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The Hypocrisy of the FDP Chair’s Race

November 30, 2017 - 6:00am

No wonder John Morgan left the Democratic Party. When he said there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans, he got it exactly right.

There is a big difference between the two on policy in most cases. There is little difference between the two in behavior. 

I’ve been saying it for a while now as it relates to the black community, the only difference there being, one is overt, the other covert, in its displays of racism.

The race for a new FDP chair is causing me to side-eye certain Democrats due to their MAJOR hypocrisy.

I’m seeing a petition floating around, demanding that the Miami Dade DEC keep Monica Russo, a candidate for chair of the FDP, out of its forum.

I’m seeing vicious Facebook posts arguing that allowing Russo to participate in that forum gives her an air of legitimacy that she doesn’t have, because she isn’t a current DEC chair, vice chair, or state committeewoman.

Let’s go back a year, when a lot of those SAME people wanted Dwight Bullard to be FDP chair.

Where was the petition against Dwight Bullard when he participated in the Big Bend Progressive Caucus’ FDP chair’s candidate forum alongside Lisa King? See the video on this page.

Dwight Bullard was ineligible to run as chair at the time. 

I should know. I orchestrated his move into the position of state committeeman for Gadsden County, a move that is well within the rules.

I know exactly when Dwight Bullard became eligible to run for chair, and it wasn’t at that forum.

If Dwight Bullard was allowed to participate in that party forum, not holding any current eligible position, and he was, it would seem highly discriminatory and suspect to now say Monica Russo can't do the same.

This witch hunt is stemming from the fact that certain people, most of whom have a weighted vote of ZERO in the voting process to elect the chair, want someone else.

Those people should spend their time whipping up votes for their desired candidate instead of trying to knock someone out in this manner.

It only makes those of us who didn’t really know Monica Russo say:

“Maybe she is the chair we need after all”, and start whipping up votes for her, and making a way out of seemingly no way.

In the cases of Stephen Bittel, Alan Clendenin, and Dwight Bullard, we all know that if someone wants Monica Russo badly enough, she WILL become eligible.

All of those people were accepted.

Exactly what seems to be the problem with Monica?

I genuinely want to know.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


So much acrimony! We need to learn to disagree without tearing our house down! Our values include helping each other up, not stepping on others to lift ourselves. For the case in hand, look at the candidates and support the one who best represents your focus on our shared values. Work to improve our processes that have been abused in the past but no endlessly replay the mistakes without benefit.

Leslie, Every sentence should not be its own paragraph unless every thought lasts for only a sentence. Your thoughts are fine, but your writing structure would not get a passing grade in junior high school..

So you say, Florida gurl, "I orchestrated his move into the position of state committeeman for Gadsden County." And how did that go for ya???? He couldn't even prove he was legally registered in Gadsden. People at the address he gave never heard of him. Humm? Is it fraud to register in a county you don't live in???? But even if he had been 'legal', his gross failure to pay his fines would have killed him. No sale!!!........Same for Monica when the honest folks find out how this was maneuvered by your new soon-to-be ousted buddy.

Oh, mangy Diane Brown, go crawl back under your rock. You stalk Leslie Wimes so much! It’s funny to watch! I hope those cigarettes you smoke kill you off soon!!

Yes anonymous, Paul Stolc was the organizer, and yes he allowed Dwight Bullard to participate in that forum, knowing Dwight wasn’t eligible. Now he is crying about Monica Russo. Go figure!

"Crying". That's cute.

Paul Stolc appears to be a typical lying democrat who got caught. “Do as I say, not as I do” huh, Paul?

The Big Bend DPC forum in question was an interview session for Lisa King. Dwight came to the forum of his own accord, invited by a non-caucus member and not the organizers. Please get your facts straight.

looks like he is participating to me. Whoever the organizers were allowed him to participate, which makes it even worse. Video doesn’t lie. Paul, are you the organizer? If so, you are busted dude!

Receipts, receipts, receipts!!! This is why I love you Leslie WImes! First of all, Monica Russo has done so much for the working class in this state! Folks better recognize that! Second, Labor and Democrats together? Winning!!!

what Morgan did was ingenious. By dropping out as a Dem and registering NPA, he has endeared himself to the largest and fastest growing party in FL, NPA (or Independent, if they would ever fix their filing snafu). The thought being he would likely get most NPA votes and I'm sure a good number of Dems and Reps who are tired of the same old crap... As far as the Dem chair, Lisa King is the hardest working lady in that party, and that's coming from an NPA.

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