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Evan McMullin has a Chance of Making the Ballot in Florida

August 9, 2016 - 12:15pm
Evan McMullin
Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin, who launched a presidential bid on Monday, insists he will compete in a number of key states, including Florida, despite his late start. 

Making the rounds on the national talkshows, McMullin, a former CIA operative and Republican congressional aide, appeared on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on Tuesday morning and dismissed reports that it was too late for him to appear on many state ballots. 

“A lot of people misunderstand the process,” McMullin said. “There are a multitude of ways to get on ballots in the United States. We’re pursuing all of them.”

Florida is one of the states that several media outlets are claiming McMullin can’t appear on the ballot since the date for independent candidate to file passed back in July.  

But at Ballot Access News, Richard Winger, one of the nation’s chief experts on how minor parties and independent candidates can make the ballot, insists McMullin has a path to face Florida voters in November. Winger shot down reports that the window has closed for McMullin to make the ballot in the Sunshine State. 

“Florida permits a new party to qualify as late as the end of August,” Winger noted as he responded to several media reports. “The authors of these stories are not fully informed because they only pay attention to the petition deadline for independent presidential candidates. The Florida independent presidential deadline is July 15, but that is irrelevant, because no independent presidential candidate has used that procedure since 1992. Instead they either create their own party, or persuade one of the many ballot-qualified parties to nominate them.”

McMullin, who was virtually unknown before entering the race on Monday, is hoping to appeal to Republicans and conservatives who don’t want to back Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Florida based political consultant Rick Wilson, one of the leading Republican critics of Trump, is helping guide McMullin’s campaign. 


Go Evan! This coumtry needs. a leader like you!

HOPING to see McMullin on FL ballot!

You have my support in Florida.

I will vote for Evan McMullin if he's on the Florida ballot.

We need Evan McMullin on the ballot!! He has my vote!! America needs him!! Badly!!

Florida needs another option- intelligence - integrity

There is none so blind as he who won't see. The Cheetoh is losing. And badly! Thank you, Mr. McMullin for giving us a real Conservative option!

It will be hard for Evan to win here in FL but it would be good to have as an alternative to Trump for Republicans. Donald did a masterful job dividing and conquering in the primaries. Doesn't seem to be working in the general. He'll need some sort of unforseen event or legal disqualification of Hillary in order to win.

Would be awesome to have a conservative choice on the ballot. Especially one with foreign policy & national security expertise. Hopen he makes the ballot.

Yeah, that will be great cocktail party material in the future. "Hey. Remember that time you ran for President?" "Yeah. That was a hoot."

Trump in a landslide.. yes.. close to Hillary? In her dreams.. Some counties left Trump off the ballot and we are to believe this guy who has never debated, or had a public appearance gets a spot? NO - Trump all the way, or there will be H3!! to pay.. tired of the rigged votes here in Florida

There is no rigging needed. Trumps mouth has done all the work. He is going to get the embarrassment of his life when Clinton whips his tail. I DESPISE Hillary Clinton, but will so enjoy seeing Trump humiliated! And yes, Evan McMullin will be on the ballot. Since last week he's already put on 3 states. 65% of America voted for someone OTHER than Trump. Yes, the people have spoken and they do not want Trump.


No Way - Trump is going to win in a LANDSLIDE!

Keep fooling yourself. Despise Hillary, but cannot wait to see this disgusting bigot humiliated.

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