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An Open Letter to Donald Trump’s Children

August 16, 2016 - 8:45am

Dear Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric & Tiffany,

As a conservative Democrat in the swing state of Florida, I wanted to share with you some concerns that I’ve got about the way your father is campaigning for president.  

I’m writing because I’m told by many that y’all have the most influence on his words and actions -- and I certainly hope so!

Admittedly, I’ve not been a huge fan of your father while he was running for the GOP nomination, but now that he has won, I’d like to suggest some things that might help convince me and others who think like me to vote for your father.

Just know from the beginning that regardless of what happens in this campaign, I’m not EVER going to vote for Hillary.  

But that begs the question of whether I’m going to vote for your father, or just skip that race entirely.

I can see from everything I read and listen to -- and I listen to both mainstream media every night and to Fox News so I’ve got a good understanding of what’s happening -- that you can influence your father's thinking.

Now’s the time, before it's too late, to use that influence to change the history of our country and get us back on the right track.
It’s really simple:  what got your father the nomination is not what will get your father the presidency.

Because of the consistent and historic liberalism of the mainstream media, he’s never going to get a fair shake, but at the same time, your father doesn’t need to give them the hammed to nail him every day either.

That means that he needs to put his smart phone down and start talking to us not in 140 words or less, but as Americans who are yearning for a leadership change from the disastrous last eight years, and the promise from Hillary of four more years that will suck too.

I know he believes that “earned” media is the best way to keep his name out there, but everyone in America already knows who he is.

We know that he can fire people, but what we really want to know is, can he hire the right people -- surround himself -- to help him make the right call on a variety of very serious issues.

Y’all look like a wonderful family. But I don’t want millennials like y’all making the decisions for me, I want people of substance and experience to be advising your father, but I have to convince you to help him win, to help me live successfully.

His base is solid, we all know that. But the key to winning is getting more Democrats to vote for him, and more importantly to get Independent or NPA voters, especially women Indies, to vote for him.

His antics and his words aren’t endearing him to those kinds of voters -- nor me.

I don’t need to hear more about “Crooked” Hillary, I just need to hear more about why your father is the better choice and why she isn’t.

For example, he could have been hitting Hillary about the 44 emails that Judicial Watch just revealed all week long. Conservative websites had the story at the beginning of the week and NBC only started talking about it on Wednesday.

This is fodder for the cannon, as it goes to show that once again Hillary has lied to the American people just as most Americans perceived that she has.

She did indeed mix State Department business with the Clinton Foundation in an absolute betrayal of the pledge she took when she became secretary of state.

The splitting of hairs by the State Department spokesperson that the pledge didn’t apply to other departmental staff is just the kind of behavior that has made average Americans angry about politics as usual.

But to get to that story, your father has to talk about it in a way that Americans can understand easily what is really going on.

We all know Washington is insular and insidious, we just need to know that he won’t tolerate that kind of purposely skirting of the rules to benefit one’s own self.

Can you get your father to speak more clearly about the NATO alliance?

Look, we all want NATO nations to pay their fair share and we get it that they’re not.  

But suggesting that we won’t go to their rescue should they need it only emboldens Putin even more, and if he believes he shouldn’t telegraph his moves ahead of time, then why is he doing just that?

And don’t even get me started on Putin.

There is so much about Hillary that he can talk about, let’s get off this “founding” of ISIS crap.

We get it, it’s cute, but it’s not substantive and it doesn’t reflect any deep thinking.

I want to vote for your father because he has the potential to upset the status quo.

However, when your father says that if he loses, he’ll just go back to his business, it sounds like this is just a game to him, another installment of "The Apprentice," instead of the serious battle for the future of our country.

When does a Trump talk about losing anyway?

It also is hurting other Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

So your father can resign himself to losing, but does he have to take the U.S. Senate with him?

How does that help America?

Please, please listen to me.

Your father doesn’t have to scare me with Hillary, or about her Supreme Court picks, or taking away my 2nd Amendment rights or anything else that amount to nice soundbites.

I need to hear -- no, I need to BELIEVE -- that your father is the better choice, and if he can’t convince me soon, then I give up.

Not for myself because like him, I’ll survive, but our country may not.

We’re being driven into mediocrity by Obama and his ilk. We’re so weak after these last eight years that we’re not trusted by our allies and we’re not feared by our enemies.

ISIS? Obama wants to negotiate with them through diplomacy. He’s on better drugs than I am, if he believes that.

You don’t negotiate with terrorists, and that’s what Obama doesn’t get.

