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Andrew Gillum Is Right: Milquetoast Won’t Cut It

November 4, 2017 - 6:00am

We saw milquetoast before in the form of Alex Sink. Heck, Gwen Graham actually reminds me of Sink, only Sink doesn’t run around saying, “Dad did this, and dad did that”.

Who's running? Bob Graham or Gwen?


How does that saying go? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Democrats should be tired of just coming “close”.

A candidate who is no more exciting than watching paint dry isn’t going to get people out to vote.

Ask Hillary Clinton. She raised a ton of money and yet she lost florida.

Why? She wasn’t inspiring. She wasn’t all that likable either, so that made it even worse. What happened? Democrats stayed home.

And that was a presidential election year, when turnout is usually much better.

The CANDIDATE is going to determine the turnout. That may not be fair, but it is what it is.

People want a champion. They want someone with a message they can believe in.

“My daddy was governor” isn’t that message.

“I’m a hugger” isn’t that message. Heck, in today’s climate, it may be abuse!

People like Andrew Gillum and John Morgan know how to fire people up.

Democrats are going to need to be fired up if there is any chance of winning back the governor’s mansion.

Andrew Gillum brought the house down at an otherwise lackluster Florida Democratic Party convention a week ago.

The enthusiasm was for GILLUM.

Let’s face it. He is a rock star.

The only other person I see generating anywhere close to the same level of enthusiasm IS John Morgan.

Morgan hasn’t declared yet. If he does, though, “I got 5 on it!!”

(Only certain people will get that reference! Ha!)

As it stands, of the declared candidates, Andrew Gillum is the one who appeals to just about all corners of the Democratic Party.

Andrew Gillum is the one who will inspire people to get out and vote.

Hopefully, the Florida Democratic Party doesn’t put its finger on the scale in the way that Donna Brazile just revealed the DNC did.

If they do, it will be another loss for Democrats.

Democratic centrist candidates can’t and won’t win.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


Tallahassee grand jury meets this week. Memo to Mayor Gillum: The FBI does not reveal hard or soft targets. Especially to someone interviewed for investigative purposes.

He has NO ethics, no real world experience and has been a disaster of a mayor. Governor? I don't think so. Inmate? Maybe. as going to need more than Fire Up the voters....Maybe Johnny the ambulance chaser will break out the Weed & get Democrats high to go to Voter poll...But then that may Back fire & they Forget who they went to Vote For....Ha...

Gillum's Forward Florida PAC is in the red! Do we want a Governor who can't balance a checkbook?

He’s a Democrat. Does it matter?

Sorry,,, my mistake.

I'm actually in agreement with this. The problem is that in 2018 all the flaws and blemishes were revealed in the Democrat Party. After the election those flaws and blemishes weren't dealt with and they are festering and are on the brink of being terminal for the Democrats. I welcome that outcome and although John Morgan might seem viable, the proctology exam he would get if he runs would probably bring down his Firm.

Writer has been a hack for Gillum for some time. But, putting that aside, here is the deal. (A). Morgan will not get in. he will not want the scrutiny his firm and every case they have taken to court would get. he likes being rich and impacting the state without actually living in the glass house of being in elective office. No incentive for him. Hes already rich, famous and powerful. Running for office will only risk all of that. I jut dont see it. (B) Gillum doesn't stand a chance. he is a black democrat in Florida.. a young one with no business experience.. actually no success of doing anything but being on the city commission, now mayor of a small or medium sized town and have bot even compelled one term of mayor. Hes not at all accomplished as a business man or even as a politician. He has nothing he can point to in Tallahassee as a bonifide accomplishment, and his city government (under his leadership) is under FBI investigation with the highest crime level in the state. he b needs to be a successful governor fist and have some accomplishments outside of government if he wants to be taken seriously as a black man in statewide politics. He is a gifted speaker and that's all. (C) Gwen is indeed boring and lacks the ability to give an enthusiastic speech or presentation. Her campaign is also very... well..... white bread. Not a lot of diversity around her. She will seriously need to have something else on the ballot that gives Democrats a reason to vote, because, they will not be excited by her and she will then only come close. She will likely be the nominee, but needs to find a consultant who can work with her on her presentation and speaking skills. The lack of a long record could help her, just like the having a political record at all is helpful. She doesn't have a lot of votes to look at, but also gets to say she served in congress. The my dad stuff is only going to help her with older democrats 50 and above who fondly remember her father. Thats a reliable voting block, and will give her that nostalgic vote for her fathers, but it is not a message and the other folks dont know who her father was. She needs to talk forcefully about what she is going to do and why as governor i her own right.. not her father. But, assent Morgan getting in she will win. (D)Phillip Levin will not even win Miami,and will never play well in the rest of Florida. He needs to have a serious talk with Alex Penelas so that he can understand that his base will not expand beyond the folks in S Florida who might vote for him. (E) Chris King is actually a great candidate. But, zero name ID. I look forward to him staying involved i politics for another race after this one.

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