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Rick Scott Taps Carlos Beruff to Lead Florida Constitution Revision Commission

March 1, 2017 - 2:15pm

On Wednesday, Gov. Rick Scott turned to businessman Carlos Beruff, who tried but failed to knock off U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., off in last year’s Senate primary, to chair the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). 

Beruff is the first of Scott’s 15 picks to sit on the 37-member CRC which meets every 20 years to review the Florida Constitution and propose potential changes for the voters to approve. 

“I am proud today to appoint Carlos Beruff as chairman of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission,” Scott announced. “Carlos is a lifelong Floridian who has lived the American dream in our great state. A son of Cuban immigrants, Carlos started out as a small business owner and over three decades, grew his company and provided jobs to thousands of Floridians along the way. My goal for the CRC is to fight for policies that will ensure a strong future for Florida and I know Carlos also shares this vision. As we undertake this historic review, I am hopeful that this Commission will propose policies that build a legacy upon which the families and businesses in our great state will thrive for generations to come.”

Beruff, a homebuilder with ties to Manatee and Sarasota counties, has served  on the Board of Trustees of the State College of Florida (SCF) and the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Scott also turned to Beruff when the governor had him lead his Commission on Healthcare and Hospital Funding. 

During last year’s Senate race, while he did not endorse Beruff, Scott had kind words for him. Beruff also relied on a number of members of Scott’s team, including his former chief of staff Melissa Sellers, to help his campaign. 

Despite that, Beruff failed to gain much traction in the Senate race. When Beruff entered the race in February, Rubio was on the sidelines, having said he would not run for a second term. Rubio announced at the last moment at the end of June that he would run for the Senate again, chasing out most of the Republican field, including two members of Congress in Ron DeSantis and David Jolly, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Canera and businessman Todd Wilcox. Beruff decided to keep his campaign going even as Rubio generally ignored him during the primary. 

Despite losing to Donald Trump in Florida's Republican presidential primary back in March, Rubio bounced back nicely in the Senate contest. When the smoke cleared at the end of August, Rubio won the Republican nomination with 71 percent while Beruff pulled 19 percent. 


Folks,.. Be VERY wary of "Constitutional Revision" commissions ! Once you graciously allow the "Fox into the henhouse to eat ONE chicken in order to quell his hunger", You might just find that he can't control himself, and proceeds to slaughter ALL of your chickens..! THIS is the "Law of 'Things that are seen, and Things that are unseen'.. as long ago put forth by Frederic Bastiate"

"This is pure cronyism, the appointment of pals in politics. If you want to get real, Carlos is more a dismantler than a builder. This man is a joke in his own backyard. Can we please check the record: Failed - mitigation bank at Long Pointe Bar Failed - U.S. Senate challenge to Marco Rubio Failed - stave off Union at State College of Florida Failed - quality considerations at Medallion His origin story is simulaneously inspiring and constipating, with Gov. Scott latching onto some notions of "vision" and "legacy". Well---in the language of Scott, Beruff and Jerry Maguire---"Show me the money!" Because, isn't that what it's all about?"

If he's a Zionist I can't support him because the Palestinians have suffered for 70 yrs and no one is doing anything about it. Moskowitz, Fine and Berman are supporting HR 281 against the US abstaining re: UN Res. 2334 and Israel's flagrant violations of internat'l law. This has nothing to do with Fl. yet our representatives are probably blackmailed into supporting HR 281 or considered anti-semitic. Tell me why I have to see the holocaust in every edition of our newspaper. Israel stole our secrets and Pollard got away with it. Why were JFK assassinated and 9-11 perpetrated? Think it over folks!!!!!

Barb, Time to up you medication, you are clearly loosing it.

His parents were not immigrants. They were political exiles fleeing from a communist regime.

Beruff was born in 1958 in Miami to Cuban immigrants. No one was fleeing communism in Cuba in 1958. So much misinformation, so little time to research, it might eventually cause the downfall of the USA.

LISTEN "Bob H",.. OUR OWN "Congressional BLACK Caucus" has repeatedly taken "Taxpayer Paid Jaunts" to COMMUNIST CUBA to pay homage to the Castros' and the Cuban government. REST ASSURED "Bob H",....NOTHING that happens in Cuba, NOR ANYTHING that might be fomented by the "Congressional BLACK Caucus" will EVER "eventually cause the downfall of the USA", (as YOU so ignorantly claim) ! HOWEVER, the useless, obstructionist, and RACIALLY MOTIVATED "Congressional BLACK Caucus" may well implode and disappear in YOUR lifetime...

CBreeze, are you off your medication? Your rabid, rambling response would indicate you are. To simplify and explain my comment to you, although I'm not sure I can make it simple enough for you, I responded to someone who said Beruff's parents were fleeing the communists in Cuba. I pointed out that his parents were already in Miami a year before the communists came to power in Cuba. A logical reader would therefore conclude they could not have been fleeing the communist regime in Cuba, they were immigrants. The misinformation in the original post required correction. I concluded my post by pointing out that there is a significant amount of misinformation and it requires a lot of time to correct that misinformation. I never mentioned the CBC and I cannot see how your unhinged rant about the CBC and racism is applicable to the topic of misinformation. So, to sum up in a manner you might understand IT IS MISINFORMATION THAT MAY CAUSE THE DOWNFALL OF THE U.S.A.

Buffoon Beruff. Florida needs this like it needs a hole in the head!

Why does Florida need a hole in it's head when Florida has you?

Excellent.. prime him to replace Nelson.. I voted for Carlos.. I'd love to see him get in.

anyone who is friends with the criminal is suspect...

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