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Veterans ID Cards Coming Next Month, Vern Buchanan Announces

October 12, 2017 - 10:15am
Vern Buchanan
Vern Buchanan

Two and a half years after his “Veterans ID Card Act" was signed into law, U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., announced on Thursday that veterans will be able to go online and apply for a Veteran ID Card next month. 

Buchanan brought out his bill to ensure all veterans receive ID cards from the VA instead of just those veterans who served 20 years in the armed forces or are seeking medical treatment for service-related wounds. In pushing his bill during 2015, Buchanan noted veterans are forced to carry DD-214 paperwork, which contains sensitive information including Social Security numbers, insisting an ID card would be more convenient and do a better job of keeping personal information secure.

On Thursday, Buchanan said veterans would be able to go to the VA’s website next month and apply for the ID cards. Veterans will need to upload a valid government ID such as passports and drivers licenses, a recent photograph for the Veteran ID Card and will need to provide details about their military service. The VA will mail the ID card directly to the veteran. During his efforts to pass the legislation, Buchanan insisted his bill was budget-neutral because veterans who opt for the ID card would pay a small fee, which the VA secretary would examine every five years.

“Every veteran – past, present, and future – will now be able to prove their military service without the added risk of identity theft,” Buchanan said. “These ID cards will make life a little bit easier for our veterans and serve as a constant reminder that our brave men and women in uniform deserve all the care and respect a grateful nation can offer.”

The House passed the bill in June 2015 with 402 representatives backing it and no votes cast against it. In the Senate, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.,offered an amendment to the bill ensuring all veterans would be eligible for the ID card. The Senate passed the amended bill without opposition, sending it back to the House, which passed it again, this time on a 411-0 vote. Then President Barack Obama signed the bill into law in July 2015. 

The Florida delegation stood in strong support of Buchanan’s measure. Then U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., who was the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and then U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla., the ranking Democrat on the committee at that time, both backed the bill. Other congressional representatives from Florida who co-sponsored the bill include Republican U.S. Reps Ander Crenshaw, Carlos Curbelo, Ron DeSantis, Mario Diaz-Balart, David Jolly, Bill Posey, Dennis Ross and Ted Yoho, and Democrats U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch and Alcee Hastings. The bill has also won the backing of veterans groups including AMVETS and Veterans for Common Sense (VCS). Miller and Crenshaw retired from Congress in 2016 while Brown and Jolly were turned out of office. 



Vern Buchanan's Proposal to Replace DD-214 With Veterans ID Card Delayed Until 2017

Obama Signs Vern Buchanan's Bill to Replace DD-214 With Veterans ID Card Into Law


Hi everyone, I was able to find the information and just completed my application. Go to It takes a few steps, you first have to create and account and once you do that it allows you to start the process of applying for VIC, Veterans Id Card. I hope this helps. We have already paid for one, but thought it would be also good to have this too. Merry Christmas! God Bless America

Can someone post a link to the website where we would apply for this? Veterans Administration site is not transparent about the offering. My husband needs one. He is a Korean War veteran who does not use VA insurance. Will VA offices be offering the cards or is it online only?

Hello, Just applied for VIC, Veterans ID Card for my husband. Go to, make an account. Once this is done, then you can click apply for your Veterans Id card, you have to upload a copy of your license and then verifications through your phone & email. I hope this helps. God Bless & Merry Christmas

Certain benefits are based on percent disability. Will this be on the card?

Florida driver’s license shows a small driver’s photo and a large ‘V’ in the corner of the vet’s drivers license. If you are a vet and do not have this added license feature, I urge you to go to DMV with your DD214 and get this very visible add-on.

If you have to upload passport, drivers license, and current photo online plus fill in military service information, seems best to go to a VA office and have them take your photo, and bring in dd214 or discharge papers. But wait. Then.... then again, we are talking about the VA. Probably take hours just to do that.

A bit confused here...........Why do we have to go online and risk Identity Theft, by sending a copy of our Drivers License, etc......via the Internet, when we can go directly to the V.A. and get the I.D.???? The old-Fashioned and SAFE way.

When you renew your driver's licence, your new license will indicate your "Veteran status" if you show your DD214 or Discharge certificate. (No need to play Vern Buchanan's "see me, hear me, vote for me" game)

Don't quite understand what a drivers license has to do with a veteran id card from the VA. Drivers license is state. Wouldn't you rather have a true federal document? Seems it would be a bit more accepted nation wide with uniform eligibility unlike drivers license from various states with various eligibility requirements thus creating confusion. Would retailers in Montana care about giving someone from TEXAS a discount based on his TEXAS drivers license?

Florida driver’s license shows a small photo and a large ‘V’ in the corner of the vet’s drivers license. If you are a vet and do not have this added license feature, I urge you to go to DMV with your DD214 and get this very visible add-on.

Vern is an unbelievably shameless panderer, on EVERY issue, and for EVERY opportunity to put his name and picture in EVERY voters' face EVERY two years just prior to an election (just like he was selling cars). You can do better than Vern; HIS agenda is not YOUR agenda Folks. "Judicial Watch" didn't vote Vern "One of the 10 most corrupt politicians in 2012" for no reason... As 'voters', it is your right, and your duty, to aid Americans in "cleaning the swamp"

Corrine Brown was indicted. Sitting in prison bout now. But she said she was framed by the FBI. Didn't do nuttin wrong she said.

Daniel, we're discussing the merits of Vern's bill to give veterans ID cards. Stay on topic, please.

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