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Bill Nelson, Rick Scott Running Close in New 2018 Senate Poll

August 29, 2017 - 8:30am
Bill Nelson and Rick Scott
Bill Nelson and Rick Scott

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Gov. Rick Scott are running close in a new poll looking at what is expected to be one of the leading Senate races in the nation come 2018. 

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) released a poll on Tuesday showing Nelson with a narrow lead over Scott, taking 42 percent while 40 percent are for the governor and 18 percent remain undecided. 

Nelson is above water in the poll with 36 percent of those surveyed approving of his performance in Washington D.C. while 32 percent disapprove of it. Despite Nelson being on the Florida political stage for more than four decades, almost a third of those surveyed--32 percent--are undecided on him. 

FAU did not include a question in the poll on what voters think of Scott’s performance in Tallahassee. 

Monica Escaleras, the director of FAU’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI), noted that there is something of a generational gap in Florida when it comes to the Senate race. 

“Our poll found younger voters 18 to 34 years old are more likely to vote for Scott, while voters 55 and over favor Nelson,” Escaleras said on Tuesday. “It will be interesting to see what the candidates do to try to draw support from each of those generations.”

Nelson is in better shape than his Senate colleague according to the poll. FAU’s poll shows U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who won a second term last year and is not up again until 2020,  is upside down with 40 percent disapproving of him while 34 percent approve of him. More than a quarter of those surveyed--26 percent--are unsure of Rubio, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. 

Despite carrying Florida last year over former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump is also upside down in the poll with 47 percent disapproving of his performance while 37 percent approve of it and 16 percent are undecided. 

The poll of 800 registered voters in Florida was taken from Aug. 24 through Aug. 26 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 


To, The Voters, The Florida State, The United States Of America. Dear Sirs and Madams, We request that the Voters of the Florida State,the Independent Voters,the Voters of the Republican Party,and the Voters of the Democratic Party,vote for Mr.Rick Scott in the United States Senate Election in Florida on 6th November,2018. Sincerely, Mr.Khin Win, Ms.Khin Than Myint, Mr.Win Myint Oo, Ms.Khin Thu Zar Phyo, Mr.Khant Ko Ko, Mr.Zaw Win Myint, Ms.Kyawk Kyawk Htway, Mr.Chit Tun, Ms.Myint Myint Khin, Ms.Thet Thet Htway, Mr.Nyein Chan, Mr.Myo Min Toe, Ms.Chan Mya Aye, Mr.Phone Pyae Zone, Ms.Phoo Thakhin, Mr.Win Thu Tun, Ms.May Myo, [Mr.Aye Chan], [Ms.Thin Thin Aye], Mr.San Myint, Ms Myat Myat Htway, Ms.Eaint Eaint Thu, Mr.Thu Rane Zaw (Mr), and Ms.Na Di Moe Yan.

Bill Nelson is the reason we need term limits for members of Congress. Bill Nelson has turned into a joke and he needs to retire.

Rick Scott 2018!

Ha....who did this POLL...snowflakes n sex changers...???....Punk Nelson has no WAY....he is OUT in 2018 in DC ....Floridians on the Street had enough of Him....& you think he is Going to Be ELECTED must be using the People that said Hillary was going be Pres.....Ha.....DREAM ON...

i agree. I remember meeting him when Bill Gunter was insurance commisioner inf Fla. back in hte 80"s He had a different mindset then, not the current fossil he has turned into. This guy is part of the swamp that needs to go. He votes for his party not for the residents of Florida. I wrote him advising him to retire and leave to save grace, but he is still at it. Has any one bothered to see his personal financials and see his net worth in the last 30 years in office? You will be unpleasantly surprise, the old established RHINOS have mad themselves rich on our backs. Corrupt politicians should be ousted! Jack Dali

nice try O'Reilly wannabe, perhaps you could get a job back in NY as a trash man...

Another "college class exercise" POLL?!?!?...WHAT A JOKE ! The "Ride-along-rocketeer-'Zippy' Nelson ("Don't touch any buttons or switches "Senator Zippy"!), is about as close to Scott, as a mouse is as close to an Elephants ass. THAT'S MY POLL!!! (Let's see whose polls are more accurate...ONCE AGAIN).

you wouldn't know anything about college or counting azz clown, go back to NY...

Truly clash of the Titans. Bill Nelson has lost one race in his life - to Lawton Chiles. A loss that Grace will never forgive him for. Rick Scott is always underestimated. He's awkward, but in an authentic goofy sort of way, and he's loaded to get his message out. Nelson is the safest, most risk averse politician in America. Rick Scott is a one 3 trick pony - jobs, jobs, jobs. This one is gonna be a tossup and go down to the wire on election day.

I think you are right.

ANY "do nothing" like "Zippy the Rocketeer Nelson", can be "the safest, most risk averse politician in America";...and the Country is LOADED with "do nothing politicians" like "Zippy Nelson" that 'We The People' are in the process of getting rid of... (and you're probably another one "TallyWally")!

shut up you damn yankee free loader and go back to NY azz clown...

pasture breeze : You're really intelligent... telling someone "shut up, etc." --- Why do you bother with such inane submissions. Likely you have a small mind and feel you can "Cloak" your identity and stupidity on the net. Yes, you can. But you're STILL stupid.

No worries, Scott will pump millions into the race to buy this office too...

WHAT IS THAT "money talks"?!?!?...."Hillary-Think', philosophy"? (Didn't work very well, did it "m t" ?)

go back to NY limpster...

pasture breeze : You've got to be a SUTHIN' BOY who still flys a Confederate flag - time to get over it and STOP EATING those "pasture" (Cow) pies - they're clouding your World-View of politics, and you STILL think democRATS and "Snowflakes" are all bad. It curious that you think Conservatives are from NY... the city FULL of Rich Jewish Democrats...

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