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Aramis Ayala Pushing Back into Markeith Loyd Murder Case

March 20, 2017 - 5:45pm

Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala said Monday she is pushing back against Gov. Rick Scott's decision last week to remove her from the case of accused cop killer Markeith Loyd.

Ayala's announcement that she could not/would not impose the death penalty in the Loyd or any other first-degree murder case raised the governor's hackles. He immediately appointed special prosecutor Brad King to take over.

During a Monday hearing for Loyd, Ayala showed up and took a seat as close to King as she could get. She said she still wants to be part of the prosecution.

The Orlando Sentinel reported, "When the hearing began, the judge asked attorneys to give their names and identify who they represent -- a common practice -- and Ayala was the first to jump up and speak. 'I need to be clear: I think the governor overstepped his bounds,' she said.

"Although, she is not yet sure what she’ll do, she said, she will not interfere with King," said the Sentinel.

Ayala complained to Chief Judge Frederick Lauten that what the governor did was unprecedented. She said she may file a legal challenge and asked the judge to temporarily halt the two murder cases against Lloyd while she figures out what to do.

In a statement last Thursday, Scott said, “Earlier today, I called on State Attorney Ayala to immediately recuse herself from this case. She informed me this afternoon that she refuses to do that. She has made it clear that she will not fight for justice, and that is why I am using my executive authority to immediately reassign the case.”

Scott cited a state law allowing him to appoint a different prosecutor if he finds a “good and sufficient reason” to do so.

Ayala, Florida's first African-American state attorney, took office Jan. 3. Though she received a campaign donation from notorious anti-death penalty billionaire George Soros, the Sentinel reported she waffled on the death penalty during her five-month campaign and never did state her position.

Loyd is charged with murdering Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton on Jan. 9 and, several weeks earlier, his pregnant former girlfriend, Sade Dixon.

The problem ahead for the Governor's Office is knowing Orange-Osceola has a minimum of 12 cases pending in which the death penalty is an option. The Loyd case is just the beginning for Ayala.

On the other hand, more than 100 lawyers, two former Florida Supreme Court justices included and three dozen current and former judges and prosecutors have gone to bat for Ayala, saying Scott has gone too far. They signed a letter asking the governor to rescind his decision and give the case back to the elected prosecutor.

Lauten has scheduled a hearing for March 28 at 9 a.m. to consider whether Ayala has the authority to ask for a delay or participate in the case.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith.


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Been thinking bout this travesty, this disgrace, this...what? Why don't we use taxpayer money to get to do a DNA test on this woman and then return her to the country that spawned her. She would be much happier and so would all sane Americans.

Minions, like Aramis Ayala and her ilk (who ALL portend "intelligence & righteousness") MUST learn that they "serve at the behest of the King" (no more, no less)! Arrogance and "power assumption" are not attractive qualities in minions & toadies!!!...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!! [Assumed autonomy REQUIRES & DEMANDS it]

its not just that she would not seek the death penalty for Lloyd, but she chose a tragedy to stage a political anti-death penalty platform for all cases. No one is above the law and no one should use tragedy to further political agendas. She is one and done, she is a disgrace.

Ayala misrepresented herself in her campaign by not letting the voters in the 9th Circuit know what her belief has CHANGED to (she initially handled death cases for her former boss Jeff Ashton)...she was deceptive...I know that 100 attorneys, judges, etc. wrote to her and I certainly respect their opinion even though its contrary to mine - I believe in the death penalty...when someone assassinates a police officer and they're caught, if they survive capture, then the death penalty is an appropriate position to arbitrarily state that she will not entertain the death penalty while she's in office, then she needs to be removed for misleading her voters...they deserved to know her position, and to now announce what it is, well, that's just too late...I'm glad Gov. Scott removed her and I hope it sticks!

Old Barney, just wait until the courts become involved and begin making rulings.

That state attorney in Orlando is clearly at odds with the stance the longest serving Attorney General in the history of our state, Bob Butterworth (16 years and a Democrat who upheld his Oath to the people). General Butterworth once said, "if you're gonna commit murder, you better not do it in Florida because we might have something wrong with the electric chair." Something is wrong with this current picture in Orlando where the elected prosecutor is not prosecuting cop killers & pregnant women carrying innocent child to the full extent of Florida law and thinking of the victims & their friends and families eternally affected by an evildoer.

Let us not forget the charges which were dropped against his two little friends as well. They suck too!

Like old Liz Browning said, "let me count the ways...." (that was her, right?) What country is this woman from? Is she part of some cabal to destroy the country? Too bad this guy was not killed on the spot. Now it will cost money. And now this nonsense. Disbar her. Excommunicate her from the church. Send her to Syria to get some legal practice- but get her out of office. Maybe she can clean chamber pots at a VA Center to get her back on track. Good Lord.

First of all, she is black, as the killer is. Secondly........ she is striving to make this political for her future, Third... she is a federal Criminal Democrat who voted for killing babies, and ObamaCare. Forth.... Soros gave her money, and she will get more if she stirs up the pot. Where is Soros... shouldn't he be guildy of dead for TREASON??

I read so many comments of negativity and my response is as follows, the prosecutor and the Defendant race has nothing to do with her decision, and the oath she took to defend the constitution of the state of florida, she is discharging correctly, its her call, i love the fact she is standing up against blood thirsty people who believes killing will heal the affected people, it wont personally i think once found guilty he shall serve life without the possibility of parole, that way everyday he gets to ponder over what he did, killing him, thats too easy, he would be thankful for that, I support her 100% she dont waiver her beliefs to the majority, she got my vote for Govenor and beyond, i would work in her campaign office

She should go far far away Save herself SEE: Baltimoron in B'moe The Obammy daze be over

Governor Scott made the right decision and the focus should be on the murdered victims, which included a courageous law enforcement officer. That state attorney in Orlando should stop playing politics and think about the families affected by the heinous criminal defendant on trial.

Good. It's about time to bring rationality into Florida. If folks want to kill, let them do it the old fashioned way. Do it themselves, not let an intermediary do it for them - and let their consciences off the hook.

GLADLY,... But, YOU'RE not going to like the "old fashioned way" 'Robbie-boy'.... it entails posse's and "neckties' and "old oak trees". ( I think that even a jerk like you prefers "civilization",...even though you don't seem fully capable of understanding it...)


Ayala is clearly a 'Stooge" for Soros. She was afraid to give a definitive position on the Death Penalty while she was running for office. Now in office she has made it clear that she will "never" consider the Death Penalty. This is the problem she faces......She does NOT represent her personal Feelings while in office, BUT the citizens of Florida are her primary consideration. The Death Penalty is on the "Books" here in Florida, and she has chosen to ignore existing Law. Therefore she must resign. The office is not a Platform for personal disputes or disagreements !!

You are so correct! He's using her for HIS personal agenda in that he dislikes the death penalty, so let's see what traction she can get with her surprise announcement! Right now, it's backfiring!

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