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More FDP Backroom Deals, Another DNC Challenge To Be Filed

March 6, 2018 - 2:30pm

Remember the challenge filed by Rick Boylan, regarding how Florida’s Democratic National Committee members are elected?

I wrote about it here.

That challenge is scheduled to be heard this week at the DNC meeting in Washington, D.C.

Enter challenge No. 2.

Terrie Rizzo has appointed Judy Mount to take over her elected DNC seat.

No one is sure when that appointment took place, because Terrie Rizzo didn’t officially notify anyone until questions arose as to how Tom Perez could appoint Mount to the DNC Rules Committee, when Casmore Shaw is now the gender-balance to Rizzo, and took over Mount’s DNC spot.

What I’m sure of, though, is that it didn’t take place at the FDP chair’s election, where Terrie Rizzo became chair.

I was there as a proxy, and voted in that election.

Judy Mount intended to run for FDP chair, but was told by “the powers that be” (ha!) that she could not! POLITICO Florida reported on that.

Here is the problem with the appointment: Other registered Democrats had plans to run for that elected seat and were waiting for the announcement of when the election would take place.

That has now been taken away from them.

In sending the certified packet that Judy Mount is now holding an elected position to the DNC by appointment, the Florida Democratic Party has once again shown Democrats in this state that the FDP’s backroom deals supersede the platform that Democrats supposedly stand for: 


In her haste to “pay back” Judy Mount for having a seat in the chair’s race, Terrie Rizzo acknowledged that this suspect appointment has not been confirmed by the State Executive Committee.

There has been no meeting since Rizzo took over as chair.

Patrice Taylor in DNC party affairs acknowledged that the FDP says this appointment has not been confirmed.

They claim it will be confirmed in April.

Ok, Miss Cleo!

Tom Perez is making an appointment to the Rules Committee of someone who is not a confirmed DNC member.

A challenge is now being filed with Credentials at the DNC by registered Democrats.

The DNC Credentials Committee has to rule according to the bylaws of the DNC:

 “Jurisdiction of the Credentials Committee:
(1) The Credentials Committee shall determine and resolve questions concerning the seating of members of the Democratic National Committee pursuant to the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States.
(2) Any challenge to the seating of a member of the Democratic National Committee that is not made in conformity with these Rules shall be deemed waived.
(3) The Committee shall report to the Democratic National Committee for final determination and resolution of all such questions.”

According to the DNC’s bylaws:

“Section 6. Vacancies. Vacancies created by resignation or removal of any member of the National Committee shall be filled as follows:
(a) Vacancies in membership apportioned to the states and territories pursuant to Sections 2(b) and 2(c) of this Article and Article Nine of the Charter shall be filled by a state or territorial Party in open meeting called after effective public notice of the agenda.
(b) Vacancies created by the removal or resignation of a state Chairperson or highest ranking officer of the opposite sex shall be filled only by their successors in accordance with Section 3(b) of this Article.”

There was NEVER an open meeting called, and this appointment was NEVER placed on an agenda, especially the Dec. 9, 2017 chair’s election.

Florida is certainly not batting 1,000 with DNC matters.

Stay tuned for an upcoming column on John Parker, another DNC member who has had a grievance filed against him by the Democratic Black Caucus for making racially insensitive remarks toward black people in Jacksonville.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


I just bought 10,000,000 bags of popcorn for when this nugget drops: "Stay tuned for an upcoming column on John Parker, another DNC member who has had a grievance filed against him by the Democratic Black Caucus for making racially insensitive remarks toward black people in Jacksonville."

Bay DEC follows the By-laws. It is sad that others run around telling half truths and complaining when they don't get their way.

Pat Byrd, the emails will surface!!

The Bay DEC will be happy to share the emails with anyone. We will include the ones from the FYD. Bottom line is you cannot appoint someone as a Precinct Committeeperson if that Precinct is full. We have given them opportunities to attend events to learn and work and not one of them has shown up. We also offered them the opportunity to be a volunteer and that was apparently not good enough. Everything they have challenged has been ruled against by the FDP.

How can other people add our names to this challenge? If you can post information on that, I’d appreciate it.

"No one is sure when that appointment took place..." No one beyond the hundreds of people who were sitting in the room when Rizzo announced it, the same people who cheered and clapped for Mount to get the position, which she well deserved as a life-long, LOYAL Democrat who has devoted many hours of her life to support and promote the Democratic Party. Maybe you wouldn't have missed it if you hadn't been playing with your dog.

I was there. One of the first things Terrie did after taking over the chairmanship was to announce Judy's appointment, and we all cheered.

That’s exactly how they treat Judy....LIKE A DOG! Is this supposed to be her treat after she announced her candidacy for FDP Chair and then was obviously told to go sit down somewhere by the people “calling the shots.” Shame on Judy for letting these WY-PE-PO continue to use her and award her with mediocre consolation prizes when she’s a “good girl.” Get off the plantation girl! Yous free now!

The way you stress loyal makes Mount sound like a dog. Is that what you guys say to her? Here Judy. Sit Judy. Roll over Judy.

“ There was NEVER an open meeting called, and this appointment was NEVER placed on an agenda, especially the Dec. 9, 2017 chair’s election.“ This should be pretty simple to disprove, if it isn’t true. Although I don’t see how that item could have been noticed and put on the Dec. 9th agenda if no one knew who was going to win. Stacey Patel wasn’t even a DNC member, so no one knew for sure that a spot would be open. Face it, this is more of establishment Dems picking leaders rather than the people doing so. It is time to stop this nonsense!!

Greatarticle Leslie. Seems the FDP is continuing the old coronation/payback routine to step aside in Chair FDP races.

Tom Perez is a 'stone' communist appointee (of Obama's) that can't (and shouldn't) be trusted. ("Nice catch" Leslie,.. You sure that you wouldn't want to occupy a "Driver's seat" somewhere in government service? We desperately need people who "call it like it is"!

Charlie, have you ever heard of the term "defamation suit"? That's what happens to you when you defame a person's character, like calling a person a communist absent any proof to support your statement. I am sure a dozen people have already sent screen shots of your comment to Perez. Here's a suggestion: Draw down the shades, turn the TV off, and don't answer the door for the next 6 months so the process servers don't get you.

Do some research "diane"; it's ALL there, if you bother to look...(Come get me... I need a new house and a new car...and I would welcome it be paid for by a communist.) "Those who ignore history (even the 'recent' kind) tend to find themselves sadly repeating it..."

The so called Democrat party of today is astonishingly similar to the Communist party of yesterday. The cut throat tactics and ruthless corruption certainly eviscerate any semblance of a party promoting democracy. They should come out of the closet and accept the moniker of CNC. That will be their first honest action in decades.

What’s so hard about having election for this seat? Come on Democrats! This isn’t the way things should be done!

I’m always amused by certain people questioning Leslie Wimes’ credibility. Are you saying that there is no challenge filed? Are you saying that the State Executive Committee confirmed Judy Mount? Are you saying that this elected DNC seat shouldn’t have been opened up for ALL democrats? I think the credibility problem is with the Florida Democratic Party. People are tired of these deals done in the dark!

Leslie - you are losing credibility.

"Losing"? How about long ago lost.

Mangy Diane Brown has resurfaced. Diane, why don’t you explain how you and Pat Byrd are keeping progressive democrats from joining the Bay County DEC? That should be Wimes’ next column!

"Mangy" ? Isn't that just too childish, calling people names.......FYI, I have not resurfaced, since I've not gone away. But I've never seen you around here. Are you present for a special event, like protecting Leslie's back?.......Where did you come from - Escambia YD or Waukula ex-DEC?....First, you refer to be as a dog, or bitch, then you imply I am committing an offense of some type, Impugning my character..........Since you interjected after my post to Charlie, perhaps you read my comment to him about defaming another's character absent any proof to support your allegations. Let me expound upon that for you, "One essential element in any defamation action is that the defendant published something defamatory about the plaintiff. A communication may be considered defamatory "if it tends so to harm the reputation of another as to lower him in the estimation of the community or to deter third persons from associating with him..." Consider yourself forewarned, pursuant to Ch 770, F.S., and conduct yourself accordingly. And don't think you can hide behind a fake name. Nor that your friends will protect you, They are keenly aware of 770.

Diane, do you think the emails between you and the people who you and Pat Byrd are keeping out of the Bay County DEC aren’t circulating? I think I will send a copy to Leslie Wimes.

"Robby-boy", YOUR credibility "took a hike' LONG before you revealed yourself to SSN...

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