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New York Yankees the Most Popular Baseball Team in Florida

September 7, 2016 - 6:45pm

Don’t look now but, according to a poll released on Wednesday, the most popular baseball team with Florida fans isn’t from the Sunshine State. It’s not even from this part of the United States. 

Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked Florida voters who their favorite baseball team was and the New York Yankees, who are based in Tampa for spring training, led the way with 15 percent. The two major league teams based in the Sunshine State--the Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays--are right behind the Yankees. Both the Marlins and the Rays are the favorite team of 14 percent of those surveyed. 

Also cracking double digits are he Atlanta Braves who have been ranked as the most popular team in Florida in past polls. The Braves, who are based at Walt Disney World in Central Florida for spring training, are the favorite team of 11 percent of those surveyed. 

Coming in fifth in the Sunshine State were the Boston Red Sox who are the favorite team of 9 percent of Florida voters. The Red Sox spend their Marches in the southwestern part of the Sunshine State. 

The Chicago Cubs spend their weeks of spring training in Arizona but they are the favorite team of 4 percent of those surveyed. The New York Mets are also the favorite team of 4 percent. The Philadelphia Phillies are the favorite team of 2 percent. Both the Mets and the Phillies are based in the Sunshine State for spring training. 

More than a quarter of those surveyed--26 percent--root for other teams or simply don’t follow baseball. 

The poll of 744 likely voters was taken between Sept. 4 through Sept. 6 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.6 percent.


Chicago Cubs has a popularity in Florida because there are many Joe Maddon fans. They recognize that he was the best manager in MLB and he is loved and admired (TheStupid Rays organization let Joe get away) Now the Cubs are where the Rays were, and the Rays are where the Cubs were.

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