seat all three times with an unpopular, a very unpopular and again and unpopular opponent. Scott is a better campaigner than Nelson and has responded well as governor to the natural and man-made calamities that have rocked Florida over the last 8 years. Nelson on the other hand, has looked weak and forced, especially over this last 6 years of his Senate term.. All that being said, Nelson is in trouble.

It's a bad year to be a Republican in 2018, get ready for the Blue Wave... Senator Nelson will easily win over Rick ( let's get to work ) Scott

It appears since Scott signed the bill declaring 18/21 year old men and women not mentally capable of owning firearms for self preservation. That his chances of ever garnering enough votes to be Senator have now been defeated by the very people he showed to be incompetent. This is the definition of Irony. ..LMAO...

Need to find someone to run against Nelson. Scott's retiring after his monumental mistake in signing 7026. What a doofus.

Sign the gun control bill and Scott will lose. We are watching.

yes it's true Rick used the government position to create a false flag, then he will use the heightened situation to swindle Floridians in to gun control to take away anyones gun. The bill is designed to have law enforcement haphazardly take away people's gun who 'show signs' of mental illness. But what he is not telling you is law enforcement uses intelligence for serial stalking to create situations to call people mental. So Rick Scott is setting people up to lose all gun rights IMO so he can take over what Hillary was trying to accomplish. He has turned against the people who put him in office!

Fly away "Zippy",...your "Rocket Ship" awaits you !

Nelson relies on his "born & raised in Florida" babble - and he's been in office so long he thinks it's the SAME Florida that he was brought up in. FLASH: It's NOT - Florida is a BIG State now, and needs to be run like a BUSINESS... That's why Scott will wipe him out!~

Nelson has been roused from his nap and told either to get engaged or lose it to Scott while Nelson snoozes so he has managed to suck down enough caffeine and popped some pills to garner enough energy to make himself seen on TV for these last two weeks.

LOLOLOL. Sure. Rick Scott will never become a U.S. Senator.

Quoting the article: "The survey was conducted February 18 through February 24, 2018," and showed Scott at 42% with Nelson at 35%.................That's interesting. But let's take a look at these FACTS..........................Gravis Marketing poll conducted Feb 1-18, 2018, had Nelson at 44% and Scott at 40%. Humm. No Parkland (Feb 14th) bump there ..............Big Data poll conducted Feb 17-18, 2018, had Scott up by 2 at 39% to Nelson's 37%. Scott's "big bump" of 2 pts after Parkland............................Ah, but then came Quinnipiac poll Feb 23-26 showing Nelson up by 4 at 47% to Scott's 42%......................So where is St Leo coming from with Scott up 7 points during the same time frame?..Could be explained by the ST LEO DIRECTOR (red lights flashing - BIAS, BIAS) making the disparaging comment about Nelson, by claiming Nelson "will try" to tie Scott to Trump. Try? The man says "try"?..........Scott tied himself to Trump....................................Florida Gov. Rick Scott endorses Donald Trump - March 16, 2016 Gov. Scott: Florida has a friend in Donald Trump - November 18, 2016 Rick Scott speaks to the media outside the White House on Sept. 29, 2017, following a meeting with President Donald Trump.... Trump has lunch with Florida governor at golf club - 12/31/17......... Scott's A+ NRA rating and what it means now | Bradenton Herald - Feb 19, Gov. Rick Scott stays in sync with the NRA as he faces a reckoning on guns - February 22, 2018... Florida Gov. Rick Scott appears to have quietly canceled his NRA ...

Nice to see that you are going anonymously in your post. Bill Nelson has been a do-nothing Senator for many years, and like Hillary, feels that he is entitled to this Senate seat. I believe it will be a close race, but in the end Rick Scott will win this election and continue to Make Florida Great.

All well & good,... but I'm voting for Scott instead of "Zippy, the ride-along-rocketeer" (maybe that's why he never returned my calls in 15 years... He was in SPACE!!!)

You talk about tying President Trump to Gov Scott how do you think the space cadet will fare with "Chucky Boy" and "Nancy" hung around his neck?

Well Billy Boy....looks like the Trump supporters some of them Coming POLLS...instead sit back & not be know till election day...there Still a lot of Trump/Scott supporters still in the Shadows ..WE Tried to Warn You..Remember what Hillary called them..Deportable's...... From North Fla & Panhandle...LMAO...Well they Rose Again...

"THE South will rise again"...(at least the "South" in North Florida).

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