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The Right to Vote

August 30, 2017 - 9:15am

On July 4, 2017, 15,000 immigrants were sworn in as new American citizens -- something each and every one of them worked hard to attain. On that day, they earned the most sought-after citizenship in the world and swore they would support and defend our Constitution. And on that day, along with their citizenship, they were granted the right and the responsibility to vote.

Voting is a right that we, as Americans, hold dear. It is the right to choose the leaders who represent us. It is the foundation of a democratic republic. That’s why we must protect that right and not minimize the value of it by allowing noncitizens the same right.  
There are more than 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. These illegal aliens have crossed our borders, violated our laws and ignored the processes we have in place to keep our citizens safe.  
And, yet, there are cities throughout the United States that willingly ignore this violation of the law. Many cities, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, proudly call themselves “sanctuary cities,” where violent illegal aliens can find refuge and forgiveness for any violations of the law they have committed. These sanctuary cities put the safety of all American citizens at risk to harbor fugitives.  
Even worse, some cities across our nation have taken it a step further. Not only are they allowing violent illegal aliens to remain within their boundaries without the threat of getting caught, but some cities are going so far as to grant illegal aliens the right to vote in America.  
In San Francisco, voters passed a proposition in 2016 that grants illegal aliens with school age children the right to vote in school board elections. The proponents of the measure argued that they wanted better representation on the school board, and, if their kids -- children of illegal immigrants -- are in school, then they should have a voice on the school board.  
Now, a college town in Maryland is mulling a similar initiative. College Park is currently weighing a new measure to permit illegal aliens to vote in elections. Proponents of the measure argue that residents -- no matter their legal status -- rely on critical government services and should have the opportunity to weigh in. Should College Park approve this absurd measure, it would be one of 11 cities in the Maryland to do so. 
Cities like San Francisco and College Park, among others, have lost their American values, and have been overrun by liberals. They have forgotten the principles our nation was founded on -- the right for American citizens to choose our leaders -- in granting foreigners who violated our laws to come to our country the right to shape our country’s future through voting.  
It is simple: You are either an American citizen or you are not. If you are, you enjoy the rights and privileges of American citizenship. And you also bear the responsibility to ensure its safety and survival for generations to come. The right to vote should not be allowed or practiced by anyone who was not born in our country or who has not taken the necessary, legally required steps to become a citizen of our nation. This right is too precious to grant to those who have not earned it.  

Adam Putnam is a native of Bartow. He is a Republican running for governor.


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1.5 million exfelons can't vote. And it is Republicans, like Putman, who maintain the stripping of Constitutional Rights. For that reason I can't support any Republicants

I see a whole bunch of people who don't read, understand and respect the Constitution. When, and I hope it never comes, they start losing their heads they will be begging for the people who have pride in The United States of America to save them.

I am most concerned about the hacking of our voting infrastructure that kept legitimate voters from participating in the presidential election. I would prefer our elected officials focus on that issue. We also need to return the right to vote to those who have paid their debt to society for past transgressions.

A large part of the 'official' swearing in, which is missing, is the part explaining to the 15,000 immigrants very slowly, is the explanation of what America considers as crimes and the punishment for committing them!

Only way I would not automatically vote for Putnam is if Huckabee runs. Then I would have to think about it. OK. I have thought about it. Putnam for governor.

The Putnam name has long been a part of Florida. I have met with him - I have chatted with him. He KNOWS Florida, and will make an Excellent GOVERNOR! By the way - only CITIZENS can vote based upon our Constitution, Amendment XV.

8 yr ago Putman would have had my vote as a reasonable person. But since he has been doing crap like this making up problems that don't exist and other far right BS.................Nor am I think only one noticing and no one is scared of the now trewp.

Other than your atrocious use of English... so you think "Illegals" should have the RIGHT to Vote? Why not go to some other Country, and try to Vote on THEIR "voting day"? You are one of the inmates trying to run the asylum.

That you think it is a problem only shows how ignorant you are and want to stay.. How many times have they check and found nothing? ................. Likely John Morgan will be our next governor.. ........... Most anyone but Opie.

