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Will the Real Gwen Graham Please Stand Up?

March 2, 2018 - 12:15pm

We all know that politicians tell voters what they want to hear in order to get elected.

We have come to expect it even.

What we don't see often is complete flip-flops, not only on issue positions but on characterizations of who they really are.

Enter Gwen Graham. Her latest flip-flops are of Charlie Crist proportion.

Gwen Graham, in an effort to capitalize on the Parkland school shootings, has appeared as the “saddened mother” who says AR-15s should be banned.

In order to court the vote of progressive voters, Graham sought and received the endorsement of Nan Rich, the progressive former gubernatorial candidate whom Graham failed to endorse during Rich’s campaign.

Well, what happened to the Gwen Graham who described herself as “very conservative” when running for Congressional District 2? You know, the Gwen Graham who appeared to be offended that she was described as a progressive. The Gwen Graham who preferred to have Bill Clinton campaign with/for her, rather than Barack Obama.

I guess having a white former president campaign for her was much better than a black current president.

Are you paying attention, black voters?

This Tampa Bay Times article spells out very clearly who Gwen Graham was in October 2014: "Asked whether she would like President Obama to campaign for her, Graham said how pleased she would be to campaign alongside Bill Clinton, who in fact is coming to Tallahassee to campaign with her Sunday." Read the story.

Let’s talk about guns, shall we? Gwen Graham, who is riding around this state on Bob Graham’s coattails, said the big difference between herself and her father was on the topic of gun control.

Bob Graham voted to ban assault weapons.

Gwen Graham said every law abiding citizen should be able to have any gun they choose.

“I understand the peace of mind that comes with gun ownership. I certainly support the second amendment and I don't think that any law-abiding citizen should have any gun that they choose to have taken away from them," Graham said.

Where have we heard that “law abiding citizens should have any gun they choose” before?

Why Marion Hammer, of course -- another conservative Democrat who shares Gwen Graham’s position!

Democrats are hammering (ha!) Hammer on a position the so-called frontrunner in this Democratic race for Governor shared?

We wonder why we lose.

Graham has been saying the NRA spent $300,000 against her, and she won.

Let’s look at a few things. With a choice between Steve Southerland, a tea party Republican, and Graham, a self-described VERY conservative Democrat, they went with Southerland.

As they will with other Republicans Gwen Graham is chasing!

She didn’t fight the NRA! She agreed with them. She just wasn’t THEIR choice when it came to that race.

Again, we wonder why we lose.

Andrew Gillum actually fought the NRA in court, and won.

I don’t get the impression that Philip Levine, or Chris King, would flip-flop on the gun issue.

As for Gwen Graham, she showed us who she is and how she felt about the Second Amendment.

Hell, Sunshine State News liked her answers to the News Service of Florida's "Five Questions" so much, they printed them.

Now that she needs Democrats who aren’t as gun-crazy as she was a few years ago, this new Graham has emerged.

I’m not buying it.

Neither should voters on EITHER side of the aisle.

Who are you getting? Gwen Graham who hugged her AR-15 when she needed voters in CD2?

Or are you getting Gwen Graham 2.0, who now wants the governor’s mansion and will flip-flop like she's Simone Biles to get it.

Wait a minute, scratch Simone Biles. She’s black, and just like Graham didn’t want Barack Obama to campaign for her, and instead wanted Bill Clinton. I'd better choose Mary Lou Retton or Keri Strug.

They have the complexion for Graham’s protection!

To quote Eminem, whom I’m sure Gwen Graham would prefer to listen to over, say, Snoop Dog, (you know why) ... will the real Gwen Graham please stand up?


Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Says the guy who has been screaming on this article! How many posts is that now? I hope you don’t have access to an assault rifle!!!

I'm not a "gun lover." I'm not even a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Try again...

What's the difference from her changing her mind, than say Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, hell, over half the Republican party that is supporting a different view than they were on record for a month ago? I'll tell you the only difference, they are not candidates from your supposed party affiliation that have a different color of skin than your preferred candidate that shares your color of skin... Tell the truth and shame the devil!

There is no difference between Gwen Graham and the other Republicans you mentioned when it comes to guns. If you don’t see the problem with that, you are crazy!!

people can't change their minds, especially over something as serious as that? I'd rather have someone have the ability to be convinced with a logical argument, than to hold true to the party line, like say, 5th place finisher Gillum? It is only a problem because she is in 1st place, and worse yet, a white Dem, imagine the horror! Your a joke, sad thing is you don't think you are, you really see yourself as relevant...hilarious...

Can someone PLEASE teach Gwen Graham’s supporters the difference between your and you’re???

not even a Graham supporter, just not a supporter of racism...

at least have the guts to sign your posts Leslie...

So she has the guts to write the article, but not to sign a post? Dude. Really? I can understand you being mad that Graham’s words are haunting her, but stop being ridiculous!! It doesn’t help Graham’s case at all!!

I like both Andrew Gillum and Gwen Graham - they're both positive candidates and they generate a lot of energy around them. However, I'm voting for Gwen Graham in the primaries because I believe she has more experience and her father was an excellent governor. If Andrew Gillum wins the primaries, I'll have no problem voting for him in the general election. I'm hoping Gwen wins the primaries (she likely will) and picks Andrew Gillum for Lt. Governor.

