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Florida Voters Want Confederate Statues to Stay, Support Concealed Carry

August 29, 2017 - 9:45am
Robert E. Lee Memorial in Fort Myers
Robert E. Lee Memorial in Fort Myers

A new poll shows Florida voters support keeping statues honoring the leaders of the Confederacy, continue to support concealed carry and have concerns with former President Barack Obama’s health-care law. 

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) released a new poll looking at where voters in the Sunshine Stand stand on some of the leading issues in the news on Tuesday. 

Almost half of those surveyed--49 percent--think statues and memorials honoring the Confederacy should remain standing in public places while 30 percent say they should be removed. More than a fifth of those surveyed--21 percent--are undecided. 

Despite that, Florida voters were far more divided on President Donald Trump’s take on saying “there is blame on both sides" for the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month as protesters took to the streets and clashed over removing a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The poll shows 44 percent disagree with Trump’s assessment, 42 percent agree with him and 14 percent are undecided. 

Turning to Second Amendment issues, a plurality of those surveyed--43 percent--say Floridians should be allowed to carry concealed handguns in public places as long as they have a license while 15 percent prefer open carry and 7 percent back the idea of carrying handguns in public places without licenses. A third of those surveyed--34 percent--think Floridians should never be able to carry handguns in public places. 

With Republicans in Washington, D.C. failing to overturn Obama’s health-care law, Florida voters are divided on what to do with the Affordable Care Act. The poll finds 37 percent want to repeal the law while 30 percent want to keep it in its current form. A third of those surveyed--33 percent--want to see parts of the law repealed but do want to repeal it completely. 

The poll of 800 registered voters in Florida was taken from Aug. 24 through Aug. 26 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 


Let the voters decide... As a veteran, they are a symbol of a time in our country that should not be celebrated. The south broke the law and were fighting for the continued enslavement of our people. They were in violation of the constitution. These statues were erected mostly during the Jim Crow days, in opposition to the Civil Rights movement. The soldiers who fought should be celebrated, they were called and they served. However, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were war criminals, no different than Hitler or Mussolini. They violated the law. They were not from Florida and never did anything for Florida. If you knew your history, you would know what this was done for and why. No statue should ever be erected with private money without public approval. Still the voters should decide, as it is now their monument, whether they wanted it or not. Everyone has an opinion, but it would be better if everyone at least tried to have an informed one.

You're no "Veteran" "truth", you're too ignorant and stupid to have passed the test to be accepted into our military...(If we gave you ammunition, you'd probably end up just shooting yourself in the foot...( so "own up", exactly whose Army do you pretend to have been in?)

name the time or place, and we'll see who is the veteran. Only one of us will leave and it won't be you...

Your comment stands as a testimonial of why we should remove monuments honoring people who thought blacks were subhuman and deserved to be enslaved. Here is the proof - speech by the vice president of the CSA, Alexander Stephens. "Our new Government [the CSA] is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

Your editorial is misleading. You indicate the poll shows that, "A new poll shows Florida opposes former President Barack Obama's healthcare law." That is simply not true. 70% do not want the law repealed. Of those, "A third of those surveyed--33 percent--want to see parts of the law repealed but do want to repeal it completely". It would be better if you reported the truth.

See what I mean "truth"?...You would never have passed the "intelligence test" !

like I said coward, time or place... Your no veteran. A veteran would never question a brother's service.

My family goes back in the South before there was a South. History is History. Revisionistas are everywhere!

Moving civil war monuments to more appropriate places (than public spaces) is not revising history.

This is exactly as it should be...let the voters decide.

Bet you're all for a "constitutional convention" too, aren't you "truth" (Thank the Lord you're only allowed ONE vote,...any more than that and you'd only hurt yourself)

like you would know, you trailer park fool... take your coward ass back to NY and quit harassing real veterans mamma's boy...

Well, I participated in this poll and they had my vote correctly! This story cannot be considered non-factual as it was, indeed, very factual and displayed clear and positive FACTS. Good job, Kevin!

The headline was a fine example of demagoguery. It makes the reader immediately go to the idea that those that want to protect the confederate statutes also support the right to carry. The article in no way even implies this linkage. Stop trying to sell news. Instead tell us the facts. Disgusting how the media has fallen into the mud with the swine.

Actually, I think they go together. The Civil War was against freedom for blacks; being armed to fight criminals on the street is based on hyperbole about black on white crime.


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