Just one more reasons "everybody hates Florida." What a cesspool of thinking by failed confederate traitors. Stop dividing people. No America is not special. If you are ACTUALLY a Christian, you know Christ existed before this toxic dump of a wasteland. Because so many of you idolize a stupid flag, GOD is destroying this conservative Sodom and Gomorrah, right in front of your precious eyes. Ezekiel 16:49-50 declares, "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. " Basically the Republican values destroying America today.

Find a doorknob and work off some of that anger and hatred

"Plain speaking" is unusually refreshing, and welcome, from a political candidate (especially one who has a "history" of "plain-speaking") ! THIS Democrat WILL be voting for YOUR brand of 'already known' honorable service ! ! !

Go jump in the C! Putnam is nothing but a Trump wannabe who has nothing to say about the real issues plaguing FL so he makes up phoney story to scare people and drive contributions. Voter fraud is a non issue. Gerrymandering is the biggest problem with our voting system. Fix that and see who wins at the polls.

As the comments below show, the last couple generations were taught that all things are relative; there are no truths. From there, it follows that one country and culture is as good as another. So, since the United States is nothing special, it isn't worth defending. As we see today, when successive generations are taught that American citizenship isn't a precious jewel worth defending, . . . America will not be defended. Instead, it will be overrun with peoples who not only do not intend to assimilate, they intend to replace the American tradition with inferior cultures. Great column Adam Putnam.

This man wants to be the leader of the state? His message is riddled with HATE! Not just against against undocumented immigrants but also "LIBERALS" - translate - Democrats...........And lying too. He implies the 11,000 undocumented immigrants living in the US put Americans lives in jeopardy. Lots of research shows that violent crime by undocumented immigrants is very low.......He falsely claims sanctuary cities protect violent undocumented immigrants. I have never read or heard anything to back up that claim.......Where are his Christian values?

"Where are his Christian values?"...... "Diane", just wait until you have to endure Muslim "values", such as those CRUSHING Europe right now. (Don't think it could happen???..Neither did Europe.

This is a FALSE and intentionally divisive statement - anti-immigrant-bating. Let's get the facts straight. The US Constitution states in Amendment XV, which was ratified by the states in 1870: "Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.....and remember we had to pass yet another constitutional amendment to grant women the right since the constitution itself denied and abridged those rights to American citizens. The Right of foreigners to vote is a DIFFERENT ISSUE. It is a STATES RIGHTS ISSUE. The federal law does not prohibit non-citizens from voting in state or local elections. From 1776 until 1926 in 40 states and federal territories, residents (men - not women) who weren't citizens could vote in local, state, and even sometimes federal elections. There are states and cities today that allow foreigners to vote in school board and other municipal elections. If Florida doesn't want foreigners voting in state and municipal elections, it can prohibit that. BUT please don't confuse the issue. To do so and attempt to inflame passions on this matter is not honorable.

"Key word" in your diatribe: "CITIZEN" ! [Short of THAT,'re "ALL WET"!

Let me ask you this: first it's rather basic to assume that nothing in government is 100% perfect. Next, if you accept that nothing it 100% perfect, would you rather err on the side of a mistake in allowing a non-citizen to vote or would you err on the side of disallowing a citizen their right to vote?

NON-"Citizens" have NO RIGHT TO VOTE ! NOR SHOULD they be 'allowed'---EVER ! ! !

You should always err on the side that honors the person's constitutional rights. If the constitution allows non-citizens to vote in certain instances, that is their right. We cannot pick and choose which constitutional provisions or which laws we want to enforce, for sooner or later YOUR rights will be violated.

Non-citizens do not have a right to vote coming from the Constitution. What liberal states allow is not the law of the land.

You DON"T HAVE "Constitutional Rights" UNLESS YOU ARE A "CITIZEN" of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Short of THAT legal "Citizenship", YOU are merely a 'guest'....So, Don't try to FORCE your nonsense upon OUR Country and OUR CITIZENS by falsely subverting the words and meaning of OUR U.S Constitution to suit your self-serving, selfish intent and actions!

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