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Vern Buchanan Takes Over Tax Policy Subcommittee

January 10, 2018 - 4:45pm
Vern Buchanan
Vern Buchanan

A congressman from Florida will have a big seat at the table as Congress tries to implement the tax reform bill it passed last month. 

On Wednesday, Florida Republican Vern Buchanan was named as chairman of the House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee and his new responsibilities include examining the tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law and adjusting it if needed. 

Buchanan takes over the Tax Policy Subcommittee in the wake of reshuffling after Ohio Republican Pat Tiberi retired from Congress. 

“Throughout the past year, our subcommittee chairmen and members have worked on the American people’s top priorities – including delivering a new tax reform law that will create more jobs and increase paychecks,” said Republican Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday. “In the year ahead, our members will build on this historic success and pass more consequential legislation that will directly improve the lives of people across our country. Our new subcommittee chairs are experienced leaders who will help ensure that our Committee continues to deliver real results in 2018.”

“I look forward to chairing this important committee that will ensure a smooth implementation of  the largest overhaul of our tax code in more than three decades,” Buchanan said. “Whenever legislation as sweeping as the tax reform bill is passed, updates and adjustments will be needed to ensure it is implemented smoothly. I intend to make sure we focus on growing the economy and creating as many jobs as possible.

“It’s important that the middle class and working families are at the forefront of our country’s economic policy,” Buchanan continued. “I will also be focusing on our nation’s small businesses – the backbone of the American economy.”

The Bradenton Republican has been on the Ways and Means Committee since early 2011 and he has chaired the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee and the Human Resources Subcommittee. Buchanan continues to sit on the Health Subcommittee and Social Security Subcommittee. 



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I have faith in you because of what I have seen and heard over the years. Please do the best job for we lower income folks. I worked 54 years and retired to a SS check of $700 a month...feels bad to be taxed on money that I had to pay into the system...but even if that has to remain, please know that I have faith in you!!

Congratulations! You da Man! To do the job.loved your statement about using this opportunity to grow the economy and create jobs. That is what is needed to bring deficit down Bob

The right person for the job! Already positive impact of the new law. Vern will make "good" even "better".

If anyone can get the job done, Vern can, but, I’m sure it’s not w/o its challenges.

Having been a social studies teacher, I am aware of how long a law of this magnitude should have taken to move through Congress. I wish Rep. Buchanan the best of luck in sorting out and correcting the errors of whatever it is we ended up with after the historic "overnight" passage of this 500 plus page law.

Many have faith in Vern but the political process is so corrupt there is little hope.

As always I'm sure you will do a great job Congressman.

I am always proud of what you do and appreciate the fact that you look out for the low income families. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you

any job Vern has taken on in congress he has done it in to;p rate fashion. Quite sure he will be successful in this venture as well.

I'm sure Vern will do a great job, as he has done in any other office/position/committee he has served on. I am very honored and proud to have him be our Representative!

Right now it's a giveaway bill for the richest rich Americans, especially inheritors. Somehow I doubt that Vern will change this. But one can hope.

I think it’s wonderful , I know you will do a great job !

To the best of my knowledge, Vern is pretty conservative. Let's hope he can "command" the Herd of Cats he'll have to deal with!

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