You know what, why don't you SHUT THE *** UP! Quit attacking Gwen Graham, she's an excellent candidate and she's the ONLY candidate with the name recognition and the tenacity to beat the Republicans here in Florida. Personally, I support a Gwen Graham / Andrew Gillum ticket. And, just for the record, you haven't always been a supporter of Andrew Gillum. I seem to recall a cheap editorial piece you wrote sometime last year making fun of Andrew Gillum - you said the media was trying to build him up to be the next "Obama" Remember that? So, you want to call Gwen Graham a "flip flopper" but it's actually YOU who's doing all the "flip flopping" You're a rude, obnoxious *** who can't even get a job writing for a news source that people actually refer to.

This comment gave me the biggest laugh! Is this guy for real?? What a nutcase! Is lying Gwen Graham your mother, lover, or all of the above??? Chillax guy!!

Somebody get this Chris Romero some psychiatric help! He is nuts!!! Get a hobby, dude, besides nursing at Graham’s boob!!

This news source is pretty got damn good. I’ve never seen so many people get their britches in a bunch about something they say isn’t credible. I come here just for the comments.

And yet here you are, crying over a column she wrote!! You are funny!

LoL, I'm not crying over shit.

I remember the article Wimes wrote about Gillum not being Obama. She was right then and she is right now. As far as name recognition, no one knows Gwen Graham any better than they know the other candidates. Why do you think she keeps offering up her father? I will NOT be voting for Graham in the primary. I may not even vote for her if she makes the general. At some point, we have to stop offering up these ridiculous candidates!!! Republican lite is not alright!!!

Oh? Well then who are you supporting in the primaries? Philip Levine? Can't get anymore "Republican lite" than that.

Kow-tow to blacks? You mean the people who scored a victory for Dems in Alabama? Or the people who scored a victory in Virginia? Ladies and gentleman, now you see who Gwen Graham and her cracker-backers really are!!!

any we certainly see your true colors, like we had to guess... I bet your momma is proud, since you don't know which daddy is yours...

To the person who pointed out that Leslie Wimes is a Gillum supporter, guess what? I am too and we shouldn’t settle for Gwen Graham or anyone like her! These are HER words. You can’t get around that! Gwen Graham should answer about her major flip-flop!! If she gets into the governor’s mansion and then shows us these comments that SHE made, we are at fault!!

Everyone knows your a Gillum supporter. Your a gross nasty person and your reporting is why people have no respect for the media these days. Being a centrist Dem as well, it's ok she has a different view from before, so do I after Parkland. I am a AR gun owner, I am a Dem and I value the 2 ND amendment, I also value it's time for new gun laws.

So Angie, the pulse nightclub shooting didn’t change your mind about guns? It takes white kids getting shot to change your mind? You are the racist, sweetie! The Democratic Party should do to Gwen exactly what they did to you: kick her out!!

I just read article about a DEC Chair stepping down after some offensive social media comments towards a Hispanic male. Is this you they’re talking about in this Chipley, Florida article?

Angie, or should I say former chair of Washington County Angie? Didn’t you get thrown out of your position within the Democratic Party because of your racism towards Hispanics? Right. Sit down and shut up!

So you’re mad because someone gathered all of her previous statements and positions and compiled them into one article to display her record? What about this comment of hers from the Tallahassee Democrat? “I represented North Florida in Congress, where we embrace hunting culture. My husband is a sworn law enforcement officer who safely keeps a gun in our home. I respect the Second Amendment — but as a mother, I also believe there is no place in our society for weapons of war like the assault rifles used at Pulse and in Parkland.” Did she come out against the NRA or assault rifles after Pulse while she was still in Congress and could do something? Or did she offer up “thoughts and prayers?” But now that she’s running for Governor she’s pandering to who she thinks is going to turn out to vote. It took her a full TWO DAYS (2/16) after the Parkland Massacre to call for the banning of assault rifles. WHY, because her Democratic opponents started calling for the ban on 2/15 and they were gaining support behind their position. She would have never called for the ban if they didn’t do it first. So if you want to be mad at someone be mad at her and flippity floppity campaign.

Someone please help this person with the difference between your and you’re!! Hopefully the next time she gets mad because of Gwen Graham’s own words, she at least appears to be educated!!!

I was wondering why SSN would ever allow a racist pig like you to ever be a columnist for their rag blog, but then it hit me. You are like a Republican leaning sites wet dream. You espouse anything having to do with black candidates or those whities who either kowtow to the black vote, or where absent, the Republican alternative, to punish the whities who do not kowtow to the black vote (see SSN wet dream). However, you will support any black candidates anywhere regardless of fitness for the office, no matter FBI investigation, criminal backgrounds, etc., etc. You are on a crusade for racism everywhere, even where none exists. You are officially the poster child for feigned racial victimology...

Here we go again...can't come up with reasonable COMMENT ....BUT SCREAM RACE CARD...Guess we can expect a Street Protest of Vandalism & Fires...guess you think Corrine Brown was NOT Guilty

that's you fatty from NY isn't it... I didn't realize you were sweet on brown sugar...


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