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Nancy Smith

No Spot on PSC for 'Vulgar and Inappropriate' Ritch Workman

December 4, 2017 - 6:00pm
Ritch Workman and Lizbeth Benacquisto
Ritch Workman and Lizbeth Benacquisto

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Ritch Workman, the governor's appointee probably least qualified to serve on the Public Service Commission, won't.

The Melbourne Republican, a former state representative, was forced to withdraw his name from nomination Monday after Marc Caputo of Politico, outed his alleged "vulgar and inappropriate comments and gestures" at a charity event last year.

I Beg to Differ

“I’m honored the governor appointed me to the PSC," Workman told Politico. "But this will be a distraction to the governor and the state of Florida and the Senate. ..."

Workman claims he doesn't remember any such incident. Still, he was always unlikely to go the way of Sen. Jack Latvala and challenge or mount a major offensive against his accuser. Why? Because Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers is his accuser -- Benacquisto, chair of the Senate Committee on Rules, who said emphatically she will make sure Workman's nomination dead-ends with her gavel.

And according to Politico, after Gov. Rick Scott heard Benacquisto's allegations, "the Governor's Office privately told Workman ... he should withdraw his nomination."

Benacquisto issued this written statement:

“At a public charity event in 2016, former Rep. Ritch Workman approached me from behind, pushed his body up against me and made vulgar and inappropriate gestures. I immediately asked him to stop. He continued to make vulgar and inappropriate comments and gestures until other attendees intervened. I found his conduct to be abhorrent. As such, I will not agenda his appointment to the Public Service Commission for a hearing in the Senate Committee on Rules.”

Said Workman, "Out of respect to (the governor) and Sen. Benacquisto, I will not pursue my nomination.”

Finally, a smart move.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


95% of the Gov.'s nominees are not qualified to hold the positions he appoints them to. They are either friends or campaign workers...This idiot is no different...

I actually know Ritch and have known him for 20 years. I can tell you, since I know him, he did not do this. It's not him. These are lies against him. Makes me so frustrated with politics. Most of the time you just don't know what is what. But I can tell you, he would not do this.

Ha....these idiot comments of Israel...when you never even been as far as your back yard...Oh..that right your a Liberal...they only know History when it was something they read yesterday or heard on there Left wing FAKE LIES NEWS......

Women all over Florida thank you Sen. Benacquisto. Workman is a filthy pig.

I've known Ritch for years and he has never ever treated me or any other female that has been around poorly or made any inappropriate gestures, sexual comments etc. He has ALWAYS been respectful. It is sad that this woman who was so offended along with the people around her who supposedly stepped in didn't say anything till now? I would believe since it was such a spectacle at this event in front of multiple people it would have come to light before now especially since he was a representative then. I believe women feel empowered in some sort of witch hunt and this is sad for him and the state of Florida.

Like Patrick Swayzee said in "Roadhouse". "Be nice". Pondscum sucking politicians. And we elect them.

Workman is an "Israeli firster", in other words, a Zionist. Why do we in Florida have to have this allegiance to Israel? Thank you Sen Benacquisto, for exposing this person!!!!

You really managed to interject your anti-semitism into the issue. What a piece of work

Karma eventually comes around. Act kindly to everyone.

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nancy smith

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