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Letter to the Editor: Push Congress Members to Pass Tax Reform Now

August 31, 2017 - 4:00pm

As the congressional “August recess” wraps up and members of Congress get ready to head back to Washington next week, this is the last chance tell your U.S. representative and senator face-to-face what Congress ought to get done this year.

We’re telling them to get to work immediately to pass a budget and then pass tax reform.

The good news: There has been some momentum on tax reform this month. Tax-writing committee Chairman Kevin Brady and House Speaker Paul Ryan have been traveling the country meeting with taxpayers and businesses to discuss their plans for tax reform. They have committed to passing tax reform this fall that will set fair business rates, simplify the code and close loopholes that will boost jobs and wages and get the economy growing again.

This is encouraging news, but Congress has a daunting to-do list when members return to Washington. It’s critical to make sure your representative is hearing from you about why Congress must pass a budget and get to work on tax reform now -- the clock is ticking!

Find out where your representative and senator will be this month and get involved in the conversation on social media using #TaxReformNow. Also, follow the Main Street Growth and Opportunity coalition on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with the most recent news on tax reform. 

Barney Bishop is the immediate past president of the Associated Industries of Florida and current small business owner.


Gee, Barney . . . . . . what happened to that bottom line you like to use when sticking it to Democrats of "Barney Bishop III is the former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party . . . . A self-described conservative Democrat, he believes in a strong private enterprise system as the hallmark of a strong democracy." . . . . . . . despite the fact you haven't voted for a Democratic President or Governor since sometime last century . . . . . . . . . . . . oh that's right, wouldn't want to disclose that and let SSN's GOP-type readers get to disown your views expressed in this article, now would you . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PATHETIC . . .

My representatives, Rep Ron DeSantis and Sen Marco Rubio do not hold community meetings because they are too afraid to face their constituents. No tax reforms until we see tRumps tax returns. How do we know he is not just pushing things that are favorable to him? No corporate tax reductions. With the huge profits they are making, do they need it? Get them to lower the salaries and benefits packages to their CEOs instead.

The American people aren't buying their slight of hand. Bunch of hooey

Try the District of Columbia approach. It works, while Kansas and the Koch Bro's appointed Governor, Sam Brownback's effort ran off the cliff and almost killed the state.

ROTFLMAO!!!!.............. Republicans can't even pass the debt ceiling to pay for everything they passed...........They didn't even have a healthcare plan other than don't get sick even though had 8 yrs!!.............Then they have to pass a budget which like they have since getting power, a continuing resolution instead because they couldn't agree..................No even among themselves. But they couldn't be bothered to pass a bipartisan bill, letting they biggest nutjobs control the congress instead of reaching across the isle for a decent consensus budget...........................Same with tax reform which they could have done any time with Obama who wanted it as it needs reforming, simplifying. ................. But then they'd have to make it decent instead of the giveaway to the rich they are doing again........................ By the time Trump is done, the republican party will be so despised because it'll only have some racists and such pitiful excuse for humans left. Good job.

It seems to me that YOU, "jerry" are a Socialist. The democRATS have done all they could to prevent ANYTHING from getting passed. Face it - BOTH political parties have problems. Why doesn't the Leftist, Socialist Dems HELP get some of these issues? Put a "RESIST" bumper sticker on your car.

What are you smoking Jerry?? The republicans inherited the Barack Hussein Obama's budget deficit. If you recall in 8 yrs. the community agitator more than doubled the debt, and we got nothing for it. Oh yes deductibles went up conveniently after he left office. I have to admit he was a shrewd SOB leaving a mess for whoever was elected. That says a lot for your candidate Hillary "Ramrod" Clinton and what he planned for her seeing all you drooling left wing nut thought you had in in the bag. Kind of like the past Superbowl. "HOW DID WE LOSE"...........:)))))

"Swamp..", Far TOO MANY of the "commenters " who respond to "SSN" articles on this site are, unfortunately, neotenous individuals with absolutely no hope of any successful form of enlightenment.

" They have committed to passing tax reform this fall that will set fair business rates, simplify the code and close loopholes that will boost jobs and wages and get the economy growing again." Same old Republican mantra. None of these reforms has led to any of the scenarios you lay out. Business that pay less taxes use the cash to buy back their stock in an attempt to raise the stock price. Stock price is often a criteria for cash and stock bonuses. Trickle down was a disaster under Reagan and Bush. It will be a catastrophe under the the Creep In Chief.

Wall Street wants tax reform. If you ask about the debt ceiling, Barney couldn't tell you. These aren't fiscally conservative folks if they're trying to implent tax entitlements to the very rich and big corporations for the state. Average and poorer Americans won't see a dime cut from.theor taxes next year because they'll be forced to pay federal budget themselves sinve we're giving huge tax breaks to corporations. Big debt, we're about to raise the debt ceiling. Tax reform of any cuts to the corporate tax rate will result in an Increasing a deficit we've been trying to shrink for the past 18 years.

WTF is running through your head? Tax reform when Houston is a disaster as a result of failing to implement environmental protection safeguards and selling out to big money, like you.

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