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DEC Chair Susan McGrath: 'The Uhurus are Domestic Terrorists!'

July 13, 2017 - 4:45pm

Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee chair and Rick Kriseman campaign supporter Susan McGrath has labeled the International People's Democratic Uhuru movement a terrorist organization.

In a Facebook conversation between McGrath and St. Petersburg Police Department Detective George Lofton, Lofton asked, "When are people going to wake up and see the Uhurus for what they are: domestic terrorists"?

Susan McGrath responded, "That's exactly what they were tonight..."

(See a screenshot of the Facebook exchange reproduced on this page.)

Does the St. Petersburg Police Department know something that we should know? Is the SPPD working in tandem with the FBI currently?

All I know is, I wouldn't want to be a member of the Uhuru movement and have any type of interaction Detective Lofton.

With the rash of killings of unarmed black men by police, any confrontation between the Uhurus and Lofton would not end well at all.

You are guilty already, based on his social media post. You are "dangerous".

Susan McGrath concurring with this statement shows why Democrats are in a dog fight for the black vote in the St. Petersburg mayor's race.

They want the black vote, but they don't want the black voice!

The only black people McGrath has use for are ones who toe her line.

This isn't the first time McGrath has attempted to control the black community.

When the St. Petersburg chapter of the National Council of Negro Women invited Jamal Bryant to speak at their annual MLK Breakfast, it was Susan McGrath who decided Bryant should be uninvited.

She made it her mission to have him uninvited. She wanted to protest his speech. Did that make her a domestic terrorist? 

Bryant spoke anyway.

Susan McGrath
Susan McGrath

In another Facebook post, McGrath said black people should behave in a respectful manner like Martin Luther King Jr. or John Lewis.

Well, Susan, Martin Luther King Jr. was respectfully murdered and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga. respectfully had his brains beaten in!

Black people have had to deal with disparaging labels for a while now.

Susan and George have added "domestic terrorist" to the list.


Because the Uhurus aren't "behaving".

Since when is disrupting a debate forum domestic terrorism?

Since when is vocally supporting one's candidate domestic terrorism?

Det. George Lofton
Det. George Lofton

The way the Uhurus are exercising their first amendment right may not be the way Susan and George choose to do so, but that doesn't make them domestic terrorists.

In this day and age, throwing that term around is what is dangerous, especially coming from a law enforcement official and someone who is serving in the capacity as the leader of the Democratic Party in that area.

Susan McGrath has been working very closely with the Rick Kriseman campaign. Is that how Kriseman feels about the Uhurus?

What does Chief Holloway think? Is there an ongoing investigation that would lead an SPPD detective to publicly declare the Uhurus a domestic terrorist organization?

Inquiring minds want to know ...

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


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Lofton and McGrath are totally out of line. They are trying to incite people to violence against people for cheering loudly at a public event. Lofton clearly has a chip on his shoulder, and this inciting of violence and slandering an entire group of people has to end. They both should lose their jobs.

They incite violence and destruction of south St. Pete. They celebrate murder. Perhaps Leslie Wimes supports that. Calling them terrorists is not too much of a stretch. They have a first amendment right to speak out but not to shout down others.

Is your name Tom Tito?! Stop trying with your reactionary nonsense.

Both Diane and Rick look the part...fat, nasty pigs. Absolutely disgusting. If they are going to take care of the people like they take care of themselves then the Uhuru movement needs to get paid for their services of disrupting their events. Those two gluttonous sows can't be good for the community.

Nobody wants that kind of black vote anyway...

I am a person born in South America and I can't realize the hate and racism create KKK is totally living here in this community. African american people are still in the slavery position and white supremacy believe they are right. They teach their children to scare about black people. I can't believe this is America the great. This is another thing. People is fighting for their right like centuries ago.

I am a person born in South America and I can't realize the hate and racism create KKK is totally living here in this community. African american people are still in the slavery position and white supremacy believe they are right. They teach their children to scare about black people. I can't believe this is America the great. This is another thing. People is fighting for their right like centuries ago.

Susan McGrath is known in Pinellas County to care about one thing, and one thing only, and that is the gay agenda. If it isn't about the gays or gay pride, you can forget it with her. She is a disgrace as DEC Chair. If Kriseman loses the black vote, thank Susan McGrath!

Also Leslie, you are very much hateful & racist. I've read your hate-filled rhetoric for a very long time, and wonder why SSN let's you keep spewing ignorance. Well, they are perhaps intimidated, knowing you will viciously attack them one day if you finally get shut up. Calling them racists and bigots. You're just plain nasty woman (not lady).

You are the idiot. If you think Leslie is all of these things and you keep reading, what does that say about you? I think it says that you have no self control. Get a life buddy!!

I'm a big Robert Ruark fan. "Something of Value" his Pulitizer winning classic about the Mau Mau in Kenya in the early 50's. And how they were dealt with. Jomo Kenyatta and that bunch of terrorist thugs. Later on, his book "Uhuru" another classic. As I recall, "Uhuru" means "freedom" in Swahilie, or Kikkukyu or one of those lingos. Africa ran off European white men and took over with black rule. Country devastated, all the money the liberal European white people sent immediately stolen. As usual. Domestic terrorism sounds bout right.

Leslie, Poppa Oscar please. The Uhuru Movement is nothing short of terroristic. Even if you think they're cause is noble, they're actions are terrible. Terrible & Terrorists are similar ayy. You can paint them pretty and as freedom fighters all you wish to, but a pig with lipstick is still a pig. You lose all credibility without at least some objectivity.

What are the "actions" that the UHURU movement has done that is "terrorist"? Because when did hurting white peoples feelings become "terrorism"?

Please name one terrorist act that any Uhuru has ever been convicted of. I didn't think so.

When your demonstrations disrupt the peaceful, civilized debate in such a manner that it was ended, that is no longer demonstration, it is disturbing the peace and it is a violation of the law. They interjected so vigorously, that no one could talk and the interjections ultimately ended in profanity, threats and violence, where people were pushing and shoving each other and the debate had to be ended with police involvement. Don't take my word for it. Here is the definition of what happened that night. "Disturbing the peace is a crime generally defined as the unsettling of proper order in a public space through one's actions. This can include creating loud noise by fighting or challenging to fight, disturbing others by loud and unreasonable noise, or using profanity." It is inappropriate to list this as domestic terrorism, but violators of the law in this instance, they are and should be dealt with as such...

You are not quoting "facts", but lies fabricated by the Tampa Bay Times and the likes of McGrath and Lofton! There was no "shoving"! Produce video of that. I watched the debate. Applause is normal at a political debate. To throw around the slander of "domestic terrorism" just reveals to the world (and the world is watching) that there is no democracy for Black people in the U.S.A.! The 2Ricks' suppression of free speech by excluding Jesse Nevel from the televised debate, and now excluding the general public from it as well, only exposes their contempt for democracy and all the principles that this country "supposedly" stands for, according to the propaganda it puts out. Despite the pitiful attempts to block the people from hearing all the candidates, and despite the filthy slander the ruling class broken political machine tries to throw, the people have heard the candidates because even your talking about it lets them know there is a movement speaking to their interests! They don't care what the 2Ricks and their cronies say! And they will vote !!!

"Disturbing the peace is a crime generally defined as the unsettling of proper order in a public space through one's actions. This can include creating loud noise by fighting or challenging to fight, disturbing others by loud and unreasonable noise, or using profanity." Sounds like every football game I have ever attended. To me it just sounds like fear. Fear that the Black community will no longer sit still and be silenced and that scares the hell out of the white political "elite" and the status quo.

Football games outside of Oakland don't usually have threatening behavior that ends in violence idiot...

Please state the EXACT "threatening behavior" you referred to and please provide whatever proof of that behavior that exists. By the way, were you even THERE? Please provide the proof of this "violence" you speak of. There were PLENTY of cameras there and I have not seen footage of a SINGLE VIOLENT ACT. please,by all means, put up or shut up.

So, again, all of that to say they aren't domestic terrorists. Ok.

No, just criminals...

IF and WHEN threats of violence, support of violence, or actual violence occurs.....that is terrorism. Those that advocate such actions are either supporting or are terrorists. Demonstrations, making public, or speaking out against organizations is the exercise of our first amendment rights. One caveat.... When reasonable laws are broken in the process, those persons breaking the laws should be taken into custody - peacefully. ie Don't demonstrate on Interstate Highways and other places that put lie and limb in danger. That's not doing any cause any good.

Susan McGrath is terrorizing my eyes in that picture. What the hell is she wearing? Where are the fashion police when you need them??

Uhurus ARE domestic terrorists, their organization manifest is based on Marxism. They are communists of the first order, no different than BLM, NAACP, et al. I'm no Democrat but I sympathize with the civilized portion of that party pushing back against the black groups that are only interested in benefits for the blacks, not Americans in general. They are determined to ruin this country and turn it into a third world African country. Witness the decline of Rhodesia and South Africa for evidence.

You are so uninformed about Black history it's pitiful!! Where did you go to school? You are also uninformed about current reality. Calling the NAACP communist is funny. You know about as much about the NAACP as you do about Marx and Communism. "Black groups are only interested in benefits for Blacks" you state. How is that different from the Oligarchs , the Corporate Welfare recipients? In my mind, "Domestic Terrorism" is the KKK, the (In) Justice system that doles out harsher sentences to Black people, especially Black men, than are given to White perpetrators for the same offenses. We usually refer to the people who strike out with violence, killing and maiming innocent people, "terrorizing" whole groups of people (you know, they burn crosses on people's lawns or send threatening letters), as terrorists. They are not people who shout and push or otherwise upset a meeting, so let's be real here, the people of the Uhuru Movement are NOT domestic terrorists (Susan McGrath). Your agreement with the Ms. McGrath and the SPPD officer is driven by a lack of knowledge of not only American Hi story, but the History of Western Civilization as well. I am being generous here, thinking that if you knew better you would not say the things you have said. The other possibility is that you do know both American History and the History Western Civilization and you believe in the fallacy of White Supremacy. I hope you give my words some consideration.

Isn't it funny how racists never seem to know that they are racists?

I don't know that I would include the NAACP in that one. Otherwise I believe you are spot into.

Dave you still living in Panacea, Fl?

You know what she really wanted to call them!

Thugs, and appropriately so.


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