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Vern Buchanan Doubles Down on Urging Trump to Stay in Paris Climate Accord

November 13, 2017 - 11:45am
Vern Buchanan and Donald Trump
Vern Buchanan and Donald Trump

On Monday, one of the most prominent members of the Florida congressional delegation called on President Donald Trump to reverse his decision on having the U.S. reject the Paris Climate Accord. 

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., who sits on both the U.S. House Budget and the Ways and Means Committee, doubled down on his call for the U.S. to continue operating under the accord, noting that Syria and  Nicaragua have now joined, making the U.S. the only country to reject the agreement. 

Back in May, Buchanan first urged the White House to continue to follow the agreement. 

“I strongly encourage the president to remain in the Paris climate accord,” Buchanan said at the end of May. “Climate change is a serious issue, especially for a state like Florida that has two coastlines vulnerable to rising waters. Only Syria and Nicaragua are not part of the 198-country agreement, which lays out voluntary goals for reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our withdrawal would send the wrong message to the world. Protecting the environment and growing the economy are not mutually exclusive,” Buchanan added. “We should be doing everything we can to accomplish both.”

On Monday, Buchanan insisted climate change will have a major impact on the Sunshine State. 

“Climate change is a serious threat, especially for a state like Florida that has two coastlines vulnerable to rising waters,” Buchanan said, “There is a reason why 196 nations across the globe support this voluntary and non-binding agreement.”

Buchanan also weighed in on how climate change can impact the economy. With more than three decades in the private sector, including serving as chairman of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and the Florida State Chamber of Commerce and serving on the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Buchanan is generally seen as an ally of the business community. 
“Protecting the environment and growing the economy are not mutually exclusive,” Buchanan said. “We should be doing everything we can to accomplish both.” 



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I think it's time for our boy Vern to get a primary challenge. And for you people that dismiss climate deniers as Neanderthal, when people like Al Gore stop buying waterfront property perhaps people will treat it more than with a grain of salt.

Vern Buchanan,... NOW, here's a guy who was named by "Judicial Watch" as "One of the TEN most corrupt politicians of 2012" (B. Hussein Obama was on that 'list' too !). Buchanan has been "pussyfooting" around Congress and the Sarasota area for over 12 years 'enriching" his existence; and NOW looking to create a little "family dynasty" in Congress. AND, Vern voted to 'fund' Obama's "ILLEGAL AMNESTY"! [Are you people in Bradenton & Sarasota ASLEEP, or just chronically NUMB ?!?]

You climate change deniers miss the point. Climate change is NOT a hoax, as some parrots repeat over and over again (It's a HOAX, Polly want a cracker), but a real threat to the valuable real estate of Longboat Key, Siesta Key and all the barrier 'sand bars' rich folks have been investing in. What you parrots are missing is that all those people on the barrier sand bars look for GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED FLOOD INSURANCE. Get educated, you parrots, by denying climate change you're allowing millionaires to lobby politicians to subsidize their ability to buy insurance at YOUR (and all taxpayers) expense. STOP subsidizing flood insurance and people will stop buying, and building on fragile land that will be underwater in 30 years.

"Underwater in 30 years.." THAT'S what the Calusa's and the Seminole's told the Explorers HUNDREDS of YEARS AGO ( and I think those Indians just might have 'punctuated' those "warnings" with: "Don't you Europeans feel it getting colder?" (Calusa's).....AND.....("Stop breathing so hard, you're heating up the air and sending our fish and food animals towards New Jersey"! (Seminoles).... C'mon "Dan B", search out a REAL "Earth Science Course" and immerse and enlighten yourself in it (BEFORE YOU SEND ANOTHER DIME TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ) !

The only reason I can think of as to why Buchanan would want the U.S. to remain in the Paris Accord is that he has a swampy vested financial interest himself or for his donor friend's businesses. Those third world countries of course want to get their hands on money from richer countries in the Accord. Let California, Germany, etc. foot the bill to those poor countries. Come to think of it, when is California going to succeed? Can't wait to apply for my passport to visit my relatives in California. I digress... Who is overseeing those third world countries to make sure environmental clean up money isn't going into fat cat croney business men's and corrupt politicians' pockets? Many swamp dwellers were counting on getting big money from the U.S. government out of the U.S. involvement in the Obama Paris Accord Agreement. It is our responsibility now to research every statement made by political types on both sides of the aisle. Follow the money to get to the truth.

Mr Buchanan, Climate Change is a HOAX! GET EDUCATED.

What is in it for the American People? Nothing! All these international agreements surrender sovereignty to nations who are destroying themselves and want to destroy us.

America is a "SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC";....And may "We The People" learn that, and NEVER FORGET IT !!!! [We are NOT a mere democracy ! ]

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