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Democratic Black Caucus Poll Tax

April 18, 2017 - 8:00am

Jim Crow is alive and well and living within the Florida Democratic Party, only this time it isn't where you think it is. 

The Democratic Black Caucus is charging a Poll tax, and that's a shame!

Talk about tomfoolery!

The Democratic Black Caucus is holding its  annual conference in Orlando May 19-21, at which time new officers will be elected. In order to vote for the officers of the state Caucus, members are REQUIRED to pay at least FIFTY (50) dollars.
Now that isn't the membership fee. You are already a member, having paid your dues at your local chapter.

Talk about a racket.

Who condones this? Is the new party chair, Stephen Bittel aware?

Members are not allowed to go to Orlando, make their choice of officers, and leave without paying money.

How can this be? What are they going to be asked to do next, count the number of bubbles in soap?

Take a literacy test?

Are all of the chartered FDP clubs and caucuses run this way?

All jokes aside, no one should have to pay money to vote on their officers. If people want to participate in the extra functions of the conference, fine.

If you only want to vote for who leads your state caucus, you should be allowed to do that without paying money.

Are the members of the Black Caucus that dumb to allow money to be a requirement?

Your ancestors marched, fought, and died to rid you of poll taxes and you willingly implement and abide by poll taxes?

You can't make this up.

Jesus, take the wheel! I can't keep fighting for you fools if you keep this type of mess up. 

What's next for the DBCF?

Felon disenfranchisement?

War on drugs?

Should the members walk into the conference saying "hands up, don't shoot"?

Let them know, just in case.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1.


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Hmm.So the dues for membership raises how much money? Where is the financial report of how that money is spent? Lots of namecalling against Leslie but as usual just misdirection to probably cover up poor money management

No surprise. There are new poll taxes all over the US: they're called voter ID laws. For someone who doesn't have a car and may not have all their papers in order, it costs a lot of money to get a driver's license or equivalent and trying to do it running around on buses..

Leslie, the poor and very confused alleged writer has no clue to what her party is doing. The fees charged have been in place since the group has met. It IS a FEE, Leslie! No more freebies for you, Leslie. Time for you to pay your own way! YOUR own question; What's next for the DBCF? Felon disenfranchisement? Something Leslie must worry about since many of her followers are just that! Leslie remains being a racist loudmouth, but unable to put together intelligent comments for the GOOD!

What you are not aware of is that in 2013, Crespo, Sr made the same charge against the DBCF when he ran for president. Look at the records.

Its a registration charge. So what?

This is so sad; makes one want to cry.... Former President Lyndon Johnson (wherever he is ) must be chuckling while pulling his old dog's ears ..."They're not only STILL VOTING for us,... but now they're using our tactics too,.. Bless their little hearts !!!"

ha....Democrats think More Money you raise (legal or illegal) WIN the Election...HA...look what happen to Hillary...Go to show you how idiot they are...Talk no Action doesn't work ANYMORE...DemoCrats just line there Pockets on there Cheap promises on there idiot listening believers....SO It NoT nothing NEW on HOW the SCAM MONEY for SO CALL NOTHING LESS CAUSE.....Hoorah Trump Movement Followers..WE PEOPLE MARCH on TO MINORITY the DEMOCRATS in ANY Political OFFICE...FLORIDA FOLLOWERS are NOT going to LET this SCAM WIN in this STATE

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was wondering when someone was going to say something about this! It's been going on for years!!!

Leslie, this is nothing short of tabloid journalism cooking up a story where there isn't one. I'm not a member of the Florida Democratic Black Caucus. Hell, I'm not even black, but the event is being held at Orlando's Rosen Conference Center. The price of $50 for a two day meeting is help underwrite the cost of booking a venue that provides sufficient parking, rooms, and built-in dining venues capable of hosting this big event. I know firsthand it's not cheap being an active statewide member of either party. Clubs and caucuses run on donations. I see nothing nefarious here.

Bull! I've been angry about this for awhile! We have been trying to get this changed. You can't vote unless you pay money, and that isn't right! Leslie is right. This is a poll tax. I'm glad she brought it to light! Thank you Leslie! Once again, you help us!

Anonymous-- If you don't charge a user fee, how is the caucus going to pay for the event? With the cost of meeting space, I can guarantee the user fees will not cover the cost of the entire event. The Party is run on our donations.

Great Floridian, then the caucus shouldn't bite off more than it can chew! People who don't want to partake in the Rosen shouldn't have to. People who just want to vote shouldn't have to pay money. It's a poll tax. People who don't have that extra money are disenfranchised.

The Fla Democratic Party leadership has not reigned in Crespo out of fear blacks like Leslie, the loudest mouth of all, would attack the Party AGAIN as being racist.

Right and wrong is of no color and what has been going on within the DBCF is all about policy and process. All of the wrong actions have been ignored by the FDP for years. As democrats, we must remember that when we bury our head in the sand; all other parts are left exposed.

Here goes mangy Diane Brown again. Crawled out from under her rock to troll Leslie Wimes.

I'm so glad Henry Crespo is on his way out! While this bad policy has been in place before Crespo, he has been the laziest, most corrupt president the caucus has had in a while! Lydia Hudson would be an extension of his bad ways. The only way I would come back is if he and CIA cronies are wiped out!!!


The DBCF is far worst than that! For nearly 4 years, it has been disenfranchising caucuses throughout the State of Florida, such as Alachua, Orange, Miami-Dade, West Palm Beach, Bradford and others that don't agree with the administration's nonsense.

What does Jim Crow have to do with a Black Caucus that decides to levy a fee for something that is a right guaranteed by membership? This an issue of corruption, not racial segregation. This is something that the Democratic Black Caucus decided to do to its members which turns their name in to an oxymoron because this is not what democracy is about!! If they wanted to raise money they should have charged more for attending the conference.

Leslie wouldn't know, or realize the truth, even if it fell upon her head!

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