Obama is so Muslim-centric, and so is the rest of the national Democratic Party, that we’ve left our strongest ally -- Israel -- in the worst part of the world, to fend for itself.

With the days counting quickly down, time is short.

Tell your father to quit sending almost daily letters to my house asking for money.

He doesn’t need money, he needs a grown-up in the room and I guess you four kids are going to have to be it.

Your father can’t win with just angry voters.

He needs voters who can think on their own and are looking for a reason to support someone other than Hillary.

Can you convince your father to be that person?

I hope so because if he doesn’t start going in a better direction, we all lose.

Barney Bishop III, one of the most familiar faces within the state business community, is CEO of Barney Bishop Consulting LLC in Tallahassee.


All Trump family members appear to be as corrupt as their father who conducts deals with Russian and then tries to screw rhem as he did in Toronto

The fact that you think you have to send this letter should have determined your vote long ago...classic.

Bernie, You are a presumptuous old coot; Think about the cost and insult that you have bestowed upon the "Trump offspring" (not to mention America's voting public), "the die has been cast": Either 'get on board' Old Man or wallow in your "progressive Democrat caustic juices" and then try explaining to your OWN children why America's "political elitist class" has corrupted their freedoms while you stood by and continued to promote the "progressive agenda". You are no 'conservative' Barney, and it is a disservice for you to claim so in the face of your actions. signed:// A disgusted, and disillusioned, Democrat of the rational, common sense persuasion. (Take your meds Barney,.. "your slip is showing". America has been ailing and only one MAN has come "down the pike" intending to cure its ails,... and "we're with him"! God bless TRUMP, his children, our progeny,...AND yours Barney!

Dear "SSN"; YOUR "slip is also showing" by giving Barney Bishop "literary license" and publishing his "gibberish articles" from time to time for "old times sake" (He is no longer what he MAY have once been..)

— Depending on the Audience — Dems hate violence against women / Dems favor more Muslim immigrants • Dems hate gun violence / Dems welcome more illegal Hispanic gang members • Dems love European socialism / Dems hate white culture • Dems love pro-choice abortions / Dems hate school choice for offspring • Dems love diplomacy with the PLO, Iran & N. Korea / Dems hate diplomacy with Russia, Israel & Egypt • Dems hate the Iraq and Afghan wars / Dems like wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen... • Dems hate global trade / Dems love cheap stuff • Dems hate global warming / Dems love windmills and solar farms killing birds • Dems hate poverty and stupidity / Dems help the poor have more kids and future voters

i'd like to know whatever happened to the respect of freedom of speech........kind of reminds me of middle school. he's entitled, entitled to speak and perhaps he really does speak for a certain voter block. he does sound like a proper southern gentleman.....kind of refreshing actually. i support mr. trump, his personality or anything else about him does not offend me, but i've always been a bit of a rebel anyway. give people the opportunity to have their own voice heard whether it agrees with your voice or not, and please about acting like grown ups for a change?

I agree with you cindi! GO TRUMP!!

Wonderful letter Barney!!! Though I doubt it will do any good. Trump has this fantasy idea, with no basis whatsoever, that the tens of thousands who come out to hear him rant with the things you point out plus more, are going to vote for him. They aren't!! They come to see the Celebrity...but when they get a Poll Call or speak to friends, they say..."no way in hell would I vote for that guy - he knows nothing about running a Country - and would probably start WW3!" Sadly heis going to get his clock cleaned by a crook and lire who will give us worse than even the last 8 years have been. But I commend you for trying... Tom


Trump can't win with just angry voters, he needs voters that will think on their own and find a reason to pick him over Hillary.....REALLY BARNEY??????? Well if you're not totally pissed off by now after all that's happened with the Muslim sympathizer in the WH, email scandals, Benghazi, Gitmo, Hand up don't Shoot, Pants down don't Poop thugs, then something is wrong with your brain processing common sense solutions Barney!! It's time to get pissed off and do something about it not stroke your chin looking for a logical answer because there isn't one except stop Hillary then take out the trash in Washington DC. eight years of it along with the squatters that masquerade as congressmen and senators to be exact and get our country turned around. I think I need to write for this column some of these articles should come on a roll of paper....

High Fives all around! GO TRUMP!!

The form, manners, the via, the ways, the style of saying things, it matters only to those who want to misinterpret, but it is not the most important thing. What matters is the truth of the content, especially in times of crisis like this one; and, Trump has this things: alerting to the weakness of the national defenza, need for order, curb illegality, develop of internal production... Go Trump!

Donald trump is the result of a DO NOTHING republican congress that was against every thing that Obama did militarily But didn't have the courage to declare war themselves. (or perhaps the time as they were rehashing Bengazi to no avail for 4 years) 4 people Vs 3000 from 9-11 which Bush tried to block and DEFUND for a year and a half before he could stack it with his friends OH ya they voted and re-voted on health care with never a suggestion for an alternative. They managed to smear Hillary while Trump put a Putin pal in to run his campaign

Bravo. Well said.

Too bad for you Erik brown, but President Trump will be around much longer than you will ever be! GO TRUMP!!

No, Erik Brown, what you say is NOT the case. Donald Trump is a very successful business man who loves his country, and who has been toying with running for president even before Obama was elected--but most especially since we all found out that Obama is not only not a Christian, but he has no love for the United States of America. He is, in truth, a Muslim who wants to see his fellow Muslims fulfill their Jehad and bring home the Madi. The Republican Congress has been courageous and staunch in their efforts to STOP the man in the WH from destroying our way of life. At the risk of their own reputations, they have managed to preserve at least a part of our nation's former identity by not complying with Obama--and fighting him instead. Additionally, let me say that I agree with our Congressmen to tread softly when it comes to war since Obama has cut back severely on the military exposing them to greater danger. It is one thing to fight for your country because you trust, believe in and love your country. It is another thing to fight under a commander in chief who neither loves your country nor is committed to your safety. Now you, Mr. Brown, do not sound very literate or very American, and for sure, you do not sound like a Christian man, which is fine, since you have the right to be whoever you chose to be, but I also have the right to speak out against what you are saying... Republicans, and some Democrats, abhore that we lost lives unnecessarily in Bengazi. Also, if you are going to go back sixteen years and mention things President Bush did to upset you, then you should be more specific with references and proof that what you say is true and not just falling fruit from your rant. What Mrs. Clinton did regarding Benghazi is treason at its worst, and I feel certain, if there is any justice yet, you will see her in prison before you see her in the Oval Office. Lastly, let me say that Obama Care as opposed to NO government health care besides what we already have Medicare and Mecaide, is NOT BETTER. Your Democrat friends DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE BILL before they passed it. That sounds rather STUPID to me. And as far as Hillary being smeared by Trump--HELLO! Mr. Brown, HELLO! She has done a GREAT JOB of SMEARING HERSELF. She did not need Donald Trump or anyone else to help her. OH, and as far as Trump putting a Putin pal in to run his campaign... it has been my experience that most people WHO BELIEVE LIES FROM THE MEDIA or anyplace else, are usually believers because they themselves ARE LIARS! ;) Have a Nice Day, Mr. Brown


Bless you sweet ShariLee. GO TRUMP!!

wonderfully put!!

Bishop, you are running on the assumption that Trump wants to win. His speaches, etc say he doesn't......He got in this as a joke to boost his ratings but you stupod ass fools nominated him and now he'll destroy the rotten to the core republican party by using the racist, bigoted pandering you did for decades and now they own the party and you don't anymore......That will teach you.

You stupid fool, Jerry. Have you ever read what you write? S T U P I D! GO TRUMP!!

Bit short of analysis on your part Mark.

An open letter to Barney Bishop's children. Dear Bishop children, what the hell is wrong with your dad. Is he delusional? Does he really think that Trump's children will listen to him? I suggest you get him some mental help . . .immediately.

My Dear Mr Trump & Family, Please disregard anything Barney Bishop has ever written to, for, or against you! He's an old (very old) school southerner who doesn't know his poster from his elbows but has never run short of commentary, regardless of the lack of interest by 98% of the readers. He contributes NOTHING, and he has written many times about nothing! Absolutely nothing, and nothing with any meaning. Can you please tell your entire family to disregard everything old Barney rubble has written and may you ALL continue successfully, as the title, "President Trump" sound so very right! GO TRUMP!!

I doubt Mr Trump reads anything critical of himself. That is one reason he is going to lose. It will be interesting to find out who he will blame for the crushing defeat awaiting him.

Didn't you mean 99.9 or basically but everyone not in Barney's mirror!

Apologies for missing on that 99%. I was trying to be kind to the more afflicted A-holes like Jerry!

I agree with you, Mark~ Go Trump~~

Donald Trump is doing a great job campaigning, the problem with people is they don't realize he's never run as a politician before. The media and others expect him to cave and do what they say......... That isn't going to happen. You want the same old B.S. then vote for clinton, you want to put America back to prosperity, vote Trump.

Donald Trump is a scary disaster who I would never trust with the nuclear codes